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In this episode, we discuss each of our ideal, “perfect” days of eating—which foods we would eat, how often, and in what quantities. We also have a surprise ending, which Jordan does not want to discuss at all, but Mike forces him to take part in.


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0:00:11.7 Mike Vacanti: Jordan.


0:00:12.5 Jordan Syatt: Michael.


0:00:13.7 Mike Vacanti: Walk me through a perfect day of eating for you. A perfect day of nutrition.


0:00:21.3 Jordan Syatt: Oh, man. Interesting. Okay. In my mind right now, what I’m trying to work through is, how am I defining perfect?


0:00:34.3 Mike Vacanti: I’ll define it.


0:00:35.1 Jordan Syatt: Okay. You define. [laughter]


0:00:37.4 Mike Vacanti: The meal choices, quantity and frequency and timing. Did I already say timing? I don’t know. That leads you to your end goal, whatever that is right now.


0:00:52.2 Jordan Syatt: Okay.


0:00:53.8 Mike Vacanti: Plus feeling really good during the day, in the short term on those foods.


0:01:00.5 Jordan Syatt: Okay, cool. All right. Wake up. I just start off with water and coffee, seltzer. It’s like Topo Chico and coffee, black coffee.


0:01:17.1 Mike Vacanti: What time is wake up these days?


0:01:19.4 Jordan Syatt: Usually 7:00, 7:30 and sometimes 8:00 if my daughter sleeps in a little bit, but usually 7:00, 7:30. Get up, water, coffee, train. I’m technically fasting, but I’m not deliberately like intermittent fasting. I just, I’m not hungry and I don’t want to eat before Jiu Jitsu.


0:01:40.5 Mike Vacanti: You want the autophagy, so you’re fasting.


0:01:43.4 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, that’s right.


0:01:45.5 Mike Vacanti: You want that cell turnover. You want those old cells to die. You want the new ones to flourish. You want all of the…


0:01:50.2 Jordan Syatt: I basically tell people that intermittent fasting isn’t superior, so that I’m the only one who gets those benefits.


0:01:55.8 Mike Vacanti: Genius. You’re gonna be 140 years old walking around, being like, “All those other people died.”


0:02:00.9 Jordan Syatt: Losers.


0:02:01.6 Mike Vacanti: Yep.


0:02:02.1 Jordan Syatt: Can’t believe they believed me. [laughter] So I go to Jiu Jitsu when my rib is not broken, come back. I usually break my fast after Jiu Jitsu somewhere between 11:00 and 12:00, 12:30 depending on when I do Jiu Jitsu. And then I started off with Bran Buds and two Greek yogurts. The little small Greek yogurts. It’s either Greek yogurts or cottage cheese. I’ll have either one, whatever’s available, whatever, I’m gonna move forward.


0:02:36.7 Mike Vacanti: Oikos, Fage, Chobani, what have you been rocking?


0:02:39.9 Jordan Syatt: Lately, it’s like the Triple Zero Oikos. Have you had those? They’re awesome. They’re really, really good.


0:02:45.7 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. 20 protein?


0:02:46.3 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, 20 protein. So I’ll get 40.


0:02:48.8 Mike Vacanti: Vanilla?


0:02:50.3 Jordan Syatt: Vanilla’s good. I like triple berry. Triple berry’s been my go-to lately. That’s like 40 protein for two of those. And then I’ll also have a big bowl of the Bran Buds, which is probably about 20 grams of fiber just in that bowl as well. More…


0:03:08.4 Mike Vacanti: We did this ones. Yeah.


0:03:09.8 Jordan Syatt: What is it? How much fiber is it?


0:03:11.0 Mike Vacanti: I don’t remember how much, but it was enough to knock my socks off when I saw it in person.


0:03:15.9 Jordan Syatt: Cool.


0:03:16.4 Mike Vacanti: So protein, fiber. I Love it.


0:03:18.5 Jordan Syatt: Protein, fiber breakfast. And then if I… I’m usually not hungry by the end of that meal for obvious reasons, ’cause it’s a fuck ton of protein fiber. But if I am, I’ll have some fruit. Then usually have a work for a few hours and I’m not hungry at all, just ’cause I’m stuffed with that meal. That’s why I’m stuffed right now is what I just had before this. Then, I’ll usually have a small meal before I work out, before I get strength training or conditioning in. So I work for a number of hours. Then right before I go work workout, I’ll have a small meal. It could, usually it’s a salad. This is usually when my wife will make me some type of a salad. Big salad. There’s gonna be some type of protein on it. Could be chicken, could be salmon.


0:04:05.3 Jordan Syatt: Those are the two main options. Either grilled chicken or grilled salmon from the air fryer. And then any number of potential salads that she could make. Sometimes they’re a bagged salad from the grocery store. Sometimes it’s a salad she’ll make, but big, big, big salad huge on… Fills up a whole plate. It’s not in a big bowl ’cause I don’t want to have a massive amount so that I’m stuffed during the workout, but it fills up a whole plate. Protein, vegetables. And then I’ll try and have some carbs as well. This is where I’ll get a carb that is less from an optimal perspective and more number one that I enjoy the taste, but also is light in my stomach.


0:04:45.4 Jordan Syatt: So sometimes it’ll be just a little bit of popcorn. It’s called Lesser Evil Popcorn. It’s like lower-ish calorie, but it’s really good. It’s very little if not… If no fat whatsoever. Pretty decent fiber as well and good carb, moderate amount of carbs. So popcorn or sometimes I’ll have these little fig bars as well. If I’m like really, really hungry and I wanna get a little bit extra energy before the workout, so then I have that salad and either popcorn, fig bar, something like that, go work out. Come back up.


0:05:23.1 Mike Vacanti: How much time between end of that meal and your workout?


0:05:26.9 Jordan Syatt: Usually like 45 to an hour and a half, somewhere in that range. Play with my baby, hang out for a little bit, digest that go workout for like an hour and a half or so. Come back up and usually it takes me about 30 to 60 minutes after the workout to get hungry again. And then this is when I get like, I have a really big meal. Usually whatever my wife cooked that night, whether it’s salmon, chicken sometimes it’s like a… You’ve had her… What’s that called? What’s that meal? The breaded chicken that you like that she makes?


0:06:06.7 Mike Vacanti: What is that called? It’s like chicken parm.


0:06:08.8 Jordan Syatt: Chicken parm. Yeah. She makes this super good chicken parm which is really good. She makes amazing salmon. She will have something that’s just really, really good. Very high protein. She’ll have vegetables with it as well. And then a carb, whether lately it’s been… She’s got jasmine rice a lot that we’ve been having. Other times it’s been lentils. Other times it’s been…


0:06:34.9 Jordan Syatt: She got this new mac and cheese the other day, that’s actually really good. It’s like chickpeas. Mac and cheese made out of chickpeas, which is actually super good. And last night I had that with ground turkey and a bunch of vegetables. So some of that. And then after that just hanging out with my wife my daughter goes down to bed and then I Think if we’re talking about like ideal optimal it would be like one to two glasses of wine at most. But often it would be like three to four glasses of wine. It’s like just to be like straight up. That’s often what I’ll do. But I think optimal for me would be closer to one to two. That’s my day.


0:07:18.9 Mike Vacanti: I love it. And then bedtime is…


0:07:21.3 Jordan Syatt: Bedtime is anywhere between 10:00 to midnight anywhere in that range.


0:07:27.3 Mike Vacanti: And after dinner are there ever any snacks or calories other than wine? I guess we’re talking about perfect day. So it doesn’t really matter what average day is.


0:07:36.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah an average day we’ve got ice cream in the freezer, so like some type of ice cream and usually my wife will know because unbeknownst to me I’ll have somehow spilled chocolate on the ground like from the ice cream and I woke up this morning she was like I see your little chocolate trail. That I apparently like left out. But in an in an optimal day it’s either the wine or the ice cream and I’m usually going for the wine. But on an average day it’s a little bit of both.


0:08:08.7 Mike Vacanti: And your body comp goal right now is maintenance?


0:08:13.1 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, just maintenance. If anything to be honest, I am trying to gain a little bit because I’m going to do a challenge in August where I wear a continuous glucose monitor and monitor my glucose spikes, my blood sugar while I lose weight, so I’ve maintained the weight loss from my last mini cut better than I ever have in my entire life this past year. Usually I shoot up significantly heavier in this whole year. I’ve just been maintaining like sub 150 ever since that cut. So I’m trying to put on a little bit right now just so I have a little bit of wiggle room when I start that cut, but yeah, just mainly maintenance.


0:08:54.9 Mike Vacanti: Body comp goal, trying to gain fat while maintaining muscle.


0:09:01.2 Jordan Syatt: What your ideal day? Like what’s your optimal nutrition, Michael?


0:09:07.3 Mike Vacanti: Let me think. So anytime that I care about adding or maintaining muscle, I’m thinking about my day in terms of not breakfast, lunch, dinner. But I’m thinking about it in terms of like dosing protein four times throughout the day.


0:09:28.7 Jordan Syatt: Okay. Yep.


0:09:30.0 Mike Vacanti: And call it minimum 30 grams each but 40 is the target. And then in terms of like what gives me energy throughout the day, in terms of what has me feeling the best digestively and overall, that’s where food choice matters and so let’s start it out. What’s optimal? Wake up, coffee first. I’ll usually have like, it’s probably like 30 to 60 milligrams of coffee these days, so like a few sips.


0:10:08.3 Jordan Syatt: So it’s not a full cup?


0:10:10.6 Mike Vacanti: No, no, maybe like a.


0:10:14.1 Jordan Syatt: No.


0:10:14.6 Mike Vacanti: Like a fifth of a cup of coffee.


0:10:16.0 Jordan Syatt: Really? Oh wow, very small amount.


0:10:18.0 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:10:19.1 Jordan Syatt: Why is caffeine down intentionally? Is it like, is there an anxiety or like sleep issue?


0:10:24.7 Mike Vacanti: I sleep better with less caffeine. I just don’t need the caffeine. High caffeine eventually catches up to me. So if I go high caffeine too many days in a row, I need low caffeine days. I’d rather not need low caffeine days.


0:10:41.6 Jordan Syatt: What do you mean you need it?


0:10:43.1 Mike Vacanti: Sleep quality is worse, sleep quantity is down, training is worse, hunger is more like intense and out of control. It’s a drug. It’s like what happens if you take heroin lots of heroin three days in a row? It’s like well, day four is gonna be weird. What happens it’s so funny that we don’t think of caffeine and alcohol as drugs in our society and now like I guess THC is moving in that direction. But certain drugs are like certain not okay. You’re weird if you don’t drink alcohol.


0:11:29.1 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, that’s true.


0:11:29.6 Mike Vacanti: And that’s moved in the last two years like this whole tech, bro like I don’t drink at all has become its own meme world. But five years ago, like what do you mean you’re not drinking?


0:11:41.8 Mike Vacanti: And I’ve found when I’m at maintenance and I’m properly hydrated, I don’t need very much caffeine. Yeah, it catches up, if I have 400 milligrams a few days in a row then and I can’t just do that forever. I’ll get sick more frequently. The other reasons I just listed. But if caffeine is at a reasonable level of like call it 50 to 200 milligrams per day and I’m eating enough calories and nutrient-dense foods and staying hydrated, I don’t need… More caffeine isn’t gonna help me focus more or give me more energy. Like I have enough energy.


0:12:26.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Got it. Makes sense.


0:12:29.8 Mike Vacanti: So coffee, water, coach Gary, do client emails is like the first part of the day.


0:12:39.3 Jordan Syatt: So you fast too?


0:12:40.9 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, but… Sure.


0:12:42.7 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, you’re faster as well. All right.


0:12:44.9 Mike Vacanti: I’m fasting bro, on a… Yeah, call it the first three hours of the day.


0:12:51.7 Jordan Syatt: You’re like 17… 6?


0:12:57.9 Mike Vacanti: Absolutely.


0:13:00.1 Jordan Syatt: No 16/8. You’re a 16/8. Oh, no.


0:13:03.6 Mike Vacanti: No. I’m like a…


0:13:05.2 Jordan Syatt: What’s your…


0:13:05.3 Mike Vacanti: I’m like a 12/12er.


0:13:06.4 Jordan Syatt: Oh, got it. Okay.


0:13:08.1 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, I mean, I guess 14/10. I probably feel the best on 14/10, but it’s hard to dose protein four times. What you need to realize, for those of us who care about lean gains, which should be all of us for our longevity, our aesthetics and everything is dosing protein every four to five hours, like is the best way to see the best muscle gain over the long term.


0:13:35.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:13:36.1 Mike Vacanti: And that goes out the window slightly if you’re getting a ton of protein throughout the day, then it matters a little bit less that you’re that dialed. But if you’re having like 0.8 grams per pound of body weight and you’re timing it properly, you’re in a way better spot than if you’re having 0.8 grams per pound of body weight and having it like an afternoon snack and then 120 grams at dinner or something like that.


0:14:02.6 Jordan Syatt: Right, right.


0:14:04.1 Mike Vacanti: So breakfast on a training day, I’m trying to get away from protein powder. And so since we’re doing perfect day here, I’m not gonna have any protein powder. And instead only using it for convenience, which is gonna end up happening most days, but not a perfect day technically. So perfect breakfast is egg whites, maybe one full egg depending on how the gap between breakfast and my workout. If it’s a longer gap, I’ll put more fats in that breakfast. If it’s a shorter gap, I’ll put fewer fats in there. I’ll digest it faster. I’ll feel better when I’m training. Versus if there’s more fats in your meal, it takes longer to digest. You’re gonna have more food in your stomach while you’re trying to work out. Egg whites a piece of sourdough bread with a little bit of like sea salt banana chopped up on there and some honey.


0:15:04.9 Jordan Syatt: You toast that bread?


0:15:06.0 Mike Vacanti: I do. Yep.


0:15:07.4 Jordan Syatt: Love sourdough.


0:15:08.3 Mike Vacanti: Sourdough is legit. And then a little bit of… There’s like a gut health placebo to it too, because it’s fermented or whatever. However, they make that delicious sourdough. Like my gut health connoisseur while I’m eating that. And then continue to drink water on a perfect day. I fall short of that most days. But getting enough water in early in the day is gonna lead to better training quality pre-workout, then 45 to 60 after my breakfast. And that’s beet juice that these days, that’s beet juice, like a pinch of beta-alanine, which might even be placebo, I don’t know, but very little. And a fifth or a fourth of a scoop of pre-workout. And the serving size is two scoops. So it’s like an eighth of a serving a pre-workout. And then a third of a can of Ghost Energy, which is like 67 milligrams.


0:16:15.4 Jordan Syatt: Got it. Okay.


0:16:18.0 Mike Vacanti: Go train, post-workout, probably Chipotle, which I’ll order for pickup. That’s a real hack. Even if you’re gonna eat at the restaurant, always order for pickup. So it’s just there ready for you when you go eat it.


0:16:31.9 Jordan Syatt: Smart.


0:16:32.0 Mike Vacanti: And you can do this on Door Dash at any restaurant like this.


0:16:35.5 Jordan Syatt: Oh, really?


0:16:36.0 Mike Vacanti: Rather than wait.


0:16:36.9 Jordan Syatt: You can order to go pick up.


0:16:38.7 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:16:39.6 Jordan Syatt: Oh, interesting.


0:16:40.7 Mike Vacanti: And it’s cheaper. These delivery apps, when you get them delivered, not only do they charge you delivery fee, you know, you gotta tip your driver. There’s like processing fees, but the menu is more expensive when it’s delivery.


0:16:54.7 Jordan Syatt: Oh, interesting.


0:16:55.7 Mike Vacanti: So order for pickup. It’s the normal menu prices. Go pick up, eat at Jersey Mike’s like anywhere where you might end up in a 15 minute line, you just save 15 minutes. Chicken bowl, white rice is the Chipotle play.


0:17:15.9 Jordan Syatt: That’s it. Just chicken and white rice?


0:17:20.8 Mike Vacanti: We’ll, I mean, no little bit of cheese. Probably like a little bit of sour cream, but it depends what I’m doing. If I’m doing a couple podcasts, then yeah, maybe like today I literally had chicken, rice and a little bit of cheese. ‘Cause I don’t want to be super full and wanna take a nap in the middle of this. We’ll call it today, then do a few podcasts and then whatever, three to four hours after my Chipotle, I’m gonna have half a pound of ground bison with jasmine rice and some raspberries.


0:17:58.7 Jordan Syatt: Bison’s great. You like that super lean.


0:18:01.7 Mike Vacanti: It’s lean-ish. 23 protein 11 fat. The one I got I think it’s 90,10…


0:18:11.9 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Okay. Nice.


0:18:14.0 Mike Vacanti: And then dinners, whatever my wife makes. So protein, some kind of green.


0:18:21.8 Jordan Syatt: What’s your favorite meal that she’ll make? Like for an ideal day?


0:18:27.0 Mike Vacanti: For an ideal day?


0:18:28.9 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:18:29.8 Mike Vacanti: Probably this like Parmesan crusted salmon with asparagus and couscous or white rice or.


0:18:37.5 Jordan Syatt: Sounds good. Parmesan crusted anything. I’d have Parmesan crusted cardboard. That stuff is so good.




0:18:44.9 Mike Vacanti: I’d have non Parmesan crusted cardboard because we’re adults and we eat our veggies. That’s what we do.


0:18:52.4 Jordan Syatt: That’s the throwback to a real piece of content. What year was that? 2016?


0:18:57.3 Mike Vacanti: 17.


0:19:01.5 Jordan Syatt: And then dessert.


0:19:03.9 Mike Vacanti: In a perfect… In like an absolutely dialed day. I’d have to do the math on some of this stuff. Maybe some like chocolate drizzled over berries or some chocolate drizzled over bananas and berries would be good. But when I’m really dialed in, when I really care about myself and my health and like, and I’m doing what I want.


0:19:28.4 Mike Vacanti: For the best outcome. I’m not eating a couple of hours before I go to sleep because then I’m going to sleep better. I’m going to need less sleep. But then there’s random nights where you’re just really hungry and you’re not tired, and so you have a giant bowl of cinnamon Toast Crunch, because then you can go to sleep immediately, which is also great. That all depends on the day.


0:19:51.4 Jordan Syatt: You’re more of a sweet guy, really. You like more like sweet desserts as opposed to savory stuff.


0:19:57.6 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:19:58.1 Jordan Syatt: Like, you’re more like chocolate cinnamon Toast Crunch ice cream as opposed to French fries, chips, that type of stuff.


0:20:06.3 Mike Vacanti: Correct. Yeah.


0:20:07.3 Jordan Syatt: And you don’t really drink alcohol, like, ever. You rarely drink alcohol.


0:20:11.6 Mike Vacanti: I got When you were building your website in your dorm room, I was going out three plus nights a week binge drinking my face off. And so I did enough drinking during college to last me.


0:20:27.8 Jordan Syatt: But you were a big partier in college.


0:20:31.1 Mike Vacanti: I don’t really know what that word means, but yeah, we drank a lot and went out.


0:20:36.9 Jordan Syatt: I equate partying with drinking.


0:20:39.8 Mike Vacanti: Oh, then yes.


0:20:40.9 Jordan Syatt: I don’t mean, like, going to, like, a frat party and really club.


0:20:42.8 Mike Vacanti: I think got it. Yeah. I’m not a club guy.


0:20:46.0 Jordan Syatt: I mean, just, like, hanging out with a bunch of dudes, drinking or whatever it is.


0:20:51.9 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:20:54.4 Jordan Syatt: What was your scene in college? Was it frat life? What was it where did you guys hang out?


0:21:00.9 Mike Vacanti: Is this the end of our perfect day of nutrition?


0:21:03.8 Jordan Syatt: I thought after no dessert, that was the end of it.


0:21:07.0 Mike Vacanti: Oh, no good. It is the end. I’m just trying to frame the conversation for myself.


0:21:12.8 Jordan Syatt: Now I’m very… Because I’m interested in your college life.


0:21:17.3 Mike Vacanti: What was my scene? Well after…


0:21:19.2 Jordan Syatt: Were you in a frat? Oh, yeah. You were in a frat, right.


0:21:24.3 Mike Vacanti: For a semester.


0:21:25.1 Jordan Syatt: Briefly.


0:21:25.4 Mike Vacanti: After freshman year? After first semester of freshman year, when I saw a picture of myself that I thought was someone else from behind with my shirt off, and like…


0:21:39.1 Jordan Syatt: Like that’s what I look like.


0:21:41.0 Mike Vacanti: I was like, “wow. That freshman 15 came on quick.” Then that wasn’t the end of. That was like a couple of months in to college. Then my scene was…


0:21:50.9 Jordan Syatt: Wait can you tell that story of seeing that picture? This is so funny.


0:21:54.9 Mike Vacanti: I don’t even… I don’t, We’ve told the story on the podcast, maybe multiple times.


0:22:00.6 Jordan Syatt: Have we?


0:22:00.8 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, but the punchline is back. This was 2005, the fall of 2005. And the way that Facebook worked was there was no news feed. You just checked out people’s profiles. I think it was only universities at that point, actually. I don’t think anyone else was allowed on there. And you uploaded tons of pictures, and you tagged you and your friends, and there was a picture from, like, after bar time back at the dorms. I don’t know. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth in my underwear. And I don’t know why that was uploaded on there. I don’t know who uploaded it, but I saw the picture, and it was from behind. And I was like, “oh, that’s so and so.” They’re like, “no, that’s you.” And I was like, “Nah.” Yeah, that’s just way more love handled than I thought I had. And so the borderline, like, reverse body dysmorphia, you could call it.


0:23:03.4 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, you’re like the guy who looks in the mirror.


0:23:06.0 Mike Vacanti: I Thought I looked amazing.


0:23:07.0 Jordan Syatt: Think you look amazing.




0:23:18.0 Mike Vacanti: And so what I started doing then was because I didn’t know anything, this was pre-Berkhan this was… I after this time. I remember getting in an argument and telling someone like, you count your calories. I’m going to eat six times a day and watch my metabolic rate skyrocket like you watch.


0:23:41.2 Mike Vacanti: And so my scene at this point was I would on weeknights, like, go for runs, go to the gym, not eat chicken breast. And grapefruit, I remember, was a big staple. And then on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, drink a bunch and then try and resist General Tso’s chicken or like Gumby’s pizza or whatever all the hot spots were and usually come up short, like one of the three nights you fall off and you get right back on track the next day.


0:24:19.7 Jordan Syatt: General Tso’s chicken, that’ll get you. That stuff is so good.


0:24:23.5 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, but you wake up after having a bunch of Fleischmann’s was the vodka, that was like $7 for a 1.75. And then Natty Light or Natty Ice, which was like a 6.5% version of Natty Light that who knows for a case was less than 10 bucks. And you have a bunch of that stuff. And then 2000 calorie General Tso’s full of the MSG. You wake up that next morning, you’re not in a good place, mentally, physically, emotionally.


0:25:03.4 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, that’s like a good transition from optimal day to definitely not optimal day.


0:25:08.7 Mike Vacanti: Not optimal.


0:25:09.7 Jordan Syatt: That line, it’s like reverse body dysmorphia just killed me. Yeah, just looked I was like, Damn, I look good. That is funny. That is how we used to upload pictures to Facebook, because I remember. It wasn’t from our phone, I don’t think. I think we would have cameras with cards, and then we would just upload them all at once. That’s how I remember doing it. And so when I remember after high school, before college, when I was in Israel, I would just photo dump like, hundreds of photos at once, all in my Facebook, and just told my friends, go tag yourself. And then they would go in and they would go tag themselves in it. And I thought that was…




0:25:53.3 Jordan Syatt: It’s just so funny.


0:25:54.5 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, man, I didn’t have… I had a Blackberry phone until 2000 and…


0:25:58.6 Jordan Syatt: Did you really?


0:26:00.6 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. I didn’t get I don’t think I had an iPhone until, or whatever a smartphone until 2013.


0:26:08.9 Jordan Syatt: That’s when I got my first one.


0:26:10.9 Mike Vacanti: Maybe 12 or 13 but…


0:26:12.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, I went from flip phone to a smartphone. I tried to resist as long as I could. I never got the Blackberry. I want a flip phone. And then my girlfriend at the time forced me to get a smartphone. She was like, enough is enough. You need, and then we went to the Verizon store and I was so mad. I was like, “this is the worst. I hate this”


0:26:29.8 Mike Vacanti: Is it the girlfriend who I think it is?


0:26:32.7 Jordan Syatt: No, the one before that one.


0:26:34.1 Mike Vacanti: Oh okay.


0:26:34.9 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:26:35.8 Mike Vacanti: What if you would’ve resisted? Like what if you were still going strong?


0:26:39.6 Jordan Syatt: Dude, I think about that a lot, I think about there’s so many things that happened in terms of what if I didn’t get a smartphone? What if what dude? I think a lot about, what if I didn’t coach Gary? What would like my life? That I think that would be like the biggest change of all. And obviously like even a tiny change in history has radical effects on the future. But in terms of like real life changes, I very much wonder what would’ve happened if I never left Israel. If I was like what? Like you know I’m just gonna stay here. I’m not gonna move like that. Like nothing would be anywhere remotely the same.


0:27:22.8 Mike Vacanti: Butterfly effect is wild, man.


0:27:24.8 Jordan Syatt: Are there any moments like that in your life where you think like, what if I made a different decision here?


0:27:30.1 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Loads.


0:27:33.2 Jordan Syatt: You wanna elaborate on one of them?




0:27:35.4 Mike Vacanti: No not really. Not the ones that are popping into my head. Let me keep sorting through.


0:27:41.9 Jordan Syatt: Hockey?


0:27:43.5 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. But that stuff just sounds so… That’s my biggest pet peeve is anyone who’s like “If I only would’ve done this differently I would’ve made it in…” insert sport.


0:27:55.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:27:56.5 Mike Vacanti: No.


0:27:57.1 Jordan Syatt: No. Yeah.


0:28:00.0 Mike Vacanti: But when you say hockey, that’s where my mind goes. Well, if that one D1 school that wrote me a letter. What if I would’ve followed up on that? And…


0:28:08.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:28:09.6 Mike Vacanti: No that’s loser mindset.


0:28:11.9 Jordan Syatt: What about in business? Is there anything that throughout your history of business or any type of work, whether it’s like poker or accountant or fitness business, that you think look back in the last, I don’t know, 10 years and you’re a sort of a demarcation point of this was a choice that I could have went either way and it would’ve radically changed the outcome.


0:28:37.3 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. I think there’s a lot of them. After I interned… so the way that, the way that the accounting program worked at Wisconsin was a five-year program and the fifth year you end up getting a masters degree, you need 150 credits for a masters in accounting and the 150 credits was also the minimum to sit for the CPA at the time. So It worked out real nice and the spring semester of your fourth year, you did an internship. And so I interned at one of the big four accounting firms 12 week internship got an offer and the offer is for after your fifth year and accepted the offer. Everyone just everyone 90% of the people who got the internship also got an offer from the firm and everyone accepts your offer.


0:29:28.1 Mike Vacanti: I was like, I hated that internship. People were solid, whatever, but for all of the reasons I’ve listed a million times, I did not want, I knew from day one, corporate America is not for me. I want nothing to do with it. But I was in this position where I didn’t know what else I could do. And I was like… And especially with the sunk cost of four years of university, I’m in this accounting program. I’m getting all these accolades for like, oh, this is a real prestigious firm, and like, you get to go work there. But I wanted nothing to do with it. And the one thing that I considered, because this was when I had first read Where Men Win Glory, which is the biography of Pat Tillman was I was like, “I want to be an Army ranger or a Navy Seal”.


0:30:18.5 Mike Vacanti: I wanna… I didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t know anything about the process but I was like… I felt a debt and an obligation and wanted to serve my country. And it was also, it felt very heroic to me. It felt okay, I know what I don’t wanna do. What can I do in this position that I’m in right now? This seems so cool. And for probably a month or two in there I was never close but I thought about it a lot and researched it a lot and that’s one of many examples of life could have gone very differently. Instead of getting out of the accounting world the way that I did, which was ended up doing the full-time work, worked two years, absolutely, couldn’t stand it anymore and then I quit which ended up working out because I had enough time to build a little more savings, get myself a little more runway. Yeah. I don’t know what would’ve happened if I would’ve quit at that point before getting the degree.


0:31:23.8 Jordan Syatt: So you worked at the place that gave you the offer?


0:31:25.8 Mike Vacanti: Mm-hmm.


0:31:26.1 Jordan Syatt: Got it. And did you tell your parents or anyone that you were thinking about joining the military?


0:31:33.8 Mike Vacanti: Maybe a friend or two.


0:31:35.7 Jordan Syatt: Oh, but not your parents. You didn’t say “Hey I’m gonna do this”.?


0:31:39.1 Mike Vacanti: No, no. [laughter]


0:31:41.1 Jordan Syatt: But you don’t think they would’ve been in support of it?


0:31:43.9 Mike Vacanti: I don’t remember why I didn’t. I did my best thinking by myself.


0:31:48.8 Jordan Syatt: It was the Marines, you that was the branch that you were looking at?


0:31:52.2 Mike Vacanti: The other two or two of the other four or Pat Tillman was an Army ranger and…


0:31:58.2 Jordan Syatt: Got it. Okay.


0:31:58.7 Mike Vacanti: And then Navy Seal just had the brand…


0:32:00.3 Jordan Syatt: That was like…


0:32:01.3 Mike Vacanti: Oh man. The Navy Seals, which now no more about…


0:32:03.6 Jordan Syatt: They had the sickest commercials.




0:32:06.1 Mike Vacanti: Commercial and just like hearing AB that was the first time I’d ever heard of Hell Week. And like… And all being a 22 year old dude chock full of tests, just ready to go.


0:32:22.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:32:24.0 Mike Vacanti: A lot of every decision we make could lead our life in a completely different path.


0:32:29.7 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Radically, radically.


0:32:32.3 Mike Vacanti: And it’s interesting because the older… On average the older you get the harder it is to make any kind of life-changing decisions which is good and bad. Like there’s a lot of benefit to you and to people around you around like stability and responsibility. And yeah.


0:32:57.3 Jordan Syatt: When did you get really obsessed with fitness? Like real working out? Real? Like when did that did that happen while you were working for this firm or prior when you were in college?


0:33:11.6 Mike Vacanti: No, high school.


0:33:12.9 Jordan Syatt: Oh. High school. Okay.


0:33:13.9 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. It was obsession but it wasn’t.


0:33:19.3 Jordan Syatt: Educated.


0:33:20.2 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. It wasn’t well educated. Exactly. It was lifting was such a mental and emotional outlet for me. Like I just remember all of my high school lifts were angry and they were all like.


0:33:37.5 Jordan Syatt: The best.


0:33:37.8 Mike Vacanti: They felt so good. The best. Yeah. The music the like just like yeah. It was in high school and and doing just wild stuff. Not actually wild but what felt like wild like you know only eating Canned Tuna for dinner because I thought that was what body builders did, just skipping lunch period to go get extra work in in the gym. Muscle Milk became a thing in in 03, 04 and…


0:34:13.3 Jordan Syatt: Oh so good.


0:34:15.0 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Everyone in our high school got obsessed with supplements and GNC and yeah it was.


0:34:22.1 Jordan Syatt: When did the real education kick in? Was that college? Post-college?


0:34:31.0 Mike Vacanti: In college. I’ve told you this on the Two Plus Two which is a poker forum health and fitness section because that and it’s like why would a poker like they had such good information. This forum led me to Body Recomposition and it led me to starting strength. And Body Recomposition led me the Body Recomposition forums are where I found Martin.


0:35:02.0 Jordan Syatt: And JC?


0:35:03.1 Mike Vacanti: No I found JC on Twitter randomly.


0:35:06.7 Jordan Syatt: Oh got it. Okay.


0:35:08.3 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. JC got retweeted by a pickup artist who I followed in 2012. And that was how I like got into that. And through JC I found Fitocracy.


0:35:21.5 Jordan Syatt: Got it. Okay. That makes sense. Man, forums were the best.


0:35:26.7 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. They really were. Do we want to hit something that isn’t just us doing this.


0:35:33.5 Jordan Syatt: Banter?


0:35:34.7 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. That’s a lot of banter. But yes. To wrap up the fitness journey I just I fell in love with lifting in high school got more educated in college and oh my freshman year of college I took one of the elective classes for pre-business. You had to take a certain number of science courses and nutritional sciences is what I took. And that’s where I learned about macronutrients and micronutrients and what that was like the basis of Yeah.


0:36:00.3 Jordan Syatt: I didn’t know that.


0:36:01.5 Mike Vacanti: And yeah and it was freshman year first semester so and I only had three classes and I was fully dialed in. Like this is college this isn’t high school anymore. I need to read I need to study I need to so…


0:36:14.2 Jordan Syatt: Really that was your…


0:36:15.6 Mike Vacanti: Absolutely. I shredded freshman year first semester. I took like a calc class…


0:36:22.5 Jordan Syatt: Oh my God.


0:36:24.2 Mike Vacanti: Microeconomics and nutritional sciences. And.


0:36:27.4 Jordan Syatt: Those were your three classes? You only had three classes freshman year, first semester.


0:36:31.9 Mike Vacanti: Well, then I had to make up for it because I was only taking 12 credits ’cause my advisor was like you wanna start with less just to like dip a toe in the water. You need to average 15…


0:36:42.7 Jordan Syatt: Was that did that count as full-time?


0:36:45.6 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. 12 was the minimum for a full-time student.


0:36:47.3 Jordan Syatt: Oh okay. Okay.


0:36:47.8 Mike Vacanti: You need to average 15 over the course of your whatever to hit 120 credits in four years and graduate. And so I had to do 18 some I did like a like a summer class once it’s yeah.


0:37:00.0 Jordan Syatt: Got it. Okay. How’d you how’d you decide to do the nutrition class? You were just like, oh that sounds interesting to me. Yeah.


0:37:06.7 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, it was like oh.


0:37:07.7 Jordan Syatt: There there was no like I this could be a profession. It was like, I just wanna learn this for my own personal gain.


0:37:13.6 Mike Vacanti: Never. I didn’t, dude applying to college. I just, I knew I was good at math and liked math and I knew my dad did business. And that business was a thing that people, it was like a respected career. There was no fitness as a career in my mind when I was applying to college… And so the nutritional sciences was like, I’m gonna learn some stuff about nutrition. This is gonna be good. And I did.


0:37:42.4 Jordan Syatt: Was there, it was a good class that you learned legit stuff that’s helpful.


0:37:46.9 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. What, all of Nutrition 101. What are the different types of carbohydrates? What’s an essential fatty acid? Omega-3, Omega-6. Unsaturated mono, poly saturated fats trans fats. Like all of the building block pieces of nutrition. All right. Let’s talk about warm-ups.


0:38:10.6 Jordan Syatt: No no one likes talking about warm-ups. Everyone hates warm-ups.


0:38:14.0 Mike Vacanti: Well, maybe they should all start warming up more and and then they could see better progress.




0:38:21.3 Jordan Syatt: You’re the warm-up king. You you should make content on warm-ups. You take your warm-ups more seriously than anyone I’ve ever met which I love.


0:38:30.6 Mike Vacanti: What do you think we’re doing right now Jordan? Making content about warm-ups? You mean on my own time? Not with you.


0:38:38.9 Jordan Syatt: No. Your warm-ups for your workout. You take your warm-ups very seriously.


0:38:44.6 Mike Vacanti: I would say I’m in the 65th percentile of how serious I take them. I’d say two thirds of people take them less seriously and one third take them more seriously. But that’s it. That’s a good place to start. I like that you started there. There’s a lot of individual variation in how much warm-up is necessary. Some people…


0:39:05.1 Jordan Syatt: We’re not getting warm-ups in the title or in the description because as soon as you say warm-ups people are gonna skip right over it.


0:39:11.6 Mike Vacanti: This is gonna SEO so hot for “how to warm-up for weightlifting.”


0:39:14.7 Jordan Syatt: No, I you know the like my first ever freebie that I made to give away to people from my email list was all like the ultimate guide to warming up. And I spent so long creating this whole thing and no one signed up for it. And I found like no one likes warm-up shit, man. Even though I think they’re important, even though I think they’re important.


0:39:39.0 Mike Vacanti: Sometimes.


0:39:39.6 Jordan Syatt: Sort of.


0:39:40.2 Mike Vacanti: Sometimes you give the people… What do you mean sort of? Go pull 500 without a warm-up. Warm-ups doesn’t just mean…


0:39:48.3 Jordan Syatt: That’s just a ridiculous thing to say. [laughter]


0:39:53.9 Mike Vacanti: You go pull 500 without a warm-up. Sometimes [laughter] you gotta give the people what they want in order to give them what they need.


0:40:06.9 Jordan Syatt: Correct.


0:40:09.4 Mike Vacanti: And sometimes the people can go get what they want from somewhere else. And they can stay to eat their vegetables here. So fine. We don’t have to, you can click bait this, but this is the real gold of the episode. I’m telling you right now. I get loads of questions about warm-ups. Warm-up doesn’t necessarily… [laughter] Doesn’t necessarily mean what you’re doing before your workout. It can also mean what you’re doing before each exercise and before the working sets of each exercise. A lot of people botch this. A lot of people hurt themselves. A lot of people leave gains on the table. A lot of people need this. They wanna know how to get their next client. [laughter] No, no, no, no, no. You learn to warm-up and then you execute your warm-ups and then you’ll be ready to get your first client. I’m serious, Jordan. We got people out here. [laughter] Let’s talk about warm-ups.


0:41:06.1 Jordan Syatt: You, the reason you’re going so hard on it is ’cause I went so hard the other way. So you’re like, Nope, fuck you. We’re gonna go. [laughter] If I was really excited to talk about warm-ups, you’d be like, eh, let’s not.


0:41:21.3 Mike Vacanti: You might be right. You might be right. I won’t deny that. Dude. Warming up. Okay, let me ask you something.




0:41:34.9 Mike Vacanti: Have you lifted yet today?


0:41:37.2 Jordan Syatt: No. I’m going to after this podcast.


0:41:39.8 Mike Vacanti: Okay. You did biceps triceps. So today is back day?


0:41:46.5 Jordan Syatt: Legs was yesterday, Yeah today is back.


0:41:47.4 Mike Vacanti: Yep. Okay. What’s your first exercise?


0:41:50.0 Jordan Syatt: Seated chest supported cable row.


0:41:53.5 Mike Vacanti: Nice. For what set and rep scheme?


0:41:57.8 Jordan Syatt: Three sets of six to eight with a very controlled, eccentric. This is not explosive.


0:42:07.4 Mike Vacanti: And do you have like an RPE that you’re aiming for? Just generally speaking?


0:42:11.4 Jordan Syatt: Between eight and nine.


0:42:14.2 Mike Vacanti: Cool. Are you going to walk? Are you going to go to the gym and go straight to set up your thing and put it on your working weight and do your first set?


0:42:27.0 Jordan Syatt: No.


0:42:27.9 Mike Vacanti: Okay. Why not?


0:42:33.2 Jordan Syatt: It wouldn’t be optimal, that’s for sure.


0:42:34.2 Mike Vacanti: Always optimal.


0:42:34.8 Jordan Syatt: There’s a chance I’ll strain my neck. It’s like an autoregulation type thing where I can gauge how I’m feeling that day, because I don’t know what weight I’m gonna use for my top working set. It doesn’t always coincide with what I did last week or the week before that. So I use the warm-up sets as a way to gauge what my work sets are gonna be today.


0:42:58.9 Mike Vacanti: Autoregulation. I like that word. That was good. A little biofeedback, one might even say.


0:43:05.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. That’s probably the better phrase for it.


0:43:07.4 Mike Vacanti: No, I think it’s the second best phrase behind auto regulation. So you’re gonna do a couple of warm-up sets?


0:43:15.6 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:43:16.5 Mike Vacanti: Nice. Tell me about that.


0:43:17.2 Jordan Syatt: Absolutely.


0:43:17.8 Mike Vacanti: How many reps?


0:43:19.8 Jordan Syatt: Dude, I’m gonna be…


0:43:20.3 Mike Vacanti: What weight are you gonna start at?


0:43:23.2 Jordan Syatt: I’ll probably start at, like, on this machine, I’ll probably start at like 60. Somewhere between 60 pounds to 80 pounds.


0:43:31.3 Mike Vacanti: Cool.


0:43:32.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Go, 60 to 80.


0:43:33.7 Mike Vacanti: And do 10?


0:43:36.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Usually, just until I can really feel the muscles, like it’s… I don’t try and do it from the perspective of, it doesn’t have to be a certain amount, but I wanna feel the muscles that I want to feel working at that point. So sometimes it’ll be 15 reps, sometimes it’ll be 12 reps, but yeah, usually between an 8-15 range. Sometimes 20 if I start a little bit too late.


0:44:00.1 Mike Vacanti: Nice. What’s your next exercise after that?


0:44:03.3 Jordan Syatt: Second exercise is inverted rows. Three sets of failure.


0:44:07.1 Mike Vacanti: Cool. Three sets to failure. Are you gonna do three sets body weight to failure?


0:44:12.9 Jordan Syatt: Correct.


0:44:13.7 Mike Vacanti: Perfect. Are you gonna do…


0:44:15.7 Jordan Syatt: No warm-up set.


0:44:16.5 Mike Vacanti: Why not?


0:44:18.6 Jordan Syatt: ‘Cause I’ll already be plenty warm after my chest supported rows. Three sets of six to eight. RPE eight to nine.


0:44:25.2 Mike Vacanti: Why will you already be warm?


0:44:26.9 Jordan Syatt: ‘Cause I’ve already done the first exercise.


0:44:29.2 Mike Vacanti: What if your second exercise was a barbell bench press?


0:44:34.0 Jordan Syatt: Oh, yeah. Then I’m doing warm-up sets. It’s a completely different muscle group. Different muscle group.


0:44:38.0 Mike Vacanti: I think that’s an important thing that when people talk about doing warm-up sets of exercises in a workout, that’s a good general rule that I like that most people… I can see the boredom on your face. I love it. [laughter] You gotta sit here in class and listen, Jordan, that’s how life works, my friend.


0:44:58.3 Jordan Syatt: No, that’s a good point. Where it’s like, it’s a different muscle group, different movement pattern.


0:45:02.4 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. So it…


0:45:03.9 Jordan Syatt: Even…


0:45:05.4 Mike Vacanti: The second exercise I’m hitting back in a workout, I’m not gonna do any warm-up sets usually, but if I’m hitting a different movement pattern that recruits different muscle groups, then it makes sense to warm-up for that exercise as well.


0:45:18.2 Jordan Syatt: Even so because the first move and second move here, chest supported cable row and inverted row, they’re both horizontal pulling movements. I don’t need to do another, a warm-up for the second exercise, but if I was doing chin-ups, I would probably have at least one light warm-up set and that even though it’s still back because it’s vertical now, I would probably have a little bit of warm-up set there.


0:45:41.4 Mike Vacanti: Me too. Me too. That’s a nuance that I don’t think a lot of people are picking up on and that they’re writing down right now. They’re making a note of and they’re super pumped. They click this episode and listen to this point.


0:45:50.9 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, I think that’s a good point. I don’t… I’ve never heard anyone talk about that before, so I agree.


0:45:57.0 Mike Vacanti: I’m…


0:45:57.7 Jordan Syatt: I just don’t think people are salivating being like warm-ups.


0:46:00.7 Mike Vacanti: They…


0:46:01.0 Jordan Syatt: I used to be that guy. I used to. Dude I used to. I spent months making a whole manual, like optimal warming up, fucking filling videos for it and every type of warm-up, whether it was lower body warm-ups, upper body warm-ups, full body warm-ups, mobility, stability, self-assessments. I did everything and yeah.


0:46:28.7 Mike Vacanti: So let me take a step backwards here. Is the first thing you do when you get in the gym for this back day of training, is the first thing you’re doing, your first warm-up set of chest supported cable rows? Or are you doing anything prior to that?


0:46:45.8 Jordan Syatt: So for me personally, the first thing I do is that, I’m gonna sit down on that machine and do my warm-up set.


0:46:52.9 Mike Vacanti: Amazing. I love that.


0:46:53.6 Jordan Syatt: That’s for me personally.


0:46:54.5 Mike Vacanti: I love that.


0:46:55.3 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. But that’s not the case for everybody. And I think the reason for that is because I consider myself very good at doing movement throughout the day that I want to be, whether it’s thoracic rotations, whether it’s adductor mobility, whether whatever it is, I’m working on my mobility and stuff all day. But for most people, especially people who are not in fitness, they’re sitting at a desk all day hunched over like Quasimodo and like, they’re not doing any of that stuff. So yeah, I’m gonna start them off with a little bit of movement prep because they need that and they often don’t have that range anyway. But for me, I wanna walk in, put my bag down and sit right on that machine.


0:47:35.9 Mike Vacanti: I love it. And that’s a really important thing to highlight is when you’re starting out air on the side of doing some kind of, we’ll call it like full body, not working set warm-up, but like a full body warm-up, which probably includes getting your heart rate up and probably includes some mobility work. And if you end up not needing it, like Jordan and many others, cool. That’s amazing. But I absolutely need at least a 10-minute warm-up. And specifically around it depends on what muscle groups, what movement patterns I’m training, but so that I can comfortably and safely achieve ranges of motion on exercises that I couldn’t, if I jumped right in without doing a warm-up.


0:48:37.7 Jordan Syatt: I also think there’s different warm-ups for different goals. Like an athlete’s warm-up is gonna look very different than like a 45-year-old person’s warm-up who’s just trying to be healthy. I know, I don’t know. I know we were in different ends of the industry early on a little bit. The end of the industry that I was on, like the people reading a lot of Eric Cressey stuff and at the Perform Better seminars, like for years, warm-ups were…


0:49:08.7 Mike Vacanti: Obsessed with warm-ups.


0:49:09.6 Jordan Syatt: Obsessed. It was like you spent 45 minutes warming up. There was a guy, I will never forget this.


0:49:16.0 Mike Vacanti: Your age.


0:49:17.4 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. He wrote a whole article about how however old you are, that’s how many minutes you should spend warming up. Which is just comical because I think of Susan, that would mean Susan should warm-up for 63 minutes before her workout. It’s just like, that’s how it works.


0:49:34.0 Mike Vacanti: That’s not the numbers.


0:49:34.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah. I think they’re important, but they’re like with everything. Some people overemphasize them do way too much, and some people under emphasize them and don’t do them enough.


0:49:44.7 Mike Vacanti: And because of your overexposure to a group of people who were, or I guess your exposure to people who overemphasize them.


0:49:54.4 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. That’s my bias.


0:49:56.4 Mike Vacanti: That plus, that’s your bias. Plus the fact that people aren’t interested in them apparently, which I didn’t know. But.


0:50:02.2 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. There are people who are obviously interested in them. Often the people who I’ve found who are interested in warm-ups are also the people who are interested in posture and more mobility type movements in general. So we could even look at different Instagram accounts. Like for example, @joetherapy, Joe Yoon, who and I, you and I both know really well. He.


0:50:26.4 Mike Vacanti: He was a guest on the pod.


0:50:28.3 Jordan Syatt: His whole, he was a guest on the pod early on. I named his book. Do you know that story?


0:50:36.8 Mike Vacanti: Better Stretching.


0:50:37.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. For everyone who doesn’t know. Joe is talking about writing a book about stretching years ago. This is probably 2017, 2016 and oh 2017, 2018 probably. And he’s telling me he’s writing a book on stretching. And I was like, oh man, like you should call it “Stretching”. And he was like, there’s already a book called “Stretching”. And I was like, all right, call it “Better Stretching”. And that’s when he called it. The whole reason I came up with that is, this story, there was a Chinese food restaurant, near University of Delaware that I went, it was called “No. 1 Chinese Food”. And then I think it was either my sophomore or junior year, a new Chinese restaurant opened called “New No. 1 Chinese Food”.


0:51:20.8 Mike Vacanti: Genius.


0:51:21.7 Jordan Syatt: Yes. It is like, so genius. It’s so funny. But yeah, so, but you can like accounts like there are many accounts where people have more mobility type exercises and more, and I think they’ll often include more warm-up style content. And that is often what people will gravitate towards if that’s their interest. But I’ve rarely found someone who is, I’m not saying they don’t exist, but I rarely find people who are both equally interested in getting really strong or building bigger muscles or increasing their performance to a high level. And also really interested in the movement, preparation, mobility, all that stuff. I’ve usually found it’s either or where the interest lies.


0:52:09.4 Mike Vacanti: I like both.


0:52:10.5 Jordan Syatt: You’re a big warm-up guy. You do your warm-up at your house before you even get to the gym.


0:52:14.0 Mike Vacanti: That’s ’cause I’m introverted and I wanna minimize time where I feel pressured to have a conversation. I was thinking about this in the gym today. I was like, man, I have to switch gyms because…


0:52:24.6 Jordan Syatt: Why, people talking to you?


0:52:26.8 Mike Vacanti: I’ve just had conversations now with too many of the people and now I feel this social pressure to converse with them. I got this Ray Lewis, angry motivational track in my mind. I’m about to hit my third work set. I’m pissed. I’m thinking about stuff, I’m going places. And then this guy walks in smiling and I’m like, I have to have a conversation with this guy now.


0:52:48.4 Jordan Syatt: He sees you, you gotta take the earphone out. You’re like, oh yeah. Hey, good to see you.


0:52:52.1 Mike Vacanti: I didn’t today. I did. I just pretended I didn’t look at him and just kept with my angry lift. But yeah, it’s.


0:52:58.9 Jordan Syatt: I wonder if he thinks he pissed you off for some reason. Like, did I do anything to that guy? Like, he didn’t even look at me today.


0:53:04.0 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. And now I feel guilty about that. And so I’m like, I’m just switching gyms. I’m switching gyms. Building a home gym is really the play, but I like machines so much. That’s another thing when it comes to warming up though, is the complexity of the exercises that you’re doing. If you’re on a hypertrophy program, that’s a whole bunch of single joint machine work, way less of a need to do a warm-up before your workout than if you’re going in there and you’re gonna do some snatches and cleans and like whatever, then you should probably warm-up.


0:53:37.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, that’s exactly right.


0:53:39.1 Mike Vacanti: All right, we’ll leave the warm-up talk there because.


0:53:42.8 Jordan Syatt: And what else do you wanna talk about for warm-ups?


0:53:45.1 Mike Vacanti: I think we’ve had enough.


0:53:47.3 Jordan Syatt: That’s good?


0:53:47.4 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:53:48.2 Jordan Syatt: Okay.


0:53:50.6 Mike Vacanti: Good episode, Jordan.


0:53:51.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. That was awesome. Thank you everyone for listening. If you are not in the Fitness Business Mentorship, but you wanna grow your business or maybe you wanna start an online business or maybe you have an online business and it’s not going as well as you would like it to, that’s why we have the fitness business mentorship. That’s really why we have this podcast so that you can listen, decide that you like what we have to say, you learn from us. And if you wanna learn even more and have an amazing community around you, join the mentorship. You’ll never find. And this is a fact. You’ll never find an online fitness business coaching program that has as good of a cost as ours. Like all of them cost significantly more. And you’ll also not find a more helpful interactive group than what we have going on. So, click the link in the description. We would love to have you for everyone who’s in the mentorship and listening, we love you. We appreciate you. Have a wonderful week. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

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