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In this episode, we talk about lengthened partial repetitions and how they impact muscle growth. We also discuss training for health vs. aesthetics, recovery after 30, and more.


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0:00:11.6 Mike Vacanti: Hello, Jordan.


0:00:12.7 Jordan Syatt: What’s up, Michael?


0:00:13.8 Mike Vacanti: We’re matching.


0:00:15.5 Jordan Syatt: Dude. Black sweatshirts. If you’re watching on YouTube.


0:00:17.4 Mike Vacanti: Black hoodies.


0:00:17.8 Jordan Syatt: You see us matching. Did not…


0:00:20.5 Mike Vacanti: What are you eating?


0:00:20.7 Jordan Syatt: Did not do that. Purposefully. Got a little fiber tortilla with some cheese in there. Some Babybel cheese. High fiber, high protein, low calorie, very filling.


0:00:30.6 Mike Vacanti: Whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


0:00:33.0 Jordan Syatt: High fiber.


0:00:33.7 Mike Vacanti: High fiber. Yes.


0:00:34.3 Jordan Syatt: Moderate protein. Moderate protein.


0:00:37.1 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Moderate… Moderate to low.


0:00:37.4 Jordan Syatt: Well, no. There’s actually a fair amount of protein in the tortilla, actually.


0:00:39.9 Mike Vacanti: Like nine grams.


0:00:40.6 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Which is pretty high for the tortilla. [laughter] And I had three tortillas and three cheeses. So overall pretty… It is definitely enough to maximize protein synthesis.


0:00:54.3 Mike Vacanti: It’s enough to maximize protein synthesis. As a percentage of calories, it isn’t a highly recommended meal towards clients, but to hit your protein level fiber…


0:01:06.4 Jordan Syatt: My clients it is. [laughter] Maybe not your clients…




0:01:08.4 Mike Vacanti: No, no, no. You would never suggest three tortillas with cheese as a fat loss meal.


0:01:14.6 Jordan Syatt: Dude. Absolutely I would.


0:01:16.3 Mike Vacanti: No, you wouldn’t. I know you’re… Go back… If anyone here is believing Jordan, go back to his website from 2012-2016 and read the fat loss nutrition articles and you’ll see the gold. I am having a Muscle Milk.


0:01:33.6 Jordan Syatt: And you just had almonds.


0:01:35.2 Mike Vacanti: This is a non-paid promotion. I had a few almonds for the taste and the sodium.


0:01:39.6 Jordan Syatt: How many… You had three or how many?


0:01:42.0 Mike Vacanti: No, no, no. I didn’t literally have… [laughter] I didn’t literally have a few. I had somewhere between 16 and 18, about one point.


0:01:49.2 Jordan Syatt: Okay.


0:01:49.5 Mike Vacanti: About about 0.6 servings.


0:01:51.5 Jordan Syatt: Nice. It was like 180 calories or something.


0:01:54.6 Mike Vacanti: No, no less than that. Maybe 100 calories.


0:01:57.7 Jordan Syatt: Nice.


0:01:58.5 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, man. Podcast. Weekly uploads every Tuesday. Here we are.


0:02:03.1 Jordan Syatt: Every week, no matter what. Thanksgiving week you got Thanksgiving plans?


0:02:09.9 Mike Vacanti: So many years back… Not many years, maybe four or five years ago, all of my family was playing this game, Apples to Apples. Have you ever played that game?


0:02:21.1 Jordan Syatt: Mm-hmm.


0:02:23.9 Mike Vacanti: And the card was something along the lines of lazy or relaxing like one of those. And for me, I had Thanksgiving, which I thought was a brilliant play because on Thanksgiving I go over to my parent’s house and I lay down on the couch at about 11:00 AM and the only reason I move is to stuff my face with calories from 11:00 AM until about 10:00 PM and then I go home and I comatose.


0:02:52.7 Mike Vacanti: And so Thanksgiving is the laziest day of the year for me. So I play the Thanksgiving card thinking this is easy. This is the biggest clean sweep of my life. I’m winning this round. Somebody else happened to play the card bubble bath. And apparently other people work on Thanksgiving, meaning like, they’re prepping, they’re serving food, they’re actually doing things. [laughter] And so when bubble bath beat out Thanksgiving, I was perplexed and said Thanksgiving is by far the most relaxing, lazy day ever. And said, maybe for you it is, but for some of us we’re actually contributing. Anyway.


0:03:32.9 Jordan Syatt: That’s fair. [laughter]


0:03:35.0 Mike Vacanti: So bubble bath won. I lost, but on Thursday I will be eating somewhere in the neighborhood of four to 6,000 calories and get a little workout in the morning and then watch some football. Just having some good family time. How about you?


0:03:48.4 Jordan Syatt: Are the Vikings playing on Thanksgiving?


0:03:51.3 Mike Vacanti: They do not. The Vikings play on Monday night against the Bears. I don’t know 49 ERs versus the Seahawks is the Thursday night game. Detroit plays, Dallas plays.


0:04:07.0 Jordan Syatt: Are you a turkey guy?


0:04:08.5 Mike Vacanti: Oh, turkey is criminally underrated.


0:04:12.5 Jordan Syatt: Oh wow.


0:04:13.4 Mike Vacanti: From all of these. It’s dry, it’s done. Basically. You know what, all of these Liver King and Carnivore fanatics who just love their protein jam packed with fat, prime rib, with duck egg and bull testicle and bounce it with butter and oil. Like they basically just want to have a heart attack by age 41.


0:04:36.5 Jordan Syatt: Yep.


0:04:37.1 Mike Vacanti: All of these people are slandering turkey, which is an unbelievable high protein food choice. I love turkey. I love turkey. And I won’t stand for all of the hate turkey has gotten over the last two to seven years. [laughter]


0:04:55.1 Jordan Syatt: It’s so funny you bring that I… My brother just posted… My brother’s been doing standup comedy for many years. He just posted his first ever clip of himself on YouTube today. Like he’s been nervous to do it. And he is like alright, this is my first standup skit. I’m putting it on. And it was a whole skit about… A lot of it is about weight and food, and he’s talking about turkey. ‘Cause Thanksgiving is coming up and he was my brother hates turkey, as do I, I’m not a big turkey fan. And he actually has a hilarious line where he was just like, “For everyone who says, oh yeah, you love turkey. You love turkey, okay. When was the last time you had turkey on your birthday?” [laughter]


0:05:32.0 Mike Vacanti: Every year.


0:05:33.8 Jordan Syatt: Do you really?


0:05:34.8 Mike Vacanti: No. Only… I used to. [laughter] I used to. Every year [laughter] Until I got serious about carcinogens and I have drastically reduced deli meat over the last 18-24 months. Prior to that, I had deli turkey all the time.


0:05:54.4 Jordan Syatt: Well deli turkey is really good.


0:05:56.8 Mike Vacanti: Well, Jordan, no look, I’m not putting a bird in the oven. [laughter] I don’t have that kind of culinary skill. If somebody else put a bird in the oven for me, I’d have turkey for lunch every single day. Put a little gravy on it, up the sodium a little bit. I understand it’s a little dry. The protein to fat ratio and satiety benefits…


0:06:17.1 Jordan Syatt: Oh yeah. You can’t beat it. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


0:06:18.5 Jordan Syatt: Of turkey. And turkey’s basically a nootropic. Turkey is like… [laughter] Turkey has certain compounds in it that are so good for the brain and body and muscular skeletal system. Turkey is an elite, underrated food choice. We need to start putting our feelings aside and putting our taste buds aside. We are a nation in a world obsessed with feelings. We need to put that aside and we need to use our brains and our logic and understand this high protein, low fat, beautifully constructed bird is amazing for us. We need to embrace that. But I am very happy for Lee getting out there on YouTube. That’s awesome. Good for him.


0:07:04.3 Jordan Syatt: I was doing an Inner Circle Live yesterday and I forget how it came up but I said I wanted something like that Turducken. Have you ever heard of a Turducken?


0:07:15.2 Mike Vacanti: I have, but refresh my memory.


0:07:17.6 Jordan Syatt: Bro, it’s a duck? No. Okay, it’s a turkey stuffed with a chicken inside of it and inside the chicken is a duck.


0:07:28.3 Mike Vacanti: Okay.


0:07:29.2 Jordan Syatt: Do you ever see Epic Meal Time growing up in high school, college? You ever see them on YouTube? They like would cook all these crazy meals they would do… It’s awesome. You should check them out. It’s like that like 2009, 2010, 2011 era on YouTube. It was just amazing. And this woman in my Inner Circle, she was like, “Oh my God, like Central Market, this grocery store in Dallas has Turducken.” So my wife is out getting a Turducken right now. That we’re going to have that for Thanksgiving. I’m very excited for that ’cause duck…


0:08:01.8 Mike Vacanti: Cool.


0:08:03.0 Jordan Syatt: Duck is criminally underrated from a taste perspective, obviously higher fat. But like duck, dude. Have you ever had duck?


0:08:13.1 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:08:13.5 Jordan Syatt: You don’t like duck, do you? I can see it in your face.


0:08:14.5 Mike Vacanti: I don’t. I don’t like duck.


0:08:16.3 Jordan Syatt: You don’t like it? Do you just not like the taste or you do not like the macros?


0:08:22.1 Mike Vacanti: Look, I haven’t given duck a fair shot. I think maybe three times and I don’t love the taste or the macros, but I don’t love the taste. Maybe it was poorly made. I would definitely sit down with you and your family and have Turducken. I bet it would be wonderful.


0:08:36.6 Jordan Syatt: And then you’ll definitely try it. You’ll try anything. You wouldn’t like it though. You wouldn’t be a duck guy like you are a turkey guy.


0:08:44.4 Mike Vacanti: You know what else it is? I can’t believe I’m about to say this.


0:08:48.4 Jordan Syatt: Say it. Say it. It’s a beautiful bird.


0:08:51.6 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, yeah I think of a… I would have a pet duck, but I wouldn’t have a pet turkey.


0:08:58.0 Jordan Syatt: You wouldn’t have a pet turkey? Really?


0:09:00.0 Mike Vacanti: No. When I was four, my great-grandfather, this was one of my first memories, in northern Minnesota on his farm. Said, “Wannna come out and watch me basically cut the head off of a turkey?” Maybe it was a hen. Might have been a chicken.


0:09:16.1 Jordan Syatt: This was one of my first memories.


0:09:20.4 Mike Vacanti: But basically, I don’t know why my mom let this fly. Rest in peace to my great-grandfather. Yeah, he grabbed a chicken, put it on a stump, held it down…


0:09:33.7 Jordan Syatt: No way. You watched this when you were a little kid?


0:09:35.3 Mike Vacanti: Had a little mini axe. Yep. One chop, head popped off, body ran around the room headless…


0:09:41.7 Jordan Syatt: Shut up.


0:09:42.2 Mike Vacanti: For like 10 seconds. Yeah.


0:09:44.7 Jordan Syatt: Wait, was it inside that this happened?


0:09:48.4 Mike Vacanti: It was in like a barn.


0:09:50.8 Jordan Syatt: Oh, wow.


0:09:52.1 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. No, it wasn’t in the kitchen.


0:09:53.8 Jordan Syatt: Then you said it ran around inside. I was where were you?


0:10:00.8 Mike Vacanti: In the barn, yeah.


0:10:01.1 Jordan Syatt: Got it, got it, got it. Wow. And then you cooked up that bird and you ate it? So you’ve never…


0:10:07.1 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:10:07.9 Jordan Syatt: So that was never like a pet type animal for you?


0:10:11.1 Mike Vacanti: Right.


0:10:13.8 Jordan Syatt: But a duck, you could have a duck in your house.


0:10:14.6 Mike Vacanti: I know a lot of people who like duck and even just more savory meats in general. To each their own.


0:10:22.2 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, super rich. Yeah, I’m a big duck guy. And rotisserie chicken, you don’t like rotisserie chicken.


0:10:29.8 Mike Vacanti: Are you a big duck guy? Oh my gosh, 27 protein, 40 fat. And so if you multiply ’cause 2.25 times the 40, 80, 90, that’s more than a three to one fat to protein ratio. That’s wild.


0:10:46.9 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. In a survival situation, I’ll take duck all day. You know what I mean?


0:10:51.3 Mike Vacanti: You’re on a real survivor kick. I guess you win the argument with that one.


0:10:57.5 Jordan Syatt: No, no, no, no, I’m not…


0:11:01.1 Mike Vacanti: Congrats. Then protein is more important than fiber.


0:11:04.5 Jordan Syatt: I’m not trying to win the argument.


0:11:05.9 Mike Vacanti: Duck is better than turkey in case Jordan and his family find themselves…


0:11:08.2 Jordan Syatt: Dude, in the body building space you win the argument. Macros…


0:11:11.7 Mike Vacanti: No, not in a body… I’m talking about longevity. I’m talking about health. I’m talking about saturated fat intake. I’m talking about heart disease. I’m talking about having 70 to 90 be optimal.


0:11:23.3 Jordan Syatt: Oh Peter Attia went on Derek from More Plates More Dates podcast recently. Have you seen that?


0:11:31.2 Mike Vacanti: I have not.


0:11:31.8 Jordan Syatt: He had a whole big… It’s great because obviously Peter Attia has a lot of friends in the industry who like are very big carnivores. And I had never really heard him speak out against it. Like I hadn’t really heard him really discuss it. And Derek just asked him point blank. He was like, “Let’s talk about it. What do you think?” And I was very happy to see Peter just be like… I say Peter as though we’re friends. I’ve never spoken with Peter Attia. But he was basically like, “This is unbelievably dangerous. This is a terrible, terrible, terrible idea for people to be doing carnivore.” And the idea that cholesterol… Like the whole movement that like blood cholesterol doesn’t matter at all, like that whole carnivore movement saying that… He had a really good example. And he was like, “Listen, it’s very… You have to be very careful when you cherry pick data, especially when you’re when you’re looking at data from the perspective of correlation.” He’s like, “A lot of these people who are saying cholesterol doesn’t really matter, are basically pulling the same argument and using the same cherry picked data that someone would be like, well, my grandma lived to 95 years old, and she smoked a pack of cigarettes every single day.”


0:12:45.1 Jordan Syatt: It’s okay, but that doesn’t mean that smoking cigarettes isn’t literally like increasing your risk of death by 1000%. It’s like just because your grandma did doesn’t mean that everyone or even close to everybody aren’t going to have serious negative effects from it. And so to see him really openly discuss it from a factual science based perspective was was very encouraging.


0:13:08.8 Mike Vacanti: That’s awesome. Yeah, she… The grandma did that in spite of the cigarettes, not because of the cigarettes.


0:13:15.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. And she was probably way more active than you and walks a lot more and probably slept better and likely had lower stress and all of that stuff. Yeah, had more nature in her life. And again, it wasn’t good for her, but it definitely was a unique situation. Now people don’t even move.


0:13:35.2 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, I know. It’s so sad and and terrible for us. And obviously like there’s merit to the argument that total cholesterol might be a less important health marker than we used to think it is. Or that total cholesterol is a less important health marker than your ApoB levels or your LP(a) levels, or even like, like your LDL+VLDL compared to total cholesterol. If we’re looking at some kind of biomarker that’s gonna signal better or worse odds of living longer, but…


0:14:14.9 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:14:16.0 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. People do sit way too much. That’s a fact. I’m standing up right now. Just… Just to just to fight the system. [laughter] Just gotta fight the system sometimes, you know.


0:14:28.2 Jordan Syatt: You got a haircut?


0:14:28.2 Mike Vacanti: I did. I got a haircut yesterday.


0:14:29.2 Jordan Syatt: It looks good.


0:14:30.9 Mike Vacanti: I’m not… I’m not gonna say my barber’s name because I don’t want everyone flooding him. Then I won’t be able to get appointments off of this PT podcast.


0:14:39.2 Jordan Syatt: It Looks good. Dude.


0:14:40.7 Mike Vacanti: Dude, yours looks good.


0:14:41.5 Jordan Syatt: It’s clean.


0:14:42.3 Mike Vacanti: Yours is clean.


0:14:43.3 Jordan Syatt: No, it’s not. I haven’t shaved in a few days.


0:14:46.3 Mike Vacanti: My video like slightly grainy so it looked clean until I did like a real close. Yeah.


0:14:52.4 Jordan Syatt: Oh, yours… Oh, wait, no, nevermind it… I looked closer. [laughter] Oh wow. Oh yeah. I… Oh wait. It did look good on the grainy… No, nevermind. [laughter] Now that I have a clear view, yeah, you need to shave that up. [laughter]


0:15:09.0 Mike Vacanti: No, no, no, no. It still looks good. It just wasn’t as… It wasn’t as clean as it looked.


0:15:13.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah. Not… No. Not, not really clean.


0:15:16.5 Mike Vacanti: How many miles a week are you running right now?


0:15:20.1 Jordan Syatt: About 20 or so. About 20 miles with the… Like the 15 pound weighted vest. So it’s slow and leisurely. I’m using it as time to listen to my books, my podcasts, and, it’s really nice actually.


0:15:36.3 Mike Vacanti: And stay in zone 2. You got a weighted vest on you and you’re running, like, you can’t really do that at a fast pace and stay in zone 2, unless you have unbelievable… Like, if you’ve trained that a lot.


0:15:47.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, and I also… I honestly… One of the reasons I like the weighted vest is because the danger of having it is the high impact force and the issue and the struggles people have with their joints. For me, because I’m so aware of that, I go very slow and I’m very soft on my feet. Because if I am running without the weighted vest, I can run way faster, which will lead to way higher grad reactive forces. But when I wear the weighted vest, I’m so acutely aware of every step that I’m like, you know what? I’m gonna go ridiculously slow. Like really make sure I’m using good gait and good running technique. And so I’m not, I have no shin splints, no knee issues. Like, my mobility’s been improving. I’m really focused on not a high level of speed, more just enjoying the run, enjoying the outside, enjoying nature, enjoying the fresh air, and listening to something good on my podcast or Audible and then… And that’s it. And so, and that my time has improved. When I first started doing this, I was doing like 15 minute miles. Now I’m down to like a 13, 10 minute mile. And like, I’m not looking to go much faster than that. It’s just nice and easy.


0:17:10.1 Mike Vacanti: And the laws of specificity, like.


0:17:14.6 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, I really want this crazy like bone density to go up from it.


0:17:18.6 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Yeah.


0:17:20.5 Jordan Syatt: You’re getting a treadmill. Did you… You bought one today, right?


0:17:24.2 Mike Vacanti: I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.


0:17:25.3 Jordan Syatt: Not the Peloton one. ‘Cause Peloton, shitty treadmills.


0:17:28.8 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Not safe. Not safe treadmills.


0:17:33.3 Jordan Syatt: What treadmill are you gonna get?


0:17:34.9 Mike Vacanti: The brand I believe is Horizon.


0:17:38.6 Jordan Syatt: Okay.


0:17:39.0 Mike Vacanti: I looked at a few, I looked at Matrix, I looked at Lifecore.


0:17:42.5 Jordan Syatt: Oh yeah. Yeah. Don’t get the Matrix.


0:17:44.1 Mike Vacanti: I’m not, it’s…


0:17:45.0 Jordan Syatt: Don’t get the Matrix.


0:17:46.2 Mike Vacanti: It’s overpriced.


0:17:46.2 Jordan Syatt: It’s shit… Yeah.


0:17:48.7 Mike Vacanti: I didn’t like the NordicTrack. A lot of these treadmills, what you’re paying for is the like upgraded electronics. I’m like, oh, there’s this giant touch screen where you… It looks like you’re running in nature and you can look at this and like, it’s interactive and there’s… I don’t need any of that. I just want something when it’s icy outside, when it’s… I don’t even mind the cold, but if… I don’t wanna slip and fall and, you know, so if it’s very icy outside, I wanna be able to do something in my basement and, yeah.


0:18:17.7 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah. Smart. If you wanna watch something, you could just put it on the TV or put it on your phone. You don’t need to have it on that, like that screen.


0:18:27.0 Mike Vacanti: Correct.


0:18:28.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Life Fitness is a really good one.


0:18:30.6 Mike Vacanti: They’re like six grand though. Not everyone is loaded. Not everyone’s loaded like you are Jordan.


0:18:36.9 Jordan Syatt: Alright, Michael, we both know that you are way more loaded than I am.


0:18:40.8 Mike Vacanti: Life… Life is… Stop. Stop.


0:18:42.0 Jordan Syatt: Woodway.


0:18:42.1 Mike Vacanti: Lifecore…


0:18:43.0 Jordan Syatt: Woodway is I think probably the best from like a running… Like, how it feels on your joints. The ground impact, like, Woodway I’ve found has the best treadmills. I’m not getting one because I’m not as loaded as you are, but you could definitely afford… You could probably buy one for both of us. No problem. That’d be a good Hanukkah gift if you wanna get me that.


0:19:05.2 Mike Vacanti: I’m not even gonna address that little non-factual joke that you slipped in there as you build an entire home gym. Hey, did all of your home gym equipment come yet? All of those machines that you purchased?


0:19:18.4 Jordan Syatt: No, not yet. No. It’s a write-off.


0:19:20.4 Mike Vacanti: Have any of the…


0:19:21.9 Jordan Syatt: It’s a write-off?


0:19:22.6 Mike Vacanti: Have any of the many… Do you know how that works? You’re in Texas. Your write-offs don’t amount to as much as my write-offs amount to.


0:19:28.6 Jordan Syatt: Why? Because I’m paying less in state taxes?


0:19:31.2 Mike Vacanti: That’s… Well, you’re paying zero in state taxes. State income tax.


0:19:34.3 Jordan Syatt: Oh, zero state. But I’m paying less in taxes in general.


0:19:38.6 Mike Vacanti: Because your effective tax rate is lower than my effective tax rate, which means that you technically save less on your write-offs.


0:19:46.2 Jordan Syatt: Well, that just sort of ruined my day.


0:19:48.0 Mike Vacanti: Oh. I’m sorry.


0:19:48.8 Jordan Syatt: But the good news is I don’t have as many taxes.


0:19:49.9 Mike Vacanti: I was just… I was being competitive with… That’s true. Yeah. That ruined my day.


0:19:58.4 Jordan Syatt: But the property tax here sucks. The government gets their money one way or another. Property tax here is terrible.


0:20:05.8 Mike Vacanti: Is it? What are your property? Do you know what you’ll be paying in property taxes?


0:20:10.2 Jordan Syatt: In terms of percentage?


0:20:11.4 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:20:12.3 Jordan Syatt: You Google it, you tell me.


0:20:14.9 Mike Vacanti: Texas, 45th, 1.8%.


0:20:18.2 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:20:19.1 Mike Vacanti: Minnesota, 32. 1.12%.


0:20:22.1 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:20:22.4 Mike Vacanti: What should we talk about?


0:20:24.0 Jordan Syatt: Dude, I just got… So I got an SS bar, which I think we already spoke about. I got a trap bar. This is like the most genius design for a trap bar I’ve ever seen, which is the… The front is open, so I can do like walking lunges or Bulgarian split squats or even like single leg RDLs in it without the leg being like stuck inside that hexagon or whatever it is. I could do step ups with it. It’s one of my all time favorite pieces of equipment already. It’s amazing. I’m a huge fan. Huge fan.


0:21:02.0 Mike Vacanti: I’m trying to picture it. Is it somehow is balanced obviously, because I’m picturing a hexagon with half of the hexagon missing. The back bar part must not be that heavy because you don’t feel like it’s… Like if you’re doing a walking lunge with the open hex bar, you don’t feel like the weight is kind of like shifting backwards.


0:21:27.4 Jordan Syatt: No, no. I don’t know how they did it maybe they weighted it somehow so that it’s still like, it’s fully balanced. It’s fully…


0:21:34.8 Mike Vacanti: I bet they did.


0:21:35.0 Jordan Syatt: It’s pretty nuts. And they also have a deadlift jack built into it. So you know how it’s annoying when you have to pick the bar up, especially a trap bar and slide the plates on. ‘Cause the… Like they built a deadlift jack into the trap bar so you can roll it onto its side and it stays there. So while you load and unload the plates, they slide on and off. No problem. It’s like…


0:21:57.3 Mike Vacanti: Wild.


0:21:57.6 Jordan Syatt: One of the most genius pieces of equipment I’ve seen. It’s really fantastic.


0:22:02.2 Mike Vacanti: That’s awesome. I’m glad you’re getting good use out of it.


0:22:05.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. And then I got a dip bar attachment for my squat rack, which is not like…


0:22:11.4 Mike Vacanti: Oh, sweet.


0:22:11.6 Jordan Syatt: The full power rack. It’s just a stand… Yeah, dude. Yeah. It’s cool because obviously I’m getting more equipment that will take up more space, but I have all… I could just have all the equipment I have right now and like I could be set for life. It takes up like, I don’t know, 15 feet. You have everything you need. It’s like, you don’t need much more than that. So it’s…


0:22:37.3 Mike Vacanti: Is the dip bar that goes straight into the… Like the dip bar attachment that goes into the rack? Does it feel stable?


0:22:39.7 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:22:43.1 Mike Vacanti: Nice.


0:22:43.2 Jordan Syatt: 100% stable. Yeah.


0:22:46.3 Mike Vacanti: That’s awesome.


0:22:46.9 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, I was doing weighted dips on it this morning. It felt great.


0:22:49.5 Mike Vacanti: I gotta get down to the Syatt home gym.


0:22:52.0 Jordan Syatt: Dude. Yes, you do.


0:22:54.8 Mike Vacanti: Have you seen hype out there, in the feeds on the social, in the places where I haven’t been going, around lengthened partial range of motion reps for hypertrophy.


0:23:12.0 Jordan Syatt: Dude. Yes. At… Very recently. I’ve seen a fair amount about it. That’s crazy that you just said that because someone texted me about it yesterday. It’s a big thing right now. It’s a big… What do you think about it? What have you… You’ve got your ear to the ground on this one. [laughter]


0:23:31.1 Mike Vacanti: The bros were always right. It’s just… It’s… So there is more… There is mounting evidence around the fact that doing partial reps in the lengthened part of the range of motion. So on a bench press we’re talking about the bottom half of the range of motion from your chest to halfway up when your pec is lengthened, not to the top half of the range of the motion where your pec is shortened. There’s mounting evidence that doing those lengthened partial reps are definitely more effective for muscle growth than a half rep in the shortened range. And potentially slightly more beneficial for hypertrophy than a full range of motion rep.


0:24:25.9 Mike Vacanti: And I haven’t dug into any of these studies, so I’m not like… I’m… At this point I’m just headline reading on this. But it’s… Like you’ll see the super jacked dude who clearly doesn’t even know what evidence-based means, but he’s out there doing like constant tension bottom half, like pumping it out on a flat dumbbell press. And he was doing this in the ’80s and he was doing it in the ’90s and in the 2000s. And like he’s still doing it. He didn’t care that he was catching smoke for, oh, you need to do the top half of the range of motion if you actually wanna grow. It’s like, well clearly this is working so I’m gonna keep doing this. It’s just… It’s interesting to see the bros constantly be ahead of the science by sometimes five years and sometimes 45 years.


0:25:11.4 Jordan Syatt: Dude. Yeah. This is definitely like ahead by 45 years scenario. ‘Cause I have the image of that dude in my head very clearly on an incline bench press with a barbell doing like right around half the range of motion just ba ba ba ba ba ba. And then there’s the dudes in the corner who are like super skinny. And listen, I’m not jacked, I’m just picturing… This is the scene in my head where it’s like, they’re like, idiot. Not even fully locking out. Meanwhile, this guy’s like repping 315 with a… Like, for the partial range of motion. And these nerds are always like, “Not even using a full range of motion.” Like shut the fuck up. It’s so funny. It is very funny how the bros have been ahead on this and basically everything for a long time.


0:26:00.1 Jordan Syatt: And that’s the funny thing is because no matter what new methods come out, no matter what… Like no… There will not be any new research that comes out that changes strength and conditioning or bodybuilding or any of these things like radically. There will never again be new research that comes out that completely and utterly changes the way that we think about these types of training or these types of performance enhancement methodologies. Like it just won’t because it’s already been done. We might have slightly more understanding of the mechanisms behind why it works now. But there will be nothing that changes the way that we train optimally that hasn’t already been done for many, many, many, many years.


0:26:54.0 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. I think you’re right, especially because so many people have tried so many different methods that there’s nothing new under the sun.


0:27:05.9 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:27:06.8 Mike Vacanti: I’m not doing anything differently. I’m not doing a ton more partials. I mean, for one, I think the difference between a full range of motion and a lengthened partial is minuscule. So if there is a benefit for muscle growth, it’s very small. It’s hard enough to grow muscle as it is and so if you add a very, very small increase on something that are… If you’re advanced, you can gain a few pounds of muscle a year. If you’re not using drugs, like what is a very small, a single digit percentage on top of two pounds a year of muscle, basically nothing. And so at… I see one of the benefits, which is that it allows you to go past failure.


0:27:53.2 Mike Vacanti: If you think about a lat pulldown and you can’t get it all the way down, but you could do a half rep, you could do two of those from the top, get it like halfway down and then you could do a couple more like third reps. And so you’re training the muscle past failure in that lengthened position. I can see a little bit of benefit there. I also like training… Training two failure is miserable enough, taking reps past failure by five to 10 partial reps, I don’t want muscle that much that I’m gonna be implementing that in my own training. Maybe with a small percentage of clients playing with it but yeah. I’m waiting to see and hear more. Just interesting to see the bros be ahead.


0:28:43.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Prop to the bros. I like it from the perspective of you can make your training and especially the training of your clients more interesting and fun without worrying about sacrificing results. Where it’s like, alright, so instead of doing just regular bench press for the 5000th time, now we’re gonna do constant tension partial reps and it’s gonna be an entirely new sensation. It’s a completely different sensation to do constant tension partial reps than it is to do full reps lockout every single time. It’s very different.


0:29:22.0 Jordan Syatt: So you can change it up, you can change the intensity. You’re gonna be using different weights. Your coaching is gonna be different, your queuing is gonna be different. And for them, it’s a new movement to try and hit a personal record on and try and get better at. And you can literally incorporate this with any exercise that you want, which one of the big issues is people get burnt out and they get tired of doing the same thing and they want some variety in their training. So you don’t have to worry that, oh my God. Doing these constant tension or these partials is gonna hurt your progress. It actually might even benefit them, but at the very least, you’ll get the same results from doing partials and you don’t need to worry about it. It’s fine.


0:30:03.5 Mike Vacanti: With increased psychological stimulation of adding variety to training, keeping it fun and interesting. Are 1.5 reps something that you got from Louie?


0:30:15.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. I mean, the whole concept of the conjgate method or one of the major, not the whole part, but a major concept of the conjgate method was just variation. And so I don’t know if the one and a half rep is something I got from Louie, or if it’s something that I got from Eric Cressey, or if it’s something that I got from maybe a Nick Tumminello article back in the day or like a… Or something. I don’t know. I have no idea who, where I got the 1.5 reps, but definitely I think it has roots in what Louie brought to the industry, that’s for sure. At the very least.


0:30:47.8 Mike Vacanti: ‘Cause what you’re doing there is you’re essentially alternating between a full range rep and a partial. A length and partial rep. Same with like pause reps. I mean, they’re not giving you a rep like a partial rep, but they’re giving you more time under tension in the lengthened position. Same with control eccentrics. It’s interesting.


0:31:08.3 Jordan Syatt: When I was coaching powerlifters and when I was coaching them, and when I was competing myself, I loved 1.5 squats and 1.5 bench press. Because the hardest part of the squat, the bench press is the bottom. So the most difficult part of that movement, of the squat, is to get outta the hole and the most difficult part of the bench press is to get it off your chest. And so for every 1.5 rep, you get two chances. You’re practicing that specific part of the movement twice, which it like, you literally get double the number of reps that you would from a normal repetition scheme. And that for me just made all the sense in the world to just essentially double the amount of reps you get at the most difficult point in the lift. So, in addition to all the hypertrophy benefits, also the strength, the neurological benefits, the skill development benefits, that always made a lot of sense to me, especially for the squat and the bench press.


0:32:08.0 Mike Vacanti: Cool.


0:32:08.7 Jordan Syatt: Cool. Good talk.


0:32:10.6 Mike Vacanti: What else we got?


0:32:11.5 Jordan Syatt: I don’t know if you wanna do Q&A. I don’t know where my phone is.


0:32:14.0 Mike Vacanti: Wow. You are zen. You are divorced from technology. You are a man of your grandfather’s era. You are living in nature…


0:32:27.0 Jordan Syatt: I wish.


0:32:27.3 Mike Vacanti: You’re living right. You’re living in nature, you’re rucking, you’re carrying the boats…




0:32:34.8 Mike Vacanti: Raising your family, you’re not…


0:32:36.3 Jordan Syatt: Not carrying the boats.


0:32:37.0 Mike Vacanti: You’re not on technology. You don’t even have a phone, basically.


0:32:40.8 Jordan Syatt: I wish that was the case.


0:32:42.3 Mike Vacanti: You’re living right.


0:32:43.3 Jordan Syatt: No. I think it’s just in the kitchen.




0:32:49.0 Mike Vacanti: Do you ever…


0:32:50.5 Jordan Syatt: I was rushing ’cause I was a couple minutes behind for the podcast. So I think I accidentally left it in the kitchen ’cause I had my tortilla and cheese in that hand. [laughter]


0:32:56.2 Mike Vacanti: See, and now you’re just being modest. You’re very humble. You have a great deal of humility and you’re just living right.


0:33:06.4 Jordan Syatt: Right. What were you gonna say? You were gonna say something.




0:33:11.8 Mike Vacanti: I don’t know what I was gonna say.




0:33:16.4 Mike Vacanti: Do you buy your own clothes or does your wife buy your clothes?




0:33:20.3 Jordan Syatt: My wife buys my clothes. Why do you ask?


0:33:22.7 Mike Vacanti: Nice.


0:33:23.9 Jordan Syatt: Nice. What do you buy your clothes?


0:33:25.4 Mike Vacanti: Well, I don’t really buy clothes, I just wear the same thing. And I have been for years and years. But I noticed that you have like variety and you’re kinda styling.


0:33:36.3 Jordan Syatt: Dude, I’ve had this sweatshirt since I lived in New York.


0:33:39.3 Mike Vacanti: I know but I’ve…


0:33:39.7 Jordan Syatt: You borrowed the sweatshirt from me in New York.


0:33:43.4 Mike Vacanti: I know and I love it. And you haven’t worn it in a long time that I remember. And you just have variety. You have really good style.


0:33:49.9 Jordan Syatt: I don’t have good style you know that for a fact.


0:33:53.6 Mike Vacanti: One time I visited you in Texas, and we were going out to dinner and I didn’t know like what kind of dinner and Jordan shows up in like a sport coat. Like just looking good. You have style.


0:34:03.5 Jordan Syatt: That was the suit coat that I wore at our wedding and I only have one suit coat. [laughter]


0:34:10.6 Mike Vacanti: Style. And you pulled it out at the perfect moment. [laughter]


0:34:16.2 Jordan Syatt: You know what it is? I get really nostalgic with clothing and I don’t like getting rid of it, which my wife hates. So I’ve… ‘Cause… I’ve accumulated clothes over the years and I don’t like to get rid of any of them. So she’ll try donating them when I’m not watching and then I’ll… But I’ll notice. I’ll be like, “Put that back. Put that back. I got that sweatshirt when I was in high school. Don’t take that away.” So yeah I have a lot of variety because I’ve had so many and I don’t get rid of them. But yeah. You’ve got the black sweatshirts and the white t-shirts and the black t-shirts and yeah, you’ve got the… But you don’t have a lot of variety. You do have a lot of clothes. You just… A lot of the same clothes.


0:35:02.4 Mike Vacanti: Well, yeah. I don’t wear the same white t-shirt every day. I have many of them.


0:35:07.2 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. You have a lot of white tees and a lot of black tees.


0:35:08.8 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:35:09.9 Jordan Syatt: How’s your training been going? How’s your lifts been?


0:35:14.6 Mike Vacanti: I have come to an interesting conclusion.


0:35:21.1 Jordan Syatt: Okay.


0:35:21.9 Mike Vacanti: I’m gonna start by not answering your question and then if I don’t get all the way there, remind me, which you’re not gonna remember either.


0:35:27.3 Jordan Syatt: It’s a real politician move. Alright.


0:35:29.2 Mike Vacanti: No, it’s not.


0:35:29.8 Jordan Syatt: Okay, cool. I hear your question now I’m gonna answer it in a way that doesn’t even discuss what you brought up. [laughter]


0:35:35.6 Mike Vacanti: No. No. What I wanna do is I wanna lay the foundation and get back to it, but I might forget to get back to it. And if I do, remind me. But I think you’ll probably forget too. So then the listeners are just gonna be hung out to dry.


0:35:47.7 Jordan Syatt: We’re gonna circle back to it. We’re gonna circle back. [laughter]


0:35:51.3 Mike Vacanti: I’ve come to an interesting conclusion that processed foods and desserts are +ev for my brain and -ev for my body. So when I am eating, “clean” my body feels much better. I progress faster on lifts. I look a little bit leaner and a little bit denser probably because in the absence of tracking, like unprocessed foods just lead to a little bit lower total calories. And with protein consistent, like I lose a little bit of fat, I look better, whatever. Processed foods and desserts give me so much enjoyment and happiness in my brain.




0:36:36.9 Mike Vacanti: That it’s like this internal war between being mentally stimulated and happy versus having like 0.005% low grade depression of not enjoying those foods. [laughter] But experiencing all of the physical benefits, the lower risk of tweaking something, less inflammation in the body, strength gains, aesthetics. Like just looking really like there’s pros and cons and I’ve been letting the brain beat the body recently with a little Snickers here. Or like a little frozen yogurt there, or a little pudding cup, like these interesting enjoyable things.


0:37:25.0 Jordan Syatt: Like chocolate pudding cup.


0:37:27.3 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Swiss Miss. It’s got like a chocolate layer and then a vanilla layer and then a chocolate layer. It’s only a 100 calories. It’s wild. [laughter] I don’t know how they make these things. [laughter] And so to answer your question, sir [laughter], how has my training been going?


0:37:46.0 Mike Vacanti: Not quite as optimal as if my nutrition was more dialed. I also… Like training for health is so much easier and more intuitive to me than training to gain muscle. Training to gain muscle is exhausting. Like time in… Physically exhausting from the volume mentally taxing. Just the number of sets you have to take close to failure that I have to take close to failure at this stage of my training career. The payoff, which isn’t that much muscle at this stage of my training career. The mental downside of having nutrition “cleaner” ’cause I feel better that way. The mental downside of calories being higher around muscle gain. I feel like I’m trying to justify to myself why I am not training to gain more muscle. [laughter] Which is interesting. It’s a nice little therapy session. [laughter] Not to mention the… Like, I just feel better doing a little bit less volume, doing more cardio.


0:39:02.2 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. And so my trainings not the most impressive it’s ever been, but I’m happy with it and it feels good. And I wanna actually start doing more cardio, hence treadmill.


0:39:14.6 Jordan Syatt: Wow.


0:39:16.9 Mike Vacanti: And yeah also just random movements. I want to… I should probably get back to some kinda, not… Definitely not jiu-jitsu but some kind of fighting.


0:39:28.7 Jordan Syatt: Muay Thai.


0:39:29.1 Mike Vacanti: Or like… Yeah. For just for the enjoyable zone 5 upside. I’m not gonna be doing sprints on the treadmill. My hips and my low back are just past that at this point in my life. [laughter] But doing… [laughter] Yeah. Doing like 18 minutes all out three on whatever, in like, these classes are pretty legit. So like working that in once a week with a solid zone 2 base with three, maybe four lifts a week that aren’t 10 exercises per workout, but are maybe like four or five exercises per workout is probably the direction my training is heading.


0:40:09.4 Mike Vacanti: Which feels like I’m giving up on the joke dream of winning the Olympia, which is never actually gonna happen. Also because theres a… [laughter] I’m remembering now like theres a suboptimal amount of muscle for health and I’m not there yet. I’m not saying like, oh, gaining more muscle is gonna stress my other organs and is gonna like reduce my lifespan, but at a certain point it does. Which is great. Like, I think its cool when people make that sacrifice, but I’m not that interested in that sacrifice at this point. I also don’t necessarily think the aesthetics of being over muscle bound… I don’t know, maybe just don’t think they’re as cool as maybe I once did compared to just having a normal amount of muscle and being lean. I’m just spit balling here. So thats how my training is going.


0:41:02.2 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, dude, I remember in high school, like I would see pictures of those dudes on the magazines and posters at GNC and stuff like clearly the most roided out dudes you could ever imagine. And I would actually think that is so cool and that is so awesome to look like that. I would get my Super Pump 250 from Gaspari Nutrition that like crazy pre-workout. And you remember that one? I get like blue raspberry. You wouldn’t get super pumped. Oh man. That was like the best. Oh my God. I’d have that 30 minutes before the end of school. Oh my God. Let me look it up.


0:41:42.6 Mike Vacanti: In high school?


0:41:43.2 Jordan Syatt: Just make sure I’m… Yeah. Super Pump 250.


0:41:46.8 Mike Vacanti: I only took Muscle Milk in high school. Everyone was taking like NO-XPLODE and VO2 or something. V12, it was called, back in 2004, 2005. Oh, it probably had, whats that? Dimethylate… Basically meth.


0:42:03.5 Jordan Syatt: Dude that… Wow. I bet it.


0:42:06.5 Mike Vacanti: You were doing meth in high school. I knew it.


0:42:09.3 Jordan Syatt: Clearly. It got… Wow. FDA issues warning on that DMAA.


0:42:15.1 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:42:15.4 Jordan Syatt: Wow. That’s exactly right. It had… That’s crazy.


0:42:19.0 Mike Vacanti: Yep. Thats why people like it so much. It’s addictive.


0:42:22.0 Jordan Syatt: Dude. That would get me so hyped [laughter] for my workouts in high school. Clearly [laughter] That’s crazy. Wow. Yeah, man. But I remember looking at those posters of these dudes and this being like, I wanna look like that. Like that’s amazing. And now I look at those posters and I’m like, that looks so… It’s funny ’cause now I see those posters back when I was in high school, I thought that was possible without steroids. And I thought that was possible. Not just without steroids, but without an exorbitant amount of steroids and severely abusing your body. And now instead of looking at that and saying, wow, that is so cool. Now it’s like, ugh. Like whatever they had to go through to get that and whatever they’re sacrificing is just so…


0:43:12.0 Mike Vacanti: What they had to go through.


0:43:12.8 Jordan Syatt: It’s still cool to be honest, but.


0:43:14.5 Mike Vacanti: And impressive, but just not our goals.


0:43:17.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:43:18.4 Mike Vacanti: What they had to go through to put on that amount of muscle, which is like its own bucket of impressiveness. And then what they had to go through to get that lean plus that dry and like that photo shoot ready, which is its own bucket of impressive and miserable. Like to get that one still shot. It’s not… I don’t think anyones arguing it is optimal for health, but there’s training for health and training for aesthetics have a very high degree of overlap, but they start to diverge once you are going past a certain amount of muscle mass and once you are going below a certain body fat percentage. And those levels are a little bit different for everyone. But I think I’ve just unfortunately diverged or fortunately towards the health side.


0:44:13.0 Jordan Syatt: I love that man. I love that. [laughter] I know that it’s…


0:44:17.4 Mike Vacanti: I don’t. It feels like…


0:44:17.6 Jordan Syatt: It’s like difficult for you. I know [laughter],


0:44:19.8 Mike Vacanti: It feels like I lost a loved one. Not actually loved one.


0:44:23.8 Jordan Syatt: I feel like… And I know we’re still like very young. I know we’re very young obviously, but.


0:44:30.8 Mike Vacanti: We’re not that young.


0:44:30.9 Jordan Syatt: I feel like when I hit 30… Dude, we’re young. I feel like when I hit 30 something… Like something happened where recovery… Like it’s hard to even articulate but actually what it feels like. But the physical recovery from workouts is something that I never really even had to pay attention to before I hit 30. And within the year that I turned 30, I noticed it took longer to recover things. Feel… Dude, I get like this weird catch in my elbow where like, I’ll try and extend my elbow and once every like 800 times it will just catch. And I can’t straighten my elbow unless I like… And like I have to power through it. And my wife was like, what are you doing? And I’m like, my elbows stuck. Or like my finger will like have this weird thing. And it’s odd and I notice it more. And so I have to really moderate the intensity and volume of my training way more than I did in my 20s. And so, like yeah, it’s very interesting to notice and in 40s and 50s and 60s and 70s and 80s, I’m sure we’ll get even more pronounced and more difficult. But it is something very interesting to be aware of at even such a relatively young age.


0:46:06.5 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, that’s another piece of it.


0:46:07.9 Jordan Syatt: Which really makes you have huge respect for people like Tom Brady, playing at the best in the league into his 40s or there’s this fighter named Glover Teixeira who is literally the UFC champion at 41 years old. Like the amount of training that you have to do at a certain intensity and still be in your 40s and performing like that is crazy. You see, you know these men and women in the gym who are in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s who are just lean and strong and jacked. And you’re like geez, it’s just… It’s incredible. It really is extraordinary.


0:46:46.3 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, really impressive. I mean every decade it becomes harder to maintain and thereby makes it even more impressive.


0:46:57.4 Jordan Syatt: What motivates you to work out right now?


0:47:00.1 Mike Vacanti: I just know it’s the right thing to do. I feel good after. I stack… I don’t drink that much.


0:47:04.1 Jordan Syatt: Do you enjoy it during it?


0:47:06.2 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Yep. I think…


0:47:09.6 Jordan Syatt: During the workout, you’re like yeah.


0:47:12.2 Mike Vacanti: Part of that, though, I’ve been thinking about this. Part of that is that I stack the majority of my caffeine right before my workouts. And so… And I have forever. And so I think I’ve actually trained myself to enjoy working out by linking those two. Like increased dopamine, like I’m in an elevated state. It feels good while I’m doing it. No, I don’t enjoy a 24, 28 working set workout that takes two hours where I have to kill myself, I don’t. I don’t enjoy those, but I enjoy a 45 to 60 minute lift. Yeah.


0:47:54.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


0:47:55.3 Mike Vacanti: And just feel better after. Like no, it’s the right thing to do. Honestly, dude, I was ragging… Maybe we close this the way we started it. I was, kind of going in on duck, which to each their own, by the way. [laughter] But I actually feel better 45 minutes after eating turkey than I do a fatty cut of meat like duck. After that, like maybe it’s more decadent or maybe it like technically has a… Like a taste that is more sophisticated, but like I would feel worse after eating duck than after eating turkey.


0:48:33.5 Jordan Syatt: Do you think is that a mental thing or it’s actually a physical response?


0:48:37.7 Mike Vacanti: One million percent physiological. And maybe that’s not everyone. Maybe that’s in my DNA, right? Different people have different palates.


0:48:49.7 Jordan Syatt: I think it is DNA. ‘Cause I definitely feel better, slightly higher fat than you do. I think you feel better, super low fat, higher carb, high… Yeah.


0:49:00.4 Mike Vacanti: Moderate. Yeah. Even different kinds of fat.


0:49:03.1 Jordan Syatt: You’re a big protein guy. Yeah.


0:49:06.2 Mike Vacanti: But even on food choices. Like… I don’t know. I’m trying to think of some examples of foods that I think that you… ‘Cause I’ve noticed overlap on foods that you and Gary like that I don’t like. And super small sample size.


0:49:19.5 Jordan Syatt: Ashkenazi Jew. Yeah.


0:49:21.6 Mike Vacanti: Similar part of the world. But.


0:49:23.9 Jordan Syatt: My family is from Russia as well.


0:49:26.3 Mike Vacanti: Name some foods you like. Like a lot of tomato based things?


0:49:30.4 Jordan Syatt: Okay. Tomato. Yeah. Shakshuka.


0:49:31.9 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Tomato base. I remember Gary asking me once why tomato isn’t used as a base similar to how mushroom is used as a base, because he likes tomatoes so much that it could be like the base part of a meal.


0:49:46.0 Jordan Syatt: Dude.


0:49:48.0 Mike Vacanti: Like cured meats or.


0:49:51.0 Jordan Syatt: I don’t like cured meats.


0:49:52.8 Mike Vacanti: No. Like prosciutto or like.


0:49:55.0 Jordan Syatt: Oh, I love prosciutto.


0:49:58.5 Mike Vacanti: Okay. Okay.


0:50:01.3 Jordan Syatt: [laughter] I don’t like cured… Oh, I love prosciutto. [laughter]


0:50:06.0 Mike Vacanti: I don’t know how much caviar exposure you’ve had.


0:50:06.9 Jordan Syatt: Melon wrapped in prosciutto. Oh, I love caviar.


0:50:10.0 Mike Vacanti: Yes.


0:50:10.4 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. I don’t get it ’cause I’m not rich, but I do love caviar. Snails, love snails. Yeah.


0:50:14.6 Mike Vacanti: This is that… By the way, this is episode 150 of How to Become a Personal Trainer Podcast. We are going to look back on this in the coming five to 10 to 20 years as Jordan becomes a caviar fiend. And we’re going to be remember that time when you were I don’t like caviar or whatever you just said.


0:50:31.9 Jordan Syatt: I like… I said, I like caviar. I just don’t have it ’cause I’m not wealthy.


0:50:34.6 Mike Vacanti: That’s right. That’s right. And we’re going to see how much you’re consuming caviar and be like, “Remember that time. That was the turning point.”


0:50:41.6 Jordan Syatt: If I’m just publicly downing caviar, then yeah, I definitely am doing well.


0:50:46.8 Mike Vacanti: No, you won’t be. It’ll be private, but I’ll know about it. And then I’m gonna out you.


0:50:53.2 Jordan Syatt: You’ll come over and there’s just like cans of caviar in my fridge and be like, wow.


0:50:55.3 Mike Vacanti: Just caviar everywhere. What is all this? Oh, Jordan loves caviar. He eats it every day. Like I didn’t know that.


0:51:01.6 Jordan Syatt: He does carnivore, but with caviar now.


0:51:07.0 Mike Vacanti: I think there are definitely different, different palates and different people like different foods and different foods make them feel different.


0:51:14.5 Jordan Syatt: So for you, turkey is like your number one food that really makes you feel good?


0:51:18.4 Mike Vacanti: I wouldn’t say number one. No. I mean I love myself so…


0:51:21.8 Jordan Syatt: What’s like number one?


0:51:25.0 Mike Vacanti: Well I mean, number one, it depends. Depends on what time of day, depends on the mood, depends what I feel like my body needs. I think I’m an actual intuitive eater.


0:51:40.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. You are an intuitive eater.


0:51:42.1 Mike Vacanti: No, no, no. I think I can be okay, my like blood level, my vitamin D levels are slightly low right now. Like I need to supplement that. Like I’m like slightly low on essential fatty acids and don’t have enough amino acids in me. Okay. Salmon, salmon is the meal for me right now. I think I’m that dialed in.


0:52:00.6 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. You like know what’s going on internally. You know that like you’re like…


0:52:08.4 Mike Vacanti: Heart rates like 67 right now. Yeah. Like the creatine levels are a little bit on the low side. Should like bump from four to six grams tomorrow. Like I think I’m that dialed.


0:52:17.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah. I think you are.


0:52:19.3 Mike Vacanti: Or I’m just out of my mind. One of the two.


0:52:21.5 Jordan Syatt: No, no, no. I think you just know.


0:52:25.3 Mike Vacanti: What food makes me feel the best? Salmon’s definitely up there. Salmon with white rice. ‘Cause it’s like what food is healthy?


0:52:34.5 Jordan Syatt: Jasmine rice.


0:52:35.6 Mike Vacanti: Gives me energy. Yeah. This coconut Jasmine. I’m telling you it’s incredible.


0:52:39.6 Jordan Syatt: Oh, I need to get the coconut version. I’ve just been having a lot of jasmine rice.


0:52:44.2 Mike Vacanti: You should stick to that.


0:52:47.5 Jordan Syatt: Why?


0:52:49.0 Mike Vacanti: It’s kind of it’s hedonic adaptation, right? Like you’re really enjoying jasmine rice. Why would I add saturated fat to that? Make it taste even better. The first three times you have it, you’re this is even better than regular jasmine rice. But then thats your new baseline. Thats your new normal. And you can never go back down to jasmine rice. And then for the rest of your life, you have to be having seven extra grams of saturated fat per serving. And then when you look back on your life and you’re oh, my, whatever VLDL is higher than it should be right now. Like what’s going on? Like well, when I was 32, Mike convinced me to have coconut jasmine. I’ve been having that every day since. And he just knocked four years off the backend when I could have just had regular jasmine rice.


0:53:34.2 Jordan Syatt: He just convinced me I’m never having coconut jasmine rice ever. I’m just gonna only stick with salmon and regular jasmine rice.


0:53:41.6 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Yeah. Don’t do drugs, kids.


0:53:44.3 Jordan Syatt: Don’t do drugs. Don’t have coconut.


0:53:48.7 Mike Vacanti: Thank you for listening. If you hated this episode, we still love you. Have a great day. See you next week. Happy Thanksgiving. See you soon. Goodbye.


0:54:00.7 Jordan Syatt: See ya.

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