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In this episode, we talk about resting heart rate, what’s more important: sleep or exercise, our favorite power dinners, and an entry from Jordan’s childhood secret diary.


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0:00:11.5 Mike Vacanti: Hello Jordan.


0:00:12.6 Jordan Syatt: What’s up Michael?


0:00:13.7 Mike Vacanti: You’re looking lean.


0:00:16.7 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, I’ve lost a fair amount of fat. That is for sure.


0:00:20.2 Mike Vacanti: While spiking your blood sugar.


0:00:22.1 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. My doctor just freaked me out.


0:00:25.3 Mike Vacanti: Why?


0:00:26.3 Jordan Syatt: Because, so I have a low heart rate, generally like low resting heart rate. And I’d say like a couple of months ago, I started to get these like palpitations, mainly when I would be doing a workout. Didn’t always have to be high intensity, sometimes it would happen, I was lying down, whatever it is, but usually during a workout, and it would like skip a beat. I don’t know if I’m using the right term. So if there’s a cardiologist listening, I apologize, but it would feel like I skipped a beat. And then like, maybe about a month, five weeks ago, I got a small one when I was on the treadmill, and then I like took a little break, got back on, and then I had a big one and it like took my breath away. I was like, “What the fuck was that?” So I scheduled an appointment with the cardiologist, went to the cardiologist and right now I’m wearing this 24/7 heart monitor, which isn’t really 24/7, ’cause it falls off every time I exercise and I can’t do jujitsu with it, but we’re at for most of the day.


0:01:29.6 Jordan Syatt: And you and I were on the phone before our last podcast, like an hour before we just recorded. And I got a call from my doctor and I was like, “Oh, hold on, Mike, let me just get this.” And it’s not the doctor. It’s the person at the front desk. So they’re definitely not a doctor at all. It’s just the person at the front desk. And the person goes. “Hey, what’s going on?” I was like, “Not much. How are you?” They were like, “Good. So the doctor wanted me to ask, did you have like severe chest pains last night at like 5:00 AM?” And I was like… And they’re looking at my data from my heart rate monitor. And I was like, “No, I don’t think so. I was sleeping,” like, “Oh, okay. All right. Thanks. Bye.” And I was like, “What? Like that’s it.”


0:02:14.0 Jordan Syatt: So then I immediately go on my portal and I’m like, “What the fuck was that?” Like, “someone basically just said, ‘Did I have severe chest pains’ without any explanation as to why, did I like… ” Please let me know what’s going on. Hoping the doctor is going to write back and let me know. I get a call from the same person, like 10 minutes later. It’s like, “Hey, what’s going on? Just got the email. I spoke to the doctor,” and they gave me an explanation that was clearly not medical in terms of like medical terminology, but they’re like, “Listen, they said, you’re fine.” They’re just like, “Yeah, your heart rate got really low.” And I was like, “Okay, is that bad? Are they worried?” They were like, “No, no, it’s probably just because like you’re very healthy and fit and you exercise a lot.” And I was like, “Well, that doesn’t really make me feel better, to be honest with you.” They’re like…


0:03:01.3 Mike Vacanti: How low?


0:03:02.9 Jordan Syatt: Let’s look, let’s look in my… ‘Cause I have my, like even right now, my heart rate gets super low, but let’s look at my…


0:03:08.9 Mike Vacanti: Give us numbers.


0:03:10.9 Jordan Syatt: I’m gonna look, I’m gonna… ‘Cause they didn’t tell me what the number was, but I can look at my Garmin, and it can tell me what my heart rate was, I guess this morning. It’s really even not like that super low. It’s 42. It looks like my lowest was 42, which is not like… I thought it was going to be in the 30s or something.


0:03:32.7 Mike Vacanti: Dude. You’re in phenomenal shape.


0:03:35.4 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. I thought it was going to be in the 30s, but yeah, they were like, “Yeah, it was super low.” And I was like, “Okay.” That…


0:03:42.7 Mike Vacanti: That’s weird because it’s… Why wouldn’t they compare it to your baseline rather than compare it to where other people are on average, your heart rate, for years, and when you started taking jujitsu more seriously, you started doing way more Zone Two cardio and your heart rate, like, especially on nights, if you didn’t have a couple of glasses of wine, going back for years, has been in the low forties, has been your resting heart rate.


0:04:08.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah. So they just freaked me out. I was like, “Thanks.” And so tomorrow I have a stress test. I’m doing a stress test and, “Oh, I need to schedule my coronary calcium score as well.”


0:04:20.3 Mike Vacanti: Cool. That’s good that you’re getting all that stuff done.


0:04:23.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Just want to stay on top of it.


0:04:24.8 Mike Vacanti: Good precautionary work. But yeah, those… What are those called? Those little shocks? Those little like feels like it skips a beat. What’s that called?


0:04:37.4 Jordan Syatt: I don’t know if it’s called like ‘brachycardia’ or tachycardia or palpitations. I don’t know which one it’s one of those things.


0:04:43.5 Mike Vacanti: Palpitations was the word I was going for, but yeah, that… I believe that’s more common than we think it is. It’s still really good that you’re getting it checked out, but.


0:04:54.1 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. The cardiologist listened and like, she put the stethoscope on my arm or my chest and she listened, she was like, “Oh yeah, I just heard one.” And I was like, “You heard one?” And she was like, “Yeah, sometimes you’ll feel them, sometimes you don’t.” But like, she heard it within like 12 seconds of listening, which apparently it just must be happening a lot, but she wasn’t worried about it at all. And she was like, “It gets really bad if you have anxiety about it though.” And she was like, I think you should have some anxiety medication. I was like, “Oh, okay.” ‘Cause that’ll help. [laughter] Yeah.


0:05:26.1 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Yeah. Health anxiety is a real thing.


0:05:31.3 Jordan Syatt: Mike laughs at my health anxiety that I get. Mike told me like a week ago, he’s like, we should talk about this on the pod. We should talk about like, when you feel like you’re going to die.


0:05:39.4 Mike Vacanti: Hang on, hang on. You saying that I laugh about it without the context that I have makes me seem like a bad guy.


0:05:51.0 Jordan Syatt: Not a bad guy. You’re a good guy. You’re a good guy with bad jokes. [laughter]


0:05:58.7 Mike Vacanti: I wouldn’t laugh about it if it was the first or second or third time that we’d talked about it. Definitely not. And I didn’t, I took it very seriously, but there’s recurring patterns that…


0:06:10.2 Jordan Syatt: Oh yeah. Really, it’s dude… Especially with my like journal that I found from when I was a kid.


0:06:17.1 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. When you were 11.


0:06:18.5 Jordan Syatt: Was I 11? Was that when that journal was?


0:06:20.7 Mike Vacanti: I believe so.


0:06:21.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. I found… My mom shipped a box of my stuff to my apartment, ’cause we’re going to be moving to a rental house soon. And she was like… Oh, not because of that. ‘Cause she actually moved houses and she was getting rid of stuff. And so she sent me a whole box of random stuff. And in the box was an old journal, and there were two pages filled out, of this whole journal. There were only two things. Did I tell you if it was filled out on this thing?


0:06:47.4 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, you did. But I have to give more background, because you don’t come off publicly as someone who worries as much as you… As much as you worry.


0:07:00.6 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, yeah, yeah.


0:07:00.9 Mike Vacanti: And so with the background knowledge of whether it’s… Dying is a very common worry, which bleeds into health anxiety. The prison that I think we’ve talked about worry.


0:07:19.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, we spoke about that. Yeah. It just be the worst.


0:07:22.6 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. But like various, and everyone has different fears, but the various fears and conversations we’ve had about them, and almost you thinking that it’s a more recent phenomenon.


0:07:36.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, ’cause dude, it’s my memory…


0:07:39.9 Mike Vacanti: And when you read and you’re like, ESTPs have notoriously terrible memories. You’re like, “This makes so much sense.”


0:07:45.8 Jordan Syatt: Dude. It makes so much sense. And I was like, “Wow, I’ve just forgotten everything.”


0:07:50.6 Mike Vacanti: So you being worried about maybe a handful of things over a number of recent years was like, “Oh, why is this happening?” So then when your mom delivered this journal from when, literally 20 years ago and you can, there were only three entries or something.


0:08:05.7 Jordan Syatt: Wait, did I send you a picture of it?


0:08:07.6 Mike Vacanti: I don’t know.


0:08:09.1 Jordan Syatt: Oh my god, I have it. Oh man. The best part is it says, on the top page, Secret Diary, August 30th, 2002. Secret Diary. August 30th, 2002. 2002. Yes. That was 11 years old. Yeah. “Today was a rough day. First I woke up at 7:00 AM. Then I got dressed and had a bagel, and went to the orthodontist to find out my gums were fine after I worried about them for a week.”


0:08:54.8 Mike Vacanti: And this is funny because you viewed your childhood as, or I shouldn’t say childhood, you viewed yourself as a kid, as very carefree.


0:09:04.5 Jordan Syatt: Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


0:09:05.1 Mike Vacanti: And maybe even like your more recent, like yourself in your 20s as this carefree dude, and you’re like, I… And that was an aha moment, and you called me immediately, I think you’re like, “I always worried.”


0:09:18.6 Jordan Syatt: Dude. I’ve always been a worrier, and I like forget, like I’ll have a worry then that worry will be relieved. Then I’ll find a new worry, and I’ll forget about the previous one. I jump from worry to worry, and I didn’t even realize it until I, my 11-year-old self documented that I was really worried about my gums for a week. [laughter]


0:09:41.7 Mike Vacanti: A whole week.


0:09:45.6 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:09:47.4 Mike Vacanti: Ernest Becker wrote a great book about death anxiety, and his thesis was that all anxiety stems from fear of death. Which definitely makes sense. Which absolutely makes sense because we’re all going to die. And makes even more sense if someone is a devout materialist, meaning doesn’t believe in a soul or an afterlife. Even people who do they, like we all have doubts. And so it’s not just materialists. I remember JP taking it a step further, or he said that Becker was only wrong in that he didn’t take the point far enough, which is that it’s a wonder that we’re not all constantly paralyzed with anxiousness because we are the first and only species to be able to recognize our mortality. Right, like, dogs don’t know that they’re going to die. Even something as intelligent as a dolphin or a chimpanzee can’t see that ending, but we humans do. And so he made the argument that it’s a wonder that any of us can function with that knowledge, which I don’t know if…


0:11:16.2 Jordan Syatt: That’s so true.


0:11:17.2 Mike Vacanti: Necessarily makes this feel any better. But I remember starting that book back in 2016, and I only got a few chapters in. I don’t remember why I stopped.


0:11:30.9 Jordan Syatt: If that’s not the story of my life. Started a book, didn’t finish it.


0:11:38.6 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:11:38.9 Jordan Syatt: Well…


0:11:38.9 Mike Vacanti: Well…


0:11:40.5 Mike Vacanti: I think you’re, I think the cardiologist stuff is gonna come back really good for you. Yeah.


0:11:46.1 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, yeah.


0:11:47.1 Mike Vacanti: That is a bizarre call from a non-medical professional in very abrupt way to like, “Hey, were you experiencing any extreme chest pains at approximately 5:00 AM?” “No.” “Okay. Have a good day.” It’s like, dude.


0:11:58.1 Jordan Syatt: As I’m wearing this monitor, like, “What the fuck did you see there?”


0:12:10.8 Mike Vacanti: Being in a deficit reduces heart rate.


0:12:15.4 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:12:15.5 Mike Vacanti: Correct?


0:12:16.9 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, yeah, for sure. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


0:12:19.2 Mike Vacanti: So there’s that on… There’s that on of your…


0:12:19.8 Jordan Syatt: Real quick [laughter]


0:12:21.7 Mike Vacanti: Well, no, it’s low heart rate is good. Yeah.


0:12:24.8 Jordan Syatt: Up to a point, obviously. Yeah.


0:12:26.5 Mike Vacanti: Up to a point. But if you look, like Lance Armstrong’s resting heart rate, in his prime, wasn’t it in, maybe it wasn’t the low 30s, but it was definitely in the 30s. Yeah. Let’s Google fact-check this it.


0:12:38.0 Jordan Syatt: Lance Armstrong’s resting heart rate. 32. Geez.


0:12:44.6 Mike Vacanti: There we go. Low 30s.


0:12:46.6 Jordan Syatt: Holy Schnikeys. That’s insane.


0:12:48.6 Mike Vacanti: And so for you, yeah, you’re good brother. [laughter]


0:12:53.3 Jordan Syatt: Should I finish my diary entry so people can hear just the rest of this diary real quick?


0:12:57.1 Mike Vacanti: Absolutely.


0:12:58.5 Jordan Syatt: All right. It’s quick. So after I worried about my gums for a week, then I went to a place where I got milk. I wish I knew what place this was. “Then I went to a place where I got milk, then I went home. When I got home… ” Remember, this is what I wrote in 2002, all right? “When I got home, my brother called me a retard.” And, just for context on this, my brother and I, now we have an amazing relationship, I just saw him do standup comedy the other day which was great, but siblings fight, I was the stupid one and he was the fat one. So we would go back and forth between that. So he would call me a retard and I’d call him fat, and that was our childhood, over and over and over again. So he goes… “Then when I got home, my brother called me a retard. And then I… ” So then I remember I got as a gift, I think it was for Hanukkah one year, there was… I think it was called a Talkboy. Did you ever, a Talk… Was that, was it… Do you know what I’m talking about? A Talkboy?


0:14:12.5 Mike Vacanti: Oh, like a walkie-talkie?


0:14:13.8 Jordan Syatt: Talkboy recorder. A Talkboy… Oh my God. It was called…


0:14:18.9 Mike Vacanti: From Home Alone.


0:14:19.8 Jordan Syatt: A Talkboy tape recorder. Was it from Home Alone?


0:14:22.4 Mike Vacanti: I think so.


0:14:23.0 Jordan Syatt: That’s crazy. Yeah. So it was called a Talkboy tape recorder. So I wrote… “Then I taped him saying it, so he got really mad. Then my mom came home, and I had chicken drummies and clam chowder.” And all of that is in the same sentence.


0:14:45.1 Mike Vacanti: I remember the first time you told me that. I was like, oh, chicken drummies and clam chowder is a dense…


0:14:52.8 Jordan Syatt: Dude, that is…


0:14:54.1 Mike Vacanti: Dense dinner.


0:14:54.4 Jordan Syatt: That’s enough calories for two days, right there. That’s…


0:14:57.2 Mike Vacanti: Clam chowder is dense.


0:14:58.4 Mike Vacanti: Super high fat, moderate protein. But yeah, that was a… And that gave you real insight into my nutrition growing up. And then for dinner we had chicken drummies, which were delicious by the way. Chicken drummies and clam chowder which is, it’s a real combo.


0:15:15.0 Mike Vacanti: And that was Jordan’s journal, his super secret diary.


0:15:19.2 Jordan Syatt: Super secret diary. Yup. And the other page was just a list of girls I had a crush on that year.


0:15:25.7 Mike Vacanti: Well, can we read those too?


0:15:26.9 Jordan Syatt: No, I’m not reading out those girls’ names. [laughter] I don’t even think I took a picture of that, but… No, I did not take a picture of the girls’ names. No.


0:15:36.3 Mike Vacanti: Oh, you know what? [laughter] No, I have an interesting one.


0:15:41.0 Jordan Syatt: Okay.


0:15:42.0 Mike Vacanti: This is from Shannon, who…


0:15:44.7 Jordan Syatt: What’s up Shannon?


0:15:46.0 Mike Vacanti: Shannon, I’m not gonna read the whole thing, but I’ll give you a few cliff notes, or a few snippets here. She said, “I was listening to the pod a few weeks ago on my way to 6:00 AM session with my personal trainer, where Jordan proceeded to hate on barbell hip thrust. What did my trainer have programmed that morning? Barbell hip thrust. I laughed to myself, as I loaded the bar, which I can confirm is more annoying than loading a barbell for deadlifts. Mike, I can’t explain why, but can confirm for sure it’s the worst.”


0:16:17.4 Jordan Syatt: Yes, thank you, Shannon. Thank you very much.


0:16:22.4 Mike Vacanti: “Related to Jordan’s other podcast,” and this is actually related to our episode here, “I wanted to share this screenshot from my Apple Watch health data. I had my baby in October, 2022. Can you tell exactly when I went back to work based on my resting heart rate? Needless to say, this prompted me to make some major work-life balance changes, and I’m happy to report my resting heart rate is back down in the 50s.” That’s awesome.


0:16:49.4 Jordan Syatt: That’s amazing. Congrats.


0:16:51.3 Mike Vacanti: “You can also tell when I made the decision to make the change based on this graph, PHYSIOLOGICAL STRESS IS REAL.” in all caps, and we’ll link, or we’ll have, we’ll make sure this graph is on here, but it’s crazy just to describe to you right now, Jordan, that in February of 2023, Shannon’s resting heart rate spikes what appears to be about 10 beats per minute, and maintains an average of 7-8 beats per minute, month over month, while she’s working, and then when she quits her job, drops back down like 7-10 beats per minute and actually starts to go even lower the more time she’s not working. That is wild.


0:17:37.7 Jordan Syatt: That’s insane. I believe that for so many different reasons, not least of which, I remember, there was a period of time where I was tracking my blood pressure every single day, just ’cause I wanted to get consistent markers for what it was. And there were time… I remember there was a period of time where I was watching the news, and a period of time where I wasn’t watching the news. And when I stopped watching the news, my blood pressure average went down by about 6-10 points from a systolic perspective. My systolic blood pressure went down like 6-10 points on it. It was wild, just from the days when I watched it versus when I didn’t, which it makes sense, but it’s also one of those things that you don’t realize where especially a lifetime of doing that can have serious serious effects on the integrity of your body.


0:18:29.0 Mike Vacanti: Or even imagine someone who retires who was working full-time and maybe they had a job that meshed better with their personality and ambition and interests, but hit that age 60, 65, retires and then doesn’t fill their day with things but instead might spend a lot of time on Twitter, might watch a lot of CNN or Fox News or MSNBC, and those hours and hours a day add up and the direct impact that that can have on your health.


0:19:00.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, that’s exactly right.


0:19:02.0 Mike Vacanti: Shannon also said, “I would tell you about my power breakfast, but it’s basically a combo of a few things you both picked for years. I Love the info about the perfect day of eating on this week’s episode.” Really, really nice. Thank you, Shannon.


0:19:15.5 Jordan Syatt: Thank you, Shannon. We appreciate that a lot. Thank you so much.


0:19:18.4 Mike Vacanti: And that’s awesome that finding that work life balance and being at home more has led to such a substantial drop in resting heart rate. Good for her.


0:19:31.3 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:19:33.0 Mike Vacanti: You got any over there?


0:19:34.7 Jordan Syatt: So here’s actually, here’s a really important one, and I don’t know if we’ve spoken about this one before, but I actually, I saw a great post about this the other day that I wanted to discuss. So the question is, I’m not gonna say the handle, the question is what’s more important, sleep or exercise? And I think this is a very, very…


0:19:56.9 Jordan Syatt: I’m trying to think of the right word. It’s an over-simplified discussion, and number 1, I think the way that we phrase it is super important, but it’s not that either one is more important. I think they’re both equally important for different reasons, but there’s a coach, one of Alex Viada coaches, his name is Alec, and I might mispronounce his last name, I think it’s Blenis, he has amazing content. He has really, really amazing content, and he made a whole post about this the other day that I thought just made some really good points where to the effect of… Most people will say, make sure you get your sleep, make sure you get your sleep and oftentimes at the expense of exercise, but his whole thesis, which I very much agree with that, especially for people who struggle to get any exercise in at all, oftentimes getting exercising is gonna improve your sleep.


0:20:55.1 Jordan Syatt: Where it’s like… And I’m not talking about people who exercise regularly, I’m not talking about people who… You exercise 3-5 times a week religiously, and then you have a week where sleep is shit and you decide to get more sleep that week, you decide to skip a few workouts, that’s different. I’m talking about the people who rarely exercise and they also struggle with their sleep, I would be willing to bet that if they started to exercise while they were tired from a lack of sleep, they would actually prioritize their sleep more and it would fall into a better routine, where maybe they’re staying up late, they’re watching TV, they’re doing stupid stuff at night, and then they end up getting bad sleep as a result of it or whatever it is, and all of a sudden you’re like, Hey, you know what, you gotta get this workout in, I know you’re tired, but you gotta do it, then all of a sudden, I bet instead of staying up until midnight, they might go to bed at 10:00 and they might get better sleep as a result of starting that exercise, so not only the physiological aspect, but the behavioral aspect where they’re both equally important for different reasons, but I think nowadays, especially with the coddling and not pushing people hard enough, and Oh, well just do whatever makes you feel good, people, well just get that extra sit, well maybe you should fucking get up and get a workout in… And that’s actually gonna help your sleep in the long run.


0:22:12.7 Mike Vacanti: A really interesting point because I historically lean towards the sleep side, but I agree with when you break it into the two groups of someone who trains consistently and then ends up having a week where they’re run down, missing a workout here or there, compared to someone who isn’t exercising consistently, you make a great point that working out and taxing your body physically is going to improve sleep quality. There’s also something to be said of someone who’s not working out consistently, probably doesn’t enjoy working out, is looking for reasons not to work out, and Oh, I slept like crap last night, or Oh, I was up late, is looking for a reason not to work out and actually, I believe there’s some recent research around this, which is that a single night of reduced… I think it was sleep time, I think it was like, you’re normally sleeping eight hours, but you only sleep somewhere in the 5-6 range, and they analyze the effect on performance, and for a single night of poor sleep, there basically was no change in training performance for a morning workout, which I thought was interesting, chronic sleep deprivation is going to lead to a worse performance over time, but if it’s just one night…


0:23:43.9 Mike Vacanti: Suck it up, have a little caffeine, drink some water, get that workout in, you’re gonna sleep better the next night, the real, real, real, real, real answer is do both, watch one episode instead of two episodes of whatever show the night before, so you can go to bed at 11:00 instead of 12:00 so you can get that extra hour of sleep and then also work out in the morning, but it’s an understated point that prioritizing exercise albeit difficult in the short run might actually help you sleep better and start spiraling you upwards on that routine.


0:24:24.5 Jordan Syatt: One thing that’s helped me a lot too is because I’ve been waking up earlier than usual, I’ve been waking up early for the last… I don’t know, month, month and a half now, and but I used to like staying up late watching TV and I haven’t eliminated it, I’ve just more… I’ve Periodized my TV watching at night, so now if I’m gonna wake up early in the morning, then I’m not… That I’m either going to just watch one episode or half an episode like you had just said, or if I know one day I wake up early. But the next day, I’m gonna be able to stay up a little… I’m gonna wake up a little bit later that’s the night where I’ll watch TV, so it’s like in the same way, I’m not gonna strength train every single day. I’m not gonna watch TV every single day. I’ll have alright, This is a TV night. This is not a TV night. This is a TV night this is not a TV night. My weekends are TV nights just because my wife and I relax. We watch more TV, So Friday, Saturday, Sunday, cool TV nights, but maybe between Monday and Thursday, I might only have one or two TV nights at most and those…


0:25:26.4 Jordan Syatt: I gotta get to bed and having that perspective as opposed to being, this is my night-time routine, this isn’t my night time routine, this is… This day is TV Day, and this day is not TV day so like This day is upper body pull, this day is upper body push, this day is legs. It’s a periodization model for my own schedule, which has helped a lot.


0:25:48.6 Mike Vacanti: I love that. I’m the same way if I have to wake up at 5:30 the next day for Gary, it’s like, Guess what? I’m going to sleep at 8:30 because I need a certain amount of sleep. If I don’t, if he’s in Saudi Arabia giving a talk like he just was recently, then I can stay up later and then sleep in the next day. And different I think we probably have more variable schedules than the average person.


0:26:15.5 Mike Vacanti: The average person’s schedule’s a little more fixed. But the weekday versus weekend example was perfect. If you really wanna watch a three hour new Chris Nolan movie, do it on a Friday or a Saturday, not on a Tuesday night when you know you have to wake up early the next day.


0:26:32.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, yeah. And people are like, well I’m an adult, I wanna do it. So yeah, it’s fine. Do it. But then don’t complain about your results if like you’re not able to get up early.


0:26:39.8 Mike Vacanti: People say that? People say, I’m an adult, I wanna do it?


0:26:42.1 Jordan Syatt: I think in their head they say that and they’re like, I wanna make the choices that I wanna make. So, yeah, that’s fine. I think that is actually that thought process is…


0:26:51.2 Mike Vacanti: That’s wild.


0:26:52.9 Jordan Syatt: Is what leads to a lot of people making bad decisions.


0:26:55.3 Mike Vacanti: I wanna do it, isn’t an adult decision [laughter]


0:27:00.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:27:00.9 Mike Vacanti: Or isn’t… Like it’s literally a child decision. What you’re doing…


0:27:02.6 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. It’s very childish.


0:27:04.0 Mike Vacanti: What you’re doing when you say, I wanna do it ’cause I wanna do it. You’re prioritizing current you over future you.


0:27:09.0 Mike Vacanti: And sometimes it makes sense to prioritize current you, over future you. Sometimes it makes sense to eat the donut, a lot of time. Like in this example, going to sleep and keeping yourself on this schedule and delaying gratification from Tuesday night until Friday night is actually way better for you.


0:27:29.4 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:27:29.4 Mike Vacanti: Current you it’s not as fun ’cause you don’t get to watch the movie right now, but you’re gonna benefit more in totality from delaying gratification and delaying it in an appropriate amount…


0:27:39.6 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. That’s exactly right.


0:27:39.9 Mike Vacanti: You don’t need to wait until next year to watch the movie, but wait until you can watch it and still get enough sleep.


0:27:44.6 Jordan Syatt: Friday.


0:27:45.0 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. And not…


0:27:45.9 Jordan Syatt: Wait ’till fucking Friday. [laughter]


0:27:50.2 Mike Vacanti: Not watch it Tuesday night and then, oh, I didn’t go to sleep until 1:00 so I’m skipping my Wednesday workout. So I’ll push that back to Thursday. But then Thursday, I’m… Oh, I’m in the office for work ’cause I’m on a hybrid schedule and I don’t like to work out on days I’m in the office. So I’ll push it from Thursday to Friday, but then Friday I have this birthday party and I slept in a little. The Next thing you know, you haven’t worked out in a week. No. Push the movie to the future.


0:28:12.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Man.


0:28:13.8 Mike Vacanti: When you said I wanna do it ’cause I’m an adult, I had a visceral disgust negative gut reaction to like myself making that decision.


0:28:24.2 Jordan Syatt: I saw it and I loved it. [laughter]


0:28:26.6 Mike Vacanti: Good.


0:28:28.1 Jordan Syatt: All right And you know what? This isn’t a question, but since people really enjoyed the power breakfast talk. Let’s do a power dinner talk.


0:28:35.5 Mike Vacanti: Love it.


0:28:36.4 Jordan Syatt: What’s your power dinner?


0:28:37.6 Mike Vacanti: All right. Wanna hear one that hit the spot but is unhealthy compared to one that is healthy and powerful?


0:28:44.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah let’s hear both. Yeah.


0:28:46.7 Mike Vacanti: Okay. Last night. I had barbecue short ribs.


0:28:55.5 Jordan Syatt: Oof.


0:28:56.2 Mike Vacanti: With… Which are a high fat, moderate protein, protein option, but delicious with mashed potatoes that had an obscene amount of salt and butter in them, judging by the taste and some… What do you call those things?




0:29:24.0 Mike Vacanti: I don’t know what they’re called. Oh, I know what they’re called. [laughter] You wouldn’t know what they’re called hang on I’m wishing…


0:29:30.5 Jordan Syatt: No. I just thought It was… ’cause like you, I could see you were like angry thing. Like What are these things called?


0:29:35.5 Mike Vacanti: Hang on, I’m gonna fire up a picture because you’re not gonna know what it is by looking at it. And I’m gonna feel so vindicated. [laughter] This is why, if you wanna see this picture, you gotta.


0:29:46.9 Jordan Syatt: I hope I can see it clearly. This might impede my ability to know what it is.


0:29:50.3 Mike Vacanti: Your vision’s fine, Jordan. We’re not gonna… You’re making excuses already.




0:30:00.7 Mike Vacanti: This is good luck.


0:30:03.7 Jordan Syatt: Good luck knowing what this is.


0:30:06.6 Mike Vacanti: Good luck.


0:30:07.8 Jordan Syatt: So how did you figure out what… Did you hear someone say the name last night or something what they really are?


0:30:10.9 Mike Vacanti: No, they were just in my fridge.


0:30:16.2 Jordan Syatt: Is that a dessert? I really can’t tell what it is. Is that a dessert food?


0:30:21.1 Mike Vacanti: You can tell what it is. Yes. It’s a dessert food.


0:30:24.3 Jordan Syatt: I mean, it looks like a cupcake.


0:30:27.2 Mike Vacanti: They’re called Bundt cakes.


0:30:29.4 Jordan Syatt: Oh no, I wouldn’t know what that is.


0:30:30.6 Mike Vacanti: Mini Bundt cakes. And I had a few of those.


0:30:33.6 Jordan Syatt: Nice. Okay, so you had barbecue short ribs, mashed potatoes and Bundt cakes.


0:30:38.0 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. And today I’m gonna…


0:30:39.3 Jordan Syatt: Do Bundt cakes come in different flavors based on the color or the color’s just decorative.


0:30:42.9 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, there was vanilla chocolate, red velvet and raspberry. And I ate the three red…


0:30:51.9 Jordan Syatt: Was raspberry your favorite?


0:30:52.4 Mike Vacanti: I didn’t, there were three of each and I ate all three raspberries, which I shouldn’t have done. I should’ve only had two.




0:31:00.5 Mike Vacanti: Two was the number.




0:31:03.0 Mike Vacanti: And I felt like I shouldn’t have had the third after [laughter] Sometimes you do have to do it though.


0:31:08.4 Jordan Syatt: While you were eating it were you like, I shouldn’t be doing this or you were like whatever?


0:31:11.2 Mike Vacanti: No, five minutes after I was like…


0:31:13.7 Jordan Syatt: Got it, got it.


0:31:13.8 Mike Vacanti: I’m a little too full, but no, they’re mini, they’re probably like 28 carb, 9 fat, 1 protein each.


0:31:23.9 Jordan Syatt: Got it. Okay. Wait, so that was your power dinner last night for not healthy?


0:31:30.4 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Uh-huh.


0:31:31.4 Jordan Syatt: Were you out, was it a family dinner or something?


0:31:33.6 Mike Vacanti: No, we just ordered takeout because my wife had cooked a bunch of nights in a row and it was like, let’s do something else.


0:31:40.6 Jordan Syatt: So what’s your healthy power dinner?


0:31:42.7 Mike Vacanti: I’ve been loving these marinated grilled chicken salads with like a healthy arugula base. A solid amount. And usually some kind of fruit. Like we did pears recently. I think they have onions, pears, a little bit of like chopped almonds or chopped walnuts. Some low-fat feta cheese. I hope I’m not missing something. The grilled chicken or air fried chicken and then a dressing like an olive oil. I don’t actually know how it’s made. Olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper, garlic, something.


0:32:29.1 Jordan Syatt: Mmmh. Yeah.


0:32:31.2 Mike Vacanti: And a salad.


0:32:33.1 Jordan Syatt: That’s good.


0:32:33.7 Mike Vacanti: That’s been a solid meal.


0:32:34.1 Jordan Syatt: I like that, I like that. I’ll go with my unhealthy one and then I’ll go with my more healthier one. If I’m gonna have an unhealthy, like if like a real power meal, like a real one, I’m gonna have pepperoni pizza and fried chicken.


0:32:52.0 Mike Vacanti: Together?!


0:32:53.1 Jordan Syatt: Oh yeah. And then maybe this is just me 24 days into a cut right now, but like… [laughter]


0:33:00.5 Mike Vacanti: I like it. I support it. I’ll eat it with you soon. But realistically, when’s the last time you had those both together?


0:33:08.8 Jordan Syatt: Literally never.


0:33:09.8 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Okay.


0:33:10.1 Jordan Syatt: In my whole life.


0:33:10.6 Mike Vacanti: All right. Well then…


0:33:11.2 Jordan Syatt: I’m just thinking right now that that would be great and I would love that. So…


0:33:15.4 Mike Vacanti: We’ll do it on the podcast sometime.


0:33:17.8 Jordan Syatt: That would make for some great sound effects as… Through this fried chicken [laughter] Yeah. Yeah. If I could have… If I could have like… Yeah. That would be pepperoni pizza, fried chicken, power dinner for my unhealthy one.


0:33:31.7 Mike Vacanti: Those are your two favorite foods?


0:33:34.1 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah. Those are my two favorite foods.


0:33:35.8 Mike Vacanti: Nice.


0:33:37.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. And then for my healthy one… Listen, salmon is just like my go to. I’m gonna have to go with that. Air fryer salmon. There’s so many different ways to have the vegetables. You could do like an Israeli salad, cucumbers, tomatoes, a little feta cheese on it or go for some air fried vegetables, whether it’s air fried and like charred broccoli or Brussels Sprouts, maybe with little like a light Parmesan crusting on it. Super good. And then some type of a either rice or potato. So, big… I’ve been huge into jasmine rice lately. It’s just…


0:34:17.4 Mike Vacanti: It’s the best.


0:34:17.6 Jordan Syatt: Jasmine rice is so good, I… And we got these frozen jasmine rice packets. I don’t know if you’ve seen these.


0:34:26.5 Mike Vacanti: What brand?


0:34:27.2 Jordan Syatt: You have those? I don’t know. It’s like a white and orange box that it comes in.


0:34:32.1 Mike Vacanti: Okay.


0:34:33.5 Jordan Syatt: And we just have the ’em in the freezer. I spiked my blood sugar with it one time and it was… It’s just… It’s amazing. Jasmine rice tastes so much better than any other rice.


0:34:44.6 Mike Vacanti: Are they single serving?


0:34:46.2 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Single serving ones. Yeah.


0:34:47.8 Mike Vacanti: So I’m gonna… Jasmine rice is the best tasting rice. I agree. Unless you’re eating Indian and you have like some Naan and some rice and some chicken and some kind of delicious Indian sauce. Then the Basmati rice really hits the spot. But…


0:35:07.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah. Basmati is super good too.


0:35:09.5 Mike Vacanti: Jasmine rice… Uncle Ben’s makes a coconut jasmine rice…


0:35:14.2 Jordan Syatt: Oh wow.


0:35:14.7 Mike Vacanti: Which brings… The regular jasmine rice, I wanna say there’s like 4g of fat per 80 carb, which is very reasonable. The coconut jasmine is 10 fat per 80 carb, but it’s very tasty.


0:35:28.4 Jordan Syatt: Okay. I’m gonna try that Uncle Ben’s coconut jasmine. That sounds amazing.


0:35:31.8 Mike Vacanti: And they come in the packets. Their margins are insane ’cause you’re paying three bucks where if… If you had a rice cooker and bought rice in bulk and cooked it, it’s like… It’s probably…


0:35:41.2 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Pennies.


0:35:41.5 Mike Vacanti: It’s probably… Yeah. It’s probably 10 times cheaper. But…


0:35:45.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Makes so much sense. So genius.


0:35:48.4 Mike Vacanti: I like that power dinner. That’s a strong power dinner.


0:35:51.3 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yes sir. Well, good. Thank you everyone for listening. You know the deal, you know the price in the mentorship is going up very soon. If you wanna get in at the lower price, you can get in right now. Link is in the description. If not, well, we hope you join us when the price is higher.




0:36:08.5 Jordan Syatt: Have a wonderful week. We’ll talk to you soon.


0:36:11.6 Mike Vacanti: Take care. See ya bye.

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