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In this episode, we waffle around talking about 2024 goals, habit changes for the new year, and a lot of good old-fashioned banter.


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0:00:12.1 Mike Vacanti: Hello, Jordan.


0:00:12.8 Jordan Syatt: What’s going on Michael?


0:00:13.6 Mike Vacanti: We missed an episode. We took a week off of the Personal Trainer Podcast.


0:00:18.4 Jordan Syatt: Man, I don’t know the last time we did that.


0:00:20.2 Mike Vacanti: We don’t do it very often, but, you know, it’s the holidays, Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukkah.


0:00:25.4 Jordan Syatt: Did you have a good Christmas?


0:00:26.9 Mike Vacanti: I did, bro. I did.


0:00:28.4 Jordan Syatt: Good. Good. You get any gifts?


0:00:32.3 Mike Vacanti: Doing my family Christmas today, I was with the in-laws and…


0:00:37.3 Jordan Syatt: No gifts with the in-laws?


0:00:39.5 Mike Vacanti: Well, yeah, I mean, yes.


0:00:40.5 Jordan Syatt: Okay. Okay.


0:00:40.9 Mike Vacanti: Look, I’m 36, I’m gonna be 37, I’m not thinking about receiving gifts at this point in my life. I’m very fortunate that everything I want I have.


0:00:50.5 Jordan Syatt: You just got everything you could ever need.


0:00:52.4 Mike Vacanti: That’s exactly right. Or want.


0:00:53.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Or want.


0:00:55.5 Mike Vacanti: But the relevant talking point here is this. Do you know what this is?


0:01:01.3 Jordan Syatt: That, for everyone who’s not watching on YouTube, Michael is holding up a glass with neon yellow liquid, which looks like some type… I know it’s not this, it looks like a yellow Gatorade type situation with ice in it. But I’m trying to think because…


0:01:23.3 Mike Vacanti: You’re still… Hey, real quick, you’re such a good ESTP thinking of the audience first. People are listening, not watching. I’m just here bull in the China shop, no idea what’s going on, but good way to rein it in on this pod. Thank you.


0:01:38.3 Jordan Syatt: I know you just had some beet juice, so you got here…


0:01:42.4 Mike Vacanti: I didn’t actually. I didn’t actually have beet juice.


0:01:43.8 Jordan Syatt: You didn’t?


0:01:44.3 Mike Vacanti: I just… It looked like I had it on my face.


0:01:46.8 Jordan Syatt: From when?


0:01:48.0 Mike Vacanti: It’s probably just my complexion, I don’t know, yesterday. Yesterday’s workout.




0:01:51.0 Jordan Syatt: Right before we start recording, Michael said, “Do I have beet juice on my… “


0:01:53.9 Mike Vacanti: It looked like I did.




0:01:57.9 Mike Vacanti: I need some vitamin D. I’m falling apart.


0:02:01.3 Jordan Syatt: Is that a vitamin C? Is that like a vitamin C packet?


0:02:04.2 Mike Vacanti: That’s exactly right. Emergen-C. So it’s mostly vitamin C. That’s a first guess. Well done.


0:02:09.7 Jordan Syatt: Dude.


0:02:12.1 Mike Vacanti: The talking point though is my Emergen-C… [laughter] My immune system is fighting for dear life. Everyone around me has the flu and I’m just…


0:02:22.7 Jordan Syatt: And you don’t?


0:02:24.5 Mike Vacanti: Well, so far I think.


0:02:25.4 Jordan Syatt: And you’ve got an elite immune system, bro.


0:02:27.3 Mike Vacanti: Knock on wood.


0:02:27.9 Jordan Syatt: And you’ve been around everyone who’s had it for almost a week now. It’s safe to say…


0:02:32.9 Mike Vacanti: Yup, that’s correct.


0:02:33.3 Jordan Syatt: You’re good.


0:02:34.3 Mike Vacanti: A lot of positives for influenza A and a lot of people laid up on bed rest and I am fighting for dear life.


0:02:42.5 Jordan Syatt: You take vitamin D, you get your vitamin D every day. You get good sleep, you’ve got your vitamin C.


0:02:49.4 Mike Vacanti: I’m not a believer in vitamin D supplementation.


0:02:51.7 Jordan Syatt: You don’t take vitamin D even when you’re not getting sun?


0:02:54.1 Mike Vacanti: I do a little bit, but I just don’t think…




0:02:57.6 Mike Vacanti: No, I don’t… We talked about this like a month ago. I take it one to two days a week. I don’t think vitamin D supplement…


0:03:05.0 Jordan Syatt: But is it a huge dosage?


0:03:06.3 Mike Vacanti: No, not that big. I don’t think vitamin D supplementation does what vitamin D from the sun does. And I’m pretty… I’m like 60% confident that the randomized control trials agree with me. Like the observational data around vitamin D is interesting because people who have higher vitamin D levels live healthier lives, blah, blah, blah. But those are probably… Like, that’s association because the people who are outside, who are being active outdoors tend to have higher vitamin D levels, therefore other things that they’re doing lead to them being healthier. I don’t think there’s good data around group taking vitamin D supplementation versus group not taking vitamin D supplementation. I don’t actually know the science behind it. I don’t… My gut is that supplementing vitamin D is nowhere near as effective as getting it from the sun.


0:04:00.0 Jordan Syatt: I believe that. I would say it’s nowhere near as probably comprehensive. There’s so much more benefits that you get from being in the sun outside of just increased vitamin D levels. But I would postulate that the physiological benefits that come… The hormonal benefits that come from vitamin D, you still get from the supplement, but you don’t get all of the extra benefits that you get from being in the sun.


0:04:27.8 Mike Vacanti: But the Illuminati has a big stake in big pharma and big supplementation. And I know you’re a big discount code guy, so I feel like you might just be defending the industry.




0:04:39.2 Jordan Syatt: A big discount code guy. Big Illuminati guy. Big big pharma guy. I’m all that stuff. Yeah. I actually do feel better when I take my vitamin D, that’s for sure. I feel it. But go on, where are you gonna go with that?


0:04:52.1 Mike Vacanti: For sure. Sometimes I’ll take one Advil and I feel like Superman the entire day because of a well-known effect called placebo.


0:05:00.1 Jordan Syatt: Take an Advil PM and knock you out.




0:05:05.2 Mike Vacanti: Take an Advil PM in the morning and see what you can do.




0:05:10.7 Mike Vacanti: It’s actually funny. I want to come back to this immune system thing. I had a friend, Ryan Connelly, a lead athlete, played pro hockey for, I don’t know, 15 years or something. We were on a golf trip probably two summers ago and stayed up late after the first night. So only got like, I don’t know, four or five hours of sleep. And then we had 7 AM tea times the next day, and he wakes up with a hangover, I presume, “Who’s got Advil? Who’s got Advil?” And pops a couple of Advil PMs…


0:05:43.5 Jordan Syatt: Oh no.


0:05:43.5 Mike Vacanti: By accident, at 6 AM. Yeah.




0:05:47.2 Mike Vacanti: And ended up playing like the worst round of his life. Just…




0:05:54.1 Jordan Syatt: When did he realize that he took the PMs?


0:05:57.2 Mike Vacanti: I think immediately.


0:05:58.4 Jordan Syatt: Oh.


0:05:58.7 Mike Vacanti: I think…


0:06:01.0 Jordan Syatt: I’m surprised he didn’t like make himself throw up. That’s terrible.


0:06:05.9 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. I know. Yeah. What do you do when you are, or do you do anything when you feel like you’re about to get sick? When you’re around people who are sick? Do you adjust in any way?


0:06:17.2 Jordan Syatt: The main thing is I actually, I do start taking vitamin C because it’s very, very clear in the research that supplementing with vitamin C and like sort of overdoing it is like the one thing that can actually help, not just prevent it, but also diminish the severity of a cold and also the duration of it as well. So…


0:06:38.1 Mike Vacanti: At what dosage and frequency?


0:06:41.7 Jordan Syatt: I just take a lot. I just take one Vitamin C… I just take one vitamin C, Emergen-C packet a day. That’s plenty. Like it’s more than you need.


0:06:50.2 Mike Vacanti: Interesting. I… Okay.


0:06:52.7 Jordan Syatt: Why? What do you think?


0:06:53.9 Mike Vacanti: Well, because it’s water soluble, I go 3x high dose. Because I assume that I go morning and then high noon and night, a gram or a 1000 milligrams, drinking a ton, like an insane amount of water helps, anecdotally. And I have a theory around… And I can’t believe I’m about to say this because I’m gonna end up getting sick like tomorrow after…




0:07:25.1 Mike Vacanti: After saying this, but it’s really worked going on like, I haven’t gotten sick sick in a couple of years.


0:07:32.9 Jordan Syatt: Since 2016.


0:07:34.9 Mike Vacanti: No, I mean, I got COVID probably two years ago, but yeah, when you were visiting in 2016, when you were visiting New York, I had the flu. I was very sick. There’s something around the balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system activation, and maybe like the accumulation of time spent in a sympathetic state versus a parasympathetic state that I hypothesize based solely on intuition that the imbalance towards excess time and sympathetic state leads to a weakening of the immune system. And so if I feel myself on the brink of not feeling great, I ramp as much sympathetic behavior down as possible. So I’m not training intensely, I drastically reduce caffeine intake, I fight to like clear my schedule from whatever obligations I can, and this is a luxury, right? Like, no kids, work for myself, blah, blah, blah. But increase sleep quantity. Like, do all the right things around sleep quality. Basically do everything I can to shift most of my sympathetic into a parasympathetic state, which I have found, knock on wood, has worked so far.


0:08:53.5 Jordan Syatt: You know what’s interesting about that is I’ve noticed that when I’m in like a super, super, super stressed state, but it’s because there’s like a lot going on, I often won’t get sick. But as soon as I let myself relax, that’s when I’m like… That’s when all of a sudden, poof. That’s when it happens. So I wonder if by you switching to that a little bit earlier, you actually prevent it from coming on. Because if you kept going in that super stressed state, then it would eventually, it would build up. And I obviously I’m using completely non-scienti… Like it would build up, I don’t know. I’m just fucking talking. But for me, if I…


0:09:36.3 Mike Vacanti: That’s what we do on this podcast, Jordan. We’re not…


0:09:37.1 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:09:38.1 Mike Vacanti: We’re the bros who are, look, 88% science, 12%, just let it rip. Okay?


0:09:46.2 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:09:46.5 Mike Vacanti: We can’t be a 100% science leads to like skinny fatness. We need to let it rip 12%.




0:09:51.5 Jordan Syatt: That was one of the best quotes ever. 100% science leads to skinny fat. [laughter]


0:09:58.6 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:10:01.3 Mike Vacanti: You gotta let it rip a little.


0:10:01.3 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah. I think that makes sense. ‘Cause I know when I go long durations of time, super high stress go, go, go, go, go. And then I relax, then I get sick at that point. But if I… Maybe that’s why like, you just, “All right. Hey, you know what? I need to take a step back.”


0:10:14.0 Mike Vacanti: Same. And I noticed that over the years is when I felt like I was starting to feel not amazing. And if I just kept pushing through, kept caffeinating, kept working, kept progressive overload, like kept all of these stressors in my life… Yes, and usually I’m with you. Like, you know, you’ll have people who always get sick on vacation because they…


0:10:39.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Exactly.


0:10:41.5 Mike Vacanti: Work so much leading up to the vacation to get ahead on work so that they don’t have to work on vacation, that when they finally turn off, boom, they get sick.


0:10:49.1 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:10:50.4 Mike Vacanti: What I’m saying is, if you’re in a position where you can reduce stressors earlier, that has worked going on two years for me.


0:10:58.9 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


0:11:00.6 Mike Vacanti: Unless I’m jinxing myself right now. We’ll see.


0:11:02.0 Jordan Syatt: No, you’re not. You’re triple dosing vitamin C. You’re getting good sleep. We pushed the pod to today instead of doing it yesterday. That was super good.


0:11:13.3 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. That was smart. That was an example.


0:11:15.0 Jordan Syatt: That’s what I thought you were alluding to when you said that you adjust the schedule.


0:11:19.4 Mike Vacanti: It’s so ingrained in me that I didn’t even realize it, but that’s exactly what I did.




0:11:25.4 Jordan Syatt: We had a mentorship Q&A yesterday. It was the last one of 2023. We’ve been doing them two times a month for the duration of the mentorship. We’re now in 2024, switching to one time a week. And it was a long one. It was like a two-hour mentorship call Q&A, and we were scheduled to do a podcast afterwards. We were just like, “You know what, let’s push it to tomorrow when we’re fresh for the pod,” which I think was smart.


0:11:50.8 Mike Vacanti: Fresh and ready to go. Bring our A games for pod number 1 of 2024.


0:11:55.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. So now, instead of doing 90 minute Q&As twice a month, we’re gonna do 60 minute Q&As four times a month in the mentorship.


0:12:03.4 Mike Vacanti: Or five, depending on the month, but yeah, every single week.


0:12:07.1 Jordan Syatt: Oh, every week. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


0:12:07.3 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:12:08.0 Jordan Syatt: I just assumed every month had four weeks. But there’s an occasional five weeker.


0:12:12.9 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Or you know. Yes.


0:12:15.8 S3: Yeah. For all intents and purposes.




0:12:17.3 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. That probably didn’t need to be corrected.




0:12:21.0 Jordan Syatt: Or five.




0:12:25.6 Jordan Syatt: The most ISTJ thing.


0:12:29.2 Mike Vacanti: It really was. It really was. Completely unnecessary. What’s up with you my man? What are you sipping on?


0:12:38.5 Jordan Syatt: Oh this is a little lemonade.


0:12:39.8 Mike Vacanti: Nice.


0:12:40.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, yeah. I had some beet juice before. I had some carrot juice before.


0:12:44.4 Mike Vacanti: Not sugar sweetened lemonade.


0:12:46.0 Jordan Syatt: No, no, no. It’s sugar-free lemonade. I’m not just at 11 in the morning just banging down.


0:12:51.4 Mike Vacanti: Wait… Hang on. You’ve had carrot juice, beet juice, and lemonade now so far today?


0:12:56.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, and two bottles of water.


0:12:58.6 Mike Vacanti: Wow. What’s the occasion?


0:13:01.4 Jordan Syatt: It’s just fucking Friday morning.


0:13:03.3 Mike Vacanti: Do you have a juicer?


0:13:04.5 Jordan Syatt: No, I was at the grocery store and I went in the juice aisle where they had the Knudsen Juices in the glass containers and they had beet juice and carrot juice and so I just cracked them open, had some of that.


0:13:17.6 Mike Vacanti: Nice.


0:13:18.3 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, yeah. I haven’t even had caffeine yet today.


0:13:20.9 Mike Vacanti: You’re living right.


0:13:22.1 Jordan Syatt: Today, I am. Yeah. [laughter]


0:13:24.9 Mike Vacanti: All right, let me ask you something unless you’ve got anything interesting on your mind.


0:13:31.4 Jordan Syatt: I have literally nothing interesting.


0:13:34.3 Mike Vacanti: What is the balance between politeness and health? And this comes from, let me give you an example. You’re visiting a grandparent who put a lot of time and effort into making this delicious blueberry pie and you know that it’s kind of going to throw you off of your health goals, we’ll say, but you obviously indulge in a slice of pie. One, because it’s enjoyable, but two, to make your grandmother who worked really hard on this pie feel good. So that’s way on one end of the spectrum of it’s very obvious that in that situation, you should be polite.


0:14:19.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:14:21.3 Mike Vacanti: If you extrapolate that, let me give a fictitious example. If you extrapolate that and you live with your grandma and she makes you blueberry pie for every single meal, you’re obviously not going to be polite for every single meal because then you’re really sacrificing your health.


0:14:40.6 Jordan Syatt: Correct.


0:14:42.5 Mike Vacanti: Where is the line? Because for most of my life, I was socially unaware of the polite side of things and just if I wanted to indulge in it, I would, but if I was dialed that day, “Oh no, thank you. I’m okay. I don’t need cookies. I don’t need whatever.” I wasn’t thinking from the perspective of the baker, but where is the line between being polite while, but where is the line in between those two extremes?


0:15:11.4 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, well, I think that the line, more important than where the line is, I think we have to define the line and I think the line is essentially the demarcation point is…


0:15:24.5 Mike Vacanti: Hang on, we’re Googling that. Jordan’s bringing big words to the podcast. Demarcation point. We need an official definition on this. “Demarcation point is the physical point where the public switched telephone network ends that… ” This can’t be right.


0:15:39.8 Jordan Syatt: Demarcation is a dividing line.


0:15:43.1 Mike Vacanti: Okay, good.


0:15:45.2 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. “The action of fixing the boundary or limits of something.” That was good, right?


0:15:50.2 Mike Vacanti: I think so.


0:15:51.1 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, cool. The demarcation point here is the uniqueness of the occasion, the specialness, uniqueness of that occasion.


0:16:05.1 Mike Vacanti: Agreed.


0:16:05.3 Jordan Syatt: That’s why when you show up at your grandma’s house for Thanksgiving and she makes that blueberry pie, the obvious answer is you eat the fucking pie because it’s a unique situation. And if we’re looking at how many more Thanksgivings you have with your grandma, like, it’s very unique and it’s very special. But if you’re living with your grandma and you’ve been living with her for years and she’s making that blueberry pie every single day, it’s no longer unique. It’s no longer special from the perspective of, well, you had it yesterday and you had a day before yesterday and you could have it tomorrow and you have all this time with her. Whereas in the first situation, you might not have much time with her. That meal over the blueberry pie literally might be a once a year thing for the next four years and maybe that’s it. So you’ve literally four more chances. Whereas if you’re living with her, you could have many more opportunities.


0:16:56.8 Jordan Syatt: So I think the demarcation here is understanding how special is a situation to you. In which case then you can say, “Okay you know what, this situation really isn’t that special to me. I’m okay just doing what I need to do for myself,” versus, “You know what, this situation is very special and unique. So I’m going to go the other direction.” And the only one who can say whether it’s special or not or how special it is, is you. But that I think is the important thing to figure out is how unique is the situation.


0:17:28.0 Mike Vacanti: That was a fantastic answer. Let me bring a slight amount of practical application. Let’s say you are visiting your wife’s family.


0:17:40.0 Jordan Syatt: Okay.


0:17:41.1 Mike Vacanti: And it’s a…


0:17:41.9 Jordan Syatt: Is this like actually me, I’m visiting my wife’s family.


0:17:45.7 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Like, Jordan, Jordan.


0:17:46.9 Jordan Syatt: Okay.


0:17:47.1 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. So it’s like a two to three-day trip and there is delicious extravagant food cooked. You’re going to eat it?


0:18:00.2 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, absolutely.


0:18:00.5 Mike Vacanti: Okay. Now, what if it’s a one month trip, and there’s delicious extravagant…


0:18:05.4 Jordan Syatt: No. I’m going to the grocery store. In fact, I did that on a week-long trip. The last trip that we did, it was a week long and we went to the grocery store, and there were a couple of instances in which I indulge, but I’m not doing it the whole fucking week. The week, it’s not a whole week for me. If I will say though, if it was… ‘Cause we go to Atlanta at least once, maybe three times a year. But when my wife and I went to Greece for our honeymoon for two weeks every single day, I was indulging. Every day. But going to Greece on your honeymoon, that’s such, that’s a…


0:18:51.6 Mike Vacanti: Once in a lifetime…


0:18:51.7 Jordan Syatt: Once in a life experience. So that’s a very unique experience that we’ll literally never have again. But going to Atlanta two or three times a year, it’s like, yeah, for the week I’m going to the grocery store and then maybe a couple of meals I’ll indulge. So you can really gauge the uniqueness of those experiences.


0:19:11.4 Mike Vacanti: And then let me ask you this, and then if everyone else is eating the extravagant meal, basically every meal, are you then preparing your own food and eating alongside of them for, whatever, five of the seven days? Four of the seven days?


0:19:25.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Absolutely.


0:19:26.7 Mike Vacanti: Good. I like it.


0:19:27.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Whether it’s preparing or like I’ll get pre-prepared stuff at the grocery store and plate it myself, like yeah, absolutely. And they’re like, wish I could be like you. Yeah, you could. I got an extra plate if you want it.




0:19:43.5 Mike Vacanti: You can, humans have free will.


0:19:45.3 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:19:45.5 Mike Vacanti: And so…




0:19:47.7 Jordan Syatt: God made us that way. Yeah. So you could do this.


0:19:50.2 Mike Vacanti: Exactly. Cool. I think that’s a useful thing to think about. Maybe it was more useful two weeks ago, but maybe it’s fresh on people’s mind coming off of the holiday and maybe some family time and something that can be applied to future situations.


0:20:06.2 Jordan Syatt: Is that what you would do?


0:20:08.4 Mike Vacanti: I just ate like a degenerate for two straight weeks, so.


0:20:11.3 Jordan Syatt: No, but your degenerate is different than my degenerate.


0:20:14.5 Mike Vacanti: Not like you. Not like you.




0:20:19.0 Jordan Syatt: If anyone gets that quote, that’ll be awesome. Not like you.


0:20:25.0 Mike Vacanti: That would be incredible. Yeah. That is the proper way to do it. I’m with you.


0:20:33.4 Jordan Syatt: What was your degeneracy like? What did you eat day to day? ‘Cause you don’t eat past the point of fullness. You’re so good with that. That’s the difference.


0:20:45.1 Mike Vacanti: Untrue. Nope. Untrue. I don’t eat past the point of fullness on savory. Cookies are something where I’ll eat past the point of fullness.




0:20:53.1 Mike Vacanti: And Christmas cookies were out in full force.


0:20:55.7 Jordan Syatt: You ate a lot of cookies past fullness?


0:20:58.6 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, I ate a lot of Christmas cookies past fullness.


0:21:01.4 Jordan Syatt: How big were they?


0:21:02.5 Mike Vacanti: They’re small, but it’s the… You don’t know how many, they’re endless.




0:21:06.9 Jordan Syatt: If you had to guess how many cookies you ate, how many cookies do you think you ate?


0:21:13.4 Mike Vacanti: It was a long trip, out there for a couple of weeks. I can’t even put a number on it. I don’t know.


0:21:22.4 Jordan Syatt: Over 20?


0:21:23.6 Mike Vacanti: What do you… I don’t think you know how big they are. They’re like an inch and a half in diameter.


0:21:30.6 Jordan Syatt: Oh.


0:21:31.7 Mike Vacanti: Two inches in diameter maybe.


0:21:33.1 Jordan Syatt: Like that big? For everyone watching, I’m making…


0:21:35.8 Mike Vacanti: Sure. Yeah, yeah.


0:21:36.3 Jordan Syatt: Everyone listening…


0:21:37.4 Mike Vacanti: You know the white power sign. That’s yeah.




0:21:40.6 Mike Vacanti: Way to start 2024. All right.


0:21:45.6 Jordan Syatt: Someone’s gonna screenshot that. Oh look Jordan threw the white power…


0:21:48.1 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, for sure.


0:21:48.6 Jordan Syatt: Oh that’s… Is that the… This is not the white power sign.


0:21:51.3 Mike Vacanti: No, but in 2017 when the world was opening up to what woke is that was like a…


0:21:57.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, yeah.


0:21:58.9 Mike Vacanti: People were like, okay is a white power sign. The Nazis are using it here in America. Like, yeah.


0:22:05.4 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. And it’s just like, no, I’m giving you the okay symbol. So it was like this, it was like that big.


0:22:10.5 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:22:11.5 Jordan Syatt: Okay. So you think you had more than 30?


0:22:14.5 Mike Vacanti: Dude, I don’t… I have no idea how many cookies I had. And by the way, it was very enjoyable. I’m very grateful for all the cookies that were baked and like…


0:22:24.8 Jordan Syatt: No, no, no. But how many, give me like a guess.


0:22:27.6 Mike Vacanti: I don’t know. A hundred, easy.


0:22:30.6 Jordan Syatt: Oh wow. Oh…


0:22:31.0 Mike Vacanti: Yes.


0:22:31.3 Jordan Syatt: Really?


0:22:32.2 Mike Vacanti: Yes. And there’s candy and I don’t think you… There’s 14 days in two weeks.


0:22:37.2 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Not that much of an idiot. I know.




0:22:44.3 Jordan Syatt: I know this kid was in special needs, so I don’t… There’s 14 days in two weeks, seven per week.




0:22:55.4 Mike Vacanti: That’s…




0:22:55.8 Mike Vacanti: So anyway, I’m dialing in to start 2024. Had some great lifts though. I’ll tell you what. If there’s one thing that excess calories and carbohydrates specifically fuel, it is pumps and good training sessions.


0:23:12.3 Jordan Syatt: That’s the truth. That’s the truth. What’s your lifting routine look like? You have a plan for 2024?


0:23:19.9 Mike Vacanti: No, I need to get myself in a proper head space and make a plan. It’s centered around health goals, so probably 3x a week. But I’m trying to think about how to get a little bit more frequency on a push-pull leg than I’m thinking about ways to hit each muscle group more than once a week on a 3x per week push pull leg, which probably means like moving a little bit of pull, upper pull onto my leg day. There are a couple ways that I could do it. It could be having one or two days where I do AM and PM sessions, but in the spirit of caffeine management, I don’t wanna be having pre-workout more than three days a week, which is why I don’t wanna do a 4x or a 5x a week split.


0:24:07.5 Jordan Syatt: That makes sense.


0:24:08.8 Mike Vacanti: And increasing the zone two cardio, getting some proper zone five cardio in the mix.


0:24:14.8 Jordan Syatt: Oh. Wow. You gonna do that on that treadmill?


0:24:16.7 Mike Vacanti: No.


0:24:17.1 Jordan Syatt: That I see behind you.


0:24:19.3 Mike Vacanti: No, no.


0:24:20.4 Jordan Syatt: Where are you doing zone five? Outside?


0:24:23.3 Mike Vacanti: Maybe, I actually… I don’t know. I haven’t fully thought it through yet. There’s an indoor track or an outdoor track, there’s no snow on the ground still that I could use, but that’s on the docket for 2024.


0:24:41.0 Jordan Syatt: Wow. What made you want to do some zone five?


0:24:44.0 Mike Vacanti: Just feel way better.


0:24:45.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:24:45.8 Mike Vacanti: In life. Like, it’s not about the performance or even about the longevity benefits, it’s more about increased blood flow and brain health associated with some of that. And I know from playing hockey my whole life and my youth, how I felt doing a lot of… Hockey’s like 45-second sprints. And you’re on and off the ice. So there’s doing that for whatever, 15, 12 year… 15 years. I know how I felt as a result of doing that versus not doing that.


0:25:23.7 Jordan Syatt: Wait, so one shift on the ice is only like 45 seconds?


0:25:27.2 Mike Vacanti: Mm-hmm.


0:25:27.6 Jordan Syatt: Oh wow. I thought it was gonna be like four minutes.


0:25:32.2 Mike Vacanti: No.


0:25:32.9 Jordan Syatt: Oh, wow. So the line changes every like minute?


0:25:34.6 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, you’ll have a random, like Chris Pronger defenseman who’s playing 40 out of 60 minutes in the game, but he’s not sprint… He’s managing his energy. But yeah, for the most part.


0:25:48.7 Jordan Syatt: Oh wow.


0:25:49.2 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Short shifts, fresh legs. And I’m not following the NHL these days. So I’m sure like…


0:25:56.1 Jordan Syatt: I am.


0:25:56.1 Mike Vacanti: I’m sure superstars are taking like little bit longer shifts. There’s obviously times where you’re trapped in your defensive zone and you’re not gonna change then. Or you have a real good scoring opportunity and your team needs a goal at that point in the game. You’ll take a longer shift, whatever it is. But yeah, in general, that’s what we would do, was 45 seconds, minute tops, get on and off.


0:26:18.9 Jordan Syatt: You know, Bedard?


0:26:20.1 Mike Vacanti: No.


0:26:20.7 Jordan Syatt: You don’t know Bedard?


0:26:22.4 Mike Vacanti: I don’t follow the… There’s too many games. The only sport I follow is the NFL, otherwise it’s too big of a time commitment. Who’s Bedard?


0:26:30.9 Jordan Syatt: I’ve just been getting a lot of NHL in my feed. And Bedard’s just scoring goals like crazy. He’s just… Yeah.


0:26:37.8 Mike Vacanti: Do you know what team he plays for?


0:26:40.5 Jordan Syatt: I think one of the Canadian teams.


0:26:42.1 Mike Vacanti: Okay.


0:26:43.1 Jordan Syatt: Let me check. Connor Bedard. He plays for…


0:26:49.2 Mike Vacanti: Oh, the Blackhawks.


0:26:50.4 Jordan Syatt: Oh, nevermind. So apparently… “Is a Canadian professional ice hockey center…” Okay. So he’s Canadian, but he plays for Blackhawks.


0:26:56.1 Mike Vacanti: Oh man. This kid’s 18.


0:26:57.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah dude, he’s sick. Anyway. Yeah. The sprints really do… It’s a different type of high that you get as well. Like, the mental emotional high that you get from doing cardio. The zone two, I feel like, is that like slow release, so you just feel better generally throughout the day, but after a sprint session, you feel like, let’s fucking go. Like, you just feel like good. Yeah, I like that a lot. I hate doing it. But how often do you wanna do it? You wanna do it once a week, twice a week, once every 10 days?


0:27:35.7 Mike Vacanti: Once a week at least. We’ll see though. Yeah, because I don’t like… Running would be the only form that I… And if I truly wanted to do a zone five protocol, like I’m probably good enough to hitting the pads intensely, but if I truly wanted to do it, it’d be running even though I don’t really want to run. I like it more than any other cardio machine that I could do zone five on.


0:28:03.7 Jordan Syatt: Echo? Echo bike, assault bike?


0:28:06.4 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, well that’s brutal too. But…


0:28:08.6 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, that sucks.


0:28:09.9 Mike Vacanti: I would have to join a different gym to do that, which is in the cards.


0:28:12.7 Jordan Syatt: You can just get one, put it right next to that treadmill that you built.




0:28:15.6 Mike Vacanti: I did build that treadmill. That’s right. No, I don’t think I’m building out a comprehensive home… Look, if I’m building out a home gym, the Echo bike is not the next thing that I’m getting, that’s for certain.


0:28:26.7 Jordan Syatt: What would be the next thing that you get? You build a comprehensive home gym. What’s your next piece of equipment?


0:28:30.9 Mike Vacanti: I’m not building a comprehensive home gym. And by the way, dude, I think we’ve talked about this so many times on the podcast.




0:28:37.9 Jordan Syatt: I was working out last night in my garage and I was literally thinking, I was like, next time Mike comes here and you work out in my garage, you’re gonna be like, alright, I’m building a home gym. And it’s just like you’re… Yeah, it’s the best working out in the garage. It’s the best.


0:28:54.4 Mike Vacanti: I do love working out without other people around. But I’m probably going to… I’m probably just gonna join a different gym.




0:29:06.1 Jordan Syatt: But you do that like once a quarter.




0:29:08.7 Mike Vacanti: Got to keep them on their toes. You can’t… When the gym becomes a place to socialize, that’s when I know that I gotta Irish exit and find a new gym.




0:29:26.5 Jordan Syatt: I got to get super drunk and then get out of the gym.




0:29:30.9 Mike Vacanti: That’s it. No, an Irish exit is just when you leave without saying goodbye.


0:29:34.8 Jordan Syatt: But usually it implies drunk, right?


0:29:38.8 Mike Vacanti: I don’t know. I’m off alcohol these days.


0:29:42.0 Jordan Syatt: That’s because you’re at a pub or bar. Yeah. You don’t drink. Did you drink at all during the trip?


0:29:43.9 Mike Vacanti: No, I haven’t drank since August. Maybe never again.


0:29:48.8 Jordan Syatt: What was August?


0:29:49.9 Mike Vacanti: A golf trip.


0:29:50.6 Jordan Syatt: Oh yeah, that. After that trip, you were like, “Dude, I’m never drinking again.”


0:29:56.3 Mike Vacanti: Never. And I’m not. I want to join a gym that has a cold plunge.


0:30:01.0 Jordan Syatt: Oh, you love that. Yeah.


0:30:05.1 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. It’s the key. It’s…


0:30:05.2 Jordan Syatt: I remember we did the last time in New York.


0:30:06.0 Mike Vacanti: It’s better. It’s better than a calorie deficit for fat loss.


0:30:08.2 Jordan Syatt: Alright.




0:30:11.5 Mike Vacanti: That’s a joke by the way. That’s a real joke. I really like the cognitive upside and…


0:30:18.5 Jordan Syatt: That guy, Gary Brecka…


0:30:20.4 Mike Vacanti: No, no, no. We’re not gonna go down the… I was kidding.


0:30:23.1 Jordan Syatt: We’re going in on this. We’re going, ’cause this is… The guy literally said, he was like… This is where that came from. This is where he said, there’s nothing better than cold for like burning calories and for getting and…


0:30:35.7 Mike Vacanti: I didn’t even know I was mocking anyone when I said that. I just said it as a general joke.


0:30:39.7 Jordan Syatt: No, I know.


0:30:41.3 Mike Vacanti: Okay.


0:30:41.6 Jordan Syatt: But Gary Brecka, this guy, basically said that, and then he said, do you know that Michael Phelps lost so much body fat because the pool that he was in when he was training for the Olympics was like this much degrees colder. And then Michael Phelps commented on the post, he was like “That’s not true. The pool is the exact same temperature in every single pool,” dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. And the guy still hasn’t retracted his statement. He’s like…


0:31:07.9 Mike Vacanti: Oh, that’s wild.


0:31:12.1 Jordan Syatt: “I didn’t change anything.” Michael Phelps literally commented. He is like the, “It’s a standardized degree temperature in the pool.” And I know you were joking, but I just wanted to…


0:31:19.5 Mike Vacanti: Well, but now you put me in a position where I have to play devil’s advocate.




0:31:24.0 Mike Vacanti: Because we got to…


0:31:26.2 Jordan Syatt: I have to…




0:31:27.0 Mike Vacanti: Well, we got an email from a guy, because we talked about that clip before. I didn’t know that Michael Phelps replied in that way, but we got an email from a listener who loves the podcast who was pointing out that… Like, there’s a difference between a cold plunge, which is essentially rest in cold water compared to doing your workout in cold water. That I don’t know the answer to.


0:31:57.3 Jordan Syatt: I’ve never seen anyone do that.


0:32:00.3 Mike Vacanti: I haven’t either. But I don’t…


0:32:01.1 Jordan Syatt: I don’t even know if you can do that. Can you do it in like freezing cold water? Like, could you do… How would you do a workout?


0:32:07.7 Mike Vacanti: Well, not freezing cold… Look, I don’t know, but I don’t know if there’s a difference in calorie expenditure for swimmers, and if four degrees is the lever, I highly doubt it. Like that doesn’t seem like it’d make a huge difference, but if you had someone doing it in 75 degree water versus 40 degree water, and they both had to swim whatever, three miles, is there a difference in calorie expenditure between the two? I would imagine there is.


0:32:34.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. There’s probably a difference because in the 40 degree water, your muscles are probably way more tense and like you’d be way less efficient. And so with lower efficiency, you end up burning more calories. We see this with running, like the best runners in the world are super efficient. So they actually burn fewer calories than someone who’s running the same distance who’s less efficient because the less efficient you… Like by definition more efficient means you use less energy. Like, right? So…


0:33:01.2 Mike Vacanti: I’m with you…


0:33:02.8 Jordan Syatt: So if you’re in 40 degree water and you’re…


0:33:02.8 Mike Vacanti: But it’s not a good thing ’cause it’s actually hurting your performance.


0:33:06.0 Jordan Syatt: Correct. Don’t put your water at 40 degrees so you become less efficient. If you wanna be less efficient, then just be less efficient with how you swim and you’ll get all that calorie burn and swim like an idiot. Just don’t do that. It’s a terrible idea. You’d be better off just swimming one extra lap.


0:33:24.4 Mike Vacanti: I agree. Jordan’s passionate.


0:33:26.9 Jordan Syatt: With good technique.


0:33:28.1 Mike Vacanti: The reason that I am interested in a cold plunge is obviously not for body composition, because the way to have proper body composition is, as I’ve been saying for my whole life, it’s actually not true, but simply track your nutrition. I’ve been saying it for a while, but not my whole life. The reason I’m interested in…


0:33:51.0 Jordan Syatt: Since I was six, I’ve been saying this.




0:33:52.3 Mike Vacanti: The reason I’m interested in cold plunge is for the mental health benefits for the post cold plunge sustained increase in dopamine is by far the number one reason. And then a very distant number two is, I’m interested slightly in testing how it feels for me for recovery. And I’m not worried about what… Like, don’t go in a cold plunge immediately post-workout if your goal is to maximize muscle growth because it’s going to inhibit it a little bit from the reduction inflammation, like, cool.


0:34:30.4 Jordan Syatt: But you’re not training for that anymore anyway.


0:34:32.4 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. I’m not training, although a piece of me will always be that, but…




0:34:38.4 Mike Vacanti: I can’t imagine that doing a cold plunge 24 or like 28 hours post-workout is gonna have a material effect…


0:34:49.2 Jordan Syatt: No.


0:34:50.3 Mike Vacanti: On muscle gain.


0:34:52.9 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:34:54.3 Mike Vacanti: Chris Bumstead, the Mr. Olympia, classic physique cold plunges all the time, and that guy’s got…


0:35:00.5 Jordan Syatt: A lot of Muscle.


0:35:00.6 Mike Vacanti: Too much muscle. Yeah. Although I don’t like using that as a…


0:35:03.3 Jordan Syatt: ‘Cause steroids.


0:35:05.4 Mike Vacanti: A reason. No, because we don’t know if he’s succeeding in spite of the cold plunge.


0:35:12.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, yeah. Yeah.


0:35:12.6 Mike Vacanti: Not because of the cold plunge. Because steroids.




0:35:17.3 Mike Vacanti: I love steroids. He’s very open and honest about… I just don’t like fake…


0:35:22.0 Jordan Syatt: You love steroids?


0:35:24.0 Mike Vacanti: For people…




0:35:24.7 Mike Vacanti: No, I don’t love steroids.




0:35:28.7 Mike Vacanti: I actually really don’t. I’m very okay with people making their own decisions about, if they wanna use anabolics, as long as they’re not lying about it and then monetizing it, but like, yeah. Yeah.




0:35:45.0 Jordan Syatt: I love steroids.




0:35:45.9 Mike Vacanti: You love steroids. I do love the idea of steroids.




0:35:51.3 Jordan Syatt: What do you mean?


0:35:53.7 Mike Vacanti: Just love the idea of using them and winning the Olympiads. It’s a fun idea.




0:36:01.6 Jordan Syatt: Just putting on slabs and slabs and slabs of muscle and having the best workouts ever.


0:36:06.6 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, yeah. T through the roof.


0:36:07.9 Jordan Syatt: Recovering super fast.


0:36:09.6 Mike Vacanti: Unlimited energy, just like feeling great. Yeah.


0:36:12.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:36:13.7 Mike Vacanti: But I honestly, I’m definitely not anti-TRT because there’s an age where I think it makes sense, but it’s become way too prevalent in people who take zero steps to increase their test naturally.


0:36:30.7 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah.


0:36:30.8 Mike Vacanti: Like, sleeping terrible, boozing, not lifting, eating like crap. And then it’s like, “Why is my total test 220? I need to start injecting for the rest of my life.” It’s like, let’s make the lifestyle changes first. Once we’ve maximized what you can do without shooting up TRT, then maybe it makes sense.


0:36:51.3 Jordan Syatt: It’s just another example of that quick fix mentality. If it’s just like, “Oh, I could just do this and then and then it’ll be fixed.” It’s like, no, it’s not how it works. It’s not. And in fact, you could still shoot, like, you could still do TRT, but if you don’t fix your habits…


0:37:08.0 Mike Vacanti: I know, I like you saying shoot, you could still shoot TRT. Like it’s heroin.




0:37:15.6 Jordan Syatt: That just slipped right out of the mouth.




0:37:18.1 Mike Vacanti: It’s ’cause I said it three times.


0:37:20.2 Jordan Syatt: Did you? Oh, okay.


0:37:21.2 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Yeah.


0:37:22.3 Jordan Syatt: You could still… You can still shoot TRT and like, but if your…




0:37:28.1 Jordan Syatt: But if your habits aren’t fixed, then you’re fucked. Right? It sort of goes back to the vitamin D conversation back at the beginning where it’s like it’s not just about the vitamin D. It’s about, well, what are you doing in the sun? You’re out, you’re moving, you’re actually getting sun, you’re doing things that are improving your life. It’s not just about the T levels. It’s the things that you’re doing that would improve your T levels naturally that also make a huge difference.


0:37:52.5 Mike Vacanti: Absolutely right. What’s on the docket for you in 2024?


0:38:00.0 Jordan Syatt: Splits dude. I want to do splits. I want to do… I’m like big on calisthenics right now. I’m a big calisthenics guy. I want to get my splits.


0:38:06.4 Mike Vacanti: Why? Why are you a big calisthenics guy?


0:38:08.6 Jordan Syatt: Dude, it’s just the skill component, it’s like… It’s yeah, yeah, yeah. And…


0:38:15.2 Mike Vacanti: Would you say that you’re in, like in the phase of your life you’re in right now, is it a building anticipation phase of your life?


0:38:26.8 Jordan Syatt: I’m always anticipating something.


0:38:28.5 Mike Vacanti: No, no, no, no, no, no. Not are you anticipating. Are you helping others anticipate something?


0:38:36.8 Jordan Syatt: Dude, I want to help other people get their splits too, for sure. If that’s something that they want to do. You know what I mean?


0:38:44.5 Mike Vacanti: You’re not going to coerce someone who doesn’t want to do their splits into doing them. But if someone already wanted to.


0:38:49.0 Jordan Syatt: I can’t do that. That would be a terrible idea. There are enough people who want to do the splits that I don’t need to coerce anybody into doing it.


0:38:57.5 Mike Vacanti: Well, you’re the one who said if they want to, I was just highlighting what that meant.


0:39:05.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. But I’ll tell you what though, whenever I focus more on mobility, this is going to be a shocker, back feels so much better. Like, my back just feels loose.


0:39:18.3 Mike Vacanti: Whole body.


0:39:18.2 Jordan Syatt: Just feels great.


0:39:18.3 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:39:18.2 Jordan Syatt: Everything feels so good. Yeah. Handstands. I want to do like free handstands. I want to do free handstand pushups. Like where I’m just doing a handstand and I can do pushups from the handstand.


0:39:32.5 Mike Vacanti: Cool.


0:39:33.0 Jordan Syatt: You know what I mean?


0:39:33.7 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Yeah. I know what you mean. One of the… Actually probably the best thing that I learned that I still implement to this day when you did my programming in the summer of 2016 was the super setting of strength work with mobility work that I still use with a lot of clients to this day, and myself, yeah, it’s really, it helps a lot. Why feel bad when you could feel good? You know?


0:40:08.2 Jordan Syatt: Dude, we should put that on a shirt.


0:40:08.2 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:40:09.7 Jordan Syatt: Why feel bad when you could feel… Maybe that’ll be the title of this episode. Why feel bad when you could feel good? Just fucking do it.


0:40:15.6 Mike Vacanti: I’m going to let you pick the title, but yes, that’s a contender.


0:40:19.0 Jordan Syatt: There’s been inner circle members who are like… I’ve had a number of inner circle members over the years say things, “Ugh, I just don’t want to do the mobility work in between sets.” I’m like, “Just fucking try it. Just do it once.” And then they do it and they’re, “Oh my God, I feel so much better.” “Yeah, I know.” And all you were doing was just sitting on your phone, doom scrolling in between sets. And then you decided to do a thoracic extension and yeah, you feel way better. It’s awesome.


0:40:48.8 Mike Vacanti: That’s what I want. I love that. All the above. I want to stop scrolling in 2024.


0:40:51.9 Jordan Syatt: I feel like you don’t scroll that much.


0:40:53.5 Mike Vacanti: I scroll.


0:40:54.3 Jordan Syatt: That was the most like Seinfeld. “I scroll.”


0:41:00.0 Mike Vacanti: It’s like George like…


0:41:01.3 Jordan Syatt: I scroll. “I scroll, Jerry. I scroll.”


0:41:11.6 Mike Vacanti: I don’t scroll Instagram. I actually don’t ever open it, but I scroll Twitter way too much recently and I scroll shorts too much.


0:41:20.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. What’s your YouTube feeding you these days?


0:41:26.8 Mike Vacanti: I don’t know because I don’t actually retain any of the memories because it’s too… If you think of cognition as in inputs, creativity outputs, I’m just overflowing. Maybe I should start making stuff, but so I’m only retaining one in, who knows, one in a hundred?


0:41:47.2 Jordan Syatt: That’s the crazy part is you could see like 400 and maybe only one or two of them you’ll remember.


0:41:54.4 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Chess. I get chess on there.


0:42:00.0 Jordan Syatt: You get chess shorts?


0:42:02.0 Mike Vacanti: Mm-hmm. Like Magnus Carlsen, like people playing online chess.


0:42:04.9 Jordan Syatt: You just watch them play chess?


0:42:06.4 Mike Vacanti: Well, it’s edited. So it’s not… If you think of fitness, like you wouldn’t watch someone’s whole workout, you’d watch like a very specific thing. Same with chess. Watch this checkmate.


0:42:18.5 Jordan Syatt: Oh, watch this checkmate.


0:42:19.7 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:42:20.0 Jordan Syatt: Got it. And so you see like the moves that they make and the moves that the opponent makes in order to lead to the checkmate.


0:42:26.9 Mike Vacanti: Yes.


0:42:27.0 Jordan Syatt: And that’s like super interesting.


0:42:29.2 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. A lot of times it is. Yeah.


0:42:31.0 Jordan Syatt: Wow. Dude, you’re on a different level.


0:42:33.3 Mike Vacanti: I know. I got to quit. It’s completely… It’s completely unproductive.


0:42:36.9 Jordan Syatt: My algorithm has never even tried to feed me that ever.


0:42:41.9 Mike Vacanti: Poker. I get a lot of poker on my…


0:42:44.3 Jordan Syatt: That makes sense.


0:42:44.9 Mike Vacanti: On my YouTube Shorts. But here’s the bottom line. I would like to, and I’m starting to wonder, not actually if it’s possible, but society seems to be winning the war. And we can use a more specific, more specific term than society. Look, they’re beating the shit out of you too. Like I’ve seen your screen time. You’re no saint. You’re in there doom scrolling.


0:43:15.2 Jordan Syatt: There’s a quote, there’s a quote from Michael Scott where he’s like “Society is so bad, I don’t even consider myself part of society.”




0:43:27.2 Mike Vacanti: I love that. I would like to have better ability in 2024 at controlling my attention and Twitter and Shorts specifically are where my… I go mindlessly. I go unintentionally and it zaps time and energy. And I would… I’m even okay with spending time there if it was more intentional.


0:43:51.8 Jordan Syatt: So where do you want to spend your time instead of that?


0:43:57.0 Mike Vacanti: Anywhere else.


0:43:57.6 Jordan Syatt: Thinking…


0:43:57.6 Mike Vacanti: Anywhere else.




0:44:02.3 Mike Vacanti: Just not staring…


0:44:02.9 Jordan Syatt: Like reading a book.


0:44:04.7 Mike Vacanti: That would be prime. That would be perfect. Yeah.


0:44:08.4 Jordan Syatt: Are there any books that you wanna read that are like on your book list for 2024? What’s your, what’s like, three of your book lists? Three of your books for 2024?


0:44:16.6 Mike Vacanti: Well, I don’t… So I’ll just name three that I saw that interested me that I wrote down recently. I’m still working my way through the Bible, but I’m reading multiple books at the same time. Rick Rubin wrote a book called ‘The Creative Act’ that I’ve seen pop up a bunch of times that.


0:44:35.5 Jordan Syatt: Okay.


0:44:36.1 Mike Vacanti: That is interesting to me. There’s a book called ‘Breathe’ although I don’t think I need to read the book, but it would be a good reminder…


0:44:45.6 Jordan Syatt: By Hickson Gracie?


0:44:45.7 Mike Vacanti: No, no, no, no. Is that called ‘Breathe’ too? That’s great.


0:44:48.1 Jordan Syatt: Is that what that’s called?


0:44:49.3 Mike Vacanti: I wanna say James Nestor, if I remember right. Yeah. ‘The New Science of A Lost Art, Breathe,’ which is, I don’t know that I necessarily am gonna learn anything new, but a reminder on the importance of intentional breathing. Yeah, those were the ones that I had written down. I got a whole bunch of books that I’ve bought that I haven’t read yet either. So just starting with that stack. Thomas Aquinas, little back to our days with Pat.


0:45:25.1 Jordan Syatt: He’s tough.


0:45:25.8 Mike Vacanti: Thomas Aquinas?


0:45:26.7 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. He’s a tough read.


0:45:28.7 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:45:28.7 Jordan Syatt: He’s a tough read.


0:45:29.9 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. And well, Naval hypothesizes that you should read whatever your genuine, like it could be just, it could be… What’s that book called with the vampires?


0:45:41.6 Jordan Syatt: I have no idea.


0:45:43.0 Mike Vacanti: It could be… It could be ‘Twilight’ like it can just be whatever.


0:45:45.9 Jordan Syatt: Oh…


0:45:45.9 Mike Vacanti: Whatever you’re interested in…


0:45:46.5 Jordan Syatt: All the high school girls loved that when you were in high school.


0:45:49.7 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:45:50.8 Jordan Syatt: That was it. That was it. Yeah.


0:45:51.8 Mike Vacanti: To make reading a habit and fall in love with reading. And then you’re going to want to read harder stuff. So I don’t know if, I don’t know if I’m gonna make the jump from like, you know, watching people fight in a parking lot on Twitter. Like doom scrolling to reading Thomas Aquinas.


0:46:08.4 Jordan Syatt: I love those videos.


0:46:10.2 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, me too. There’s probably some steps in between, but watching those videos feels like I’m wasting my life.


0:46:16.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. But then you could also like try and learn something from them…


0:46:21.0 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. But if I wanted to learn something…


0:46:22.7 Jordan Syatt: Oh okay, if I was in that situation.


0:46:23.5 Mike Vacanti: If I wanted to learn something, I’d watch, I’d watch Danaher videos and like go actually apply it. And so I’m not watching them to learn. I’m watching them to be entertained. My base primal instincts of like, what’s going to happen here. I saw one the other day where the guy… Two guys got outta their car to fight and one guy got in the other guy’s car and drove it away. And then…




0:46:46.4 Jordan Syatt: That’s genius.


0:46:47.2 Mike Vacanti: And then the guy who got out of his car, his wife hopped over ’cause she was in the passenger seat.


0:46:52.2 Jordan Syatt: And took their car.


0:46:53.0 Mike Vacanti: Well, no. And took his… Yeah, his own car.


0:46:54.7 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:46:55.5 Mike Vacanti: So then one guy is standing there with no car by himself. It’s classic.


0:47:00.5 Jordan Syatt: That’s genius. I love that.


0:47:02.3 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Unnecessary. No, we didn’t learn anything.


0:47:05.3 Jordan Syatt: We don’t need that.


0:47:08.6 Mike Vacanti: So intentional use around the cell phone would be optimal for 2024.


0:47:11.0 Jordan Syatt: I like that.


0:47:11.8 Mike Vacanti: What else are you doing besides splits?


0:47:14.1 Jordan Syatt: Dude, I’ve been reading, and by reading, I mean listening a lot of audio books where like…


0:47:20.6 Mike Vacanti: That counts. You can say reading.


0:47:22.8 Jordan Syatt: And, man, I’m really getting into the genre of like what governments are doing and like the government agencies. So CIA, Mossad, all this stuff. So I am deeply embedded right now in this really great book. It’s called ‘Mossad.’ It’s about the Israeli Intelligence agency. And man, it’s amazing. Like it goes over some of their greatest successes, some of their greatest failures, like greatest embarrassments. It’s really incredible. And so I think I want to get into some of that stuff and also a lot of…


0:48:05.3 Mike Vacanti: Get into it. You mean read more books or like get involved in the industry?


0:48:08.7 Jordan Syatt: Read more… Read more books.


0:48:11.4 Mike Vacanti: I don’t know.




0:48:14.6 Jordan Syatt: No, I don’t wanna get involved in the intelligence, especially the more I read, the less I wanna get involved.


0:48:19.8 Mike Vacanti: You’d be good at it though.


0:48:21.0 Jordan Syatt: In what? Like being a spy?


0:48:22.7 Mike Vacanti: I don’t really know. Just the whole industry.


0:48:24.5 Jordan Syatt: You’d be great at all of them. [laughter] Some of these spy stories are nuts. Dude like, some of these spy stories are things that like, you would… I couldn’t imagine sitting around a table of like, all right, we’re gonna try and figure out how to conduct this mission. And then someone suggests one of these things, like these top high level spies going into enemy territory dressed as women, and like they’ve got wigs on and they’ve got… Just like, things that you would see in a shitty movie, but it’s like, it’s real. It’s absolutely wild. The stuff that they do. So no, I don’t think I have the chutzpah to do that stuff, but…


0:49:06.5 Mike Vacanti: I commend you for…


0:49:08.4 Jordan Syatt: I wanna get more involved in that stuff.


0:49:09.2 Mike Vacanti: You’ve really done some damn… You’ve made some real strides repairing your dopamine system. The fact that you’re listening to these books during your workouts instead of doom scrolling is very impressive.


0:49:24.5 Jordan Syatt: Dude, it’s my favorite… It’s one of my favorite parts of the day. Like, I work out… I’ve been working out at night and so from like 7:00 after we put my daughter down, I just go in the garage for like two or two and a half hours and I just do mobility and cardio and strength and I just put it on the speaker. It’s amazing. It’s my favorite part of just like getting my alone time in the day. And I was talking to my wife about it, I would ideally like to do it earlier in the morning rather than later at night. But whatever. It is what it is. I’m getting it done, that’s all that matters. So… But yeah. Listen to these books…


0:49:58.0 Mike Vacanti: Do you have pre-workout before?


0:50:00.1 Jordan Syatt: No.


0:50:02.8 Mike Vacanti: Do you have caffeine? Nothing?


0:50:04.0 Jordan Syatt: No.


0:50:04.8 Mike Vacanti: Wow. Why do you wanna do it in the morning instead of at night?


0:50:08.5 Jordan Syatt: Because if I do it in the morning, like if I was to say wake up at like 5:00, like a real savage, wake up at 5:00, start my workout by 5:30, be done by like 7:30, my daughter usually wakes up around 8:00 or 8:30. So I’d still have time to do my normal stuff. And then I would be set I think to be a little bit more productive in the morning. Right now I’m more productive at night. And I just think for my… I think for me…


0:50:38.2 Mike Vacanti: At night post-workout?


0:50:42.4 Jordan Syatt: Yes. Correct. And I think it’d be better if I did it in the day, just like from an optimal perspective. But either way, we’re getting it done now, so it’s fine.


0:50:54.0 Mike Vacanti: What time would you have to go to bed to wake up at 5:00 AM every day?


0:50:56.9 Jordan Syatt: That’s the thing. I’d probably have to go to bed at like 9:00.


0:51:02.0 Mike Vacanti: Why would it be better to do your workout and work in the morning compared to your workout and work at night?


0:51:08.1 Jordan Syatt: There’s just something about it. Yeah, I think I would rather… There’s something about when I know I’m going to work out at night, which I do almost every night, I do something where even though I’m not taking pre-workout, I still have to get in the mindset for it a little bit. Like where by like 5:00 or 6:00 PM, I have to start being like… Because I get that 5:00 or 6:00 PM a little bit tiredness, I think everybody does. And I have to actively say, “Okay, but I still got to work out. I still got to work out.” Whereas if I just do it in the morning, it’s done for the day and I can have that natural decline without the eventual ramp up again. And I would rather not have that ramp up where and I’m not… I’m deliberately not taking caffeine or pre-workout because I don’t want to have that excess stimulus. But still, I would like to just at once 5:00, 6:00 PM comes, let the natural tiredness come and sort of just get enveloped in it as opposed to, “All right, let’s crank up again.”


0:52:12.5 Mike Vacanti: You’re really reading books. You said demarcation point and enveloped in this podcast.


0:52:18.3 Jordan Syatt: Dude, adjudicate is a word that I heard yesterday.


0:52:21.6 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. We all need to get on Jordan’s level immediately, all of us. I don’t care if you do the splits, to be honest, like that part, do it if you want. We’re not coercing anyone.


0:52:30.0 Jordan Syatt: Oh I want to.


0:52:30.8 Mike Vacanti: But reading books and spending less time on social media, this is maybe the first time ever I felt one degree competitive with you.


0:52:38.8 Jordan Syatt: Oh, I love that.


0:52:41.3 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Yeah. In fact, I’m going to break, I’m going to shatter this thing today. Not actually. Do you think that you glamorize early mornings because of your college experience or do you think this is, you’re truly being logical around it would just be better for you from a energy and like day-to-day cyclical perspective?


0:53:05.9 Jordan Syatt: I think it would be better for me. And it’s… Yeah, I just think it’d be better for me. It’s not something that I spend time being upset about, or I just… I think that changing the habit to getting up and starting my workout by 5:30. If I’m being logical out how my day could be more optimal. And already I think my day is very, very good, as I have a very good daily schedule, but I think it could be better if there was one shift. ‘Cause I spend l, the majority of the morning from when my daughter wakes up until like 11:00, I just hang out with her all morning, which is the best. I love that. And I wouldn’t change that. The only difference is I would like to get my workout in before that. And so that way… ’cause then I could do like my morning prayers and not feel rushed. And I could be… I just think it would be a better… There’d be a slight more optimization in my day and I wouldn’t have to crank back up at night. That’s literally it. That’s where I think if I could make one change, that would be it.


0:54:10.7 Jordan Syatt: So we do want to get a dog though. And so we’re looking at that. And I told my wife, like the walking the dog would be my responsibility. Like I would just do the dog walking and you got to get, especially with a puppy, you got to get up. So I’m like man, if we get the dog, I’m going to be up early no matter what. So that might be the impetus…


0:54:36.3 Mike Vacanti: Hang on.


0:54:36.7 Jordan Syatt: To really get it going.


0:54:37.3 Mike Vacanti: Are you… I know that you and your wife…


0:54:39.6 Jordan Syatt: I’m not getting a dog. So I wake up early. I’m not doing that.


0:54:43.1 Mike Vacanti: What percentage of it is true?


0:54:44.9 Jordan Syatt: We have wanted the dog for a while.


0:54:45.3 Mike Vacanti: I know you’ve wanted a dog for a long time, but what percentage of wanting the dog has to do with the dog will wake me up?


0:54:52.9 Jordan Syatt: Zero, zero. That’s just me looking at waking up early as a benefit.


0:54:56.9 Mike Vacanti: 3%?


0:54:57.5 Jordan Syatt: Zero.


0:54:57.7 Mike Vacanti: Okay.


0:54:57.9 Jordan Syatt: ‘Cause… No, no, it’s zero. ‘Cause dude we want… We almost got a dog. We tried to get a dog when we were in New York many years ago.


0:55:04.6 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. No, I remember, you were very close.


0:55:05.5 Jordan Syatt: And we’ve wanted one for a while. We really just wanted to wait until we had this yard now.


0:55:09.6 Mike Vacanti: Space.


0:55:10.4 Jordan Syatt: And so now I’m just looking at that as a benefit of having the dog after we decided we wanted it, which is all cool. Now I’ll just be able to, I’ll get up early anyway, because I have to, you got to take that dog out.


0:55:22.0 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. The same kind of dog you were going to get before?


0:55:25.1 Jordan Syatt: No. So I would… Vizsla is like my dream dog, but we’re actually looking at a golden retriever, which is just like the classic…


0:55:33.9 Mike Vacanti: All American.


0:55:35.7 Jordan Syatt: American. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I love golden retrievers. They do shed a lot, but yeah, I love golden retrievers. That’s what we’re looking at right now. My wife’s cousin has three and she really convinced us.


0:55:49.3 Mike Vacanti: Cool.


0:55:50.2 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. You want a dog?


0:55:53.1 Mike Vacanti: Not right now. Right now, I just need to get off my phone. That’s my primary focus. Increase the cardio.


0:56:01.4 Jordan Syatt: What type of book genre do you like the most?


0:56:06.2 Mike Vacanti: Honestly… That I like the most?


0:56:09.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:56:10.3 Mike Vacanti: I haven’t read it for a long time, but self-help was always…


0:56:15.4 Jordan Syatt: Really?


0:56:16.2 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Yeah.


0:56:17.8 Jordan Syatt: Interesting.


0:56:19.7 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:56:20.3 Jordan Syatt: Do you have a favorite author or a couple?


0:56:23.4 Mike Vacanti: No, there’s probably random books I could pull that I… Maybe we’ll do a whole episode on that. That’ll be good.


0:56:28.7 Jordan Syatt: 48 Laws?


0:56:29.3 Mike Vacanti: We’ll do a books episode. ‘The 48 Laws of Power’ by Robert Greene.


0:56:35.3 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:56:35.8 Mike Vacanti: No. I mean, I’ve read the first, I don’t know, 50 or 100 pages, but no, that’s not on my list. I actually really liked the book he did with 50 Cent. It’s called ‘The 50th Law,’ about 50 Cent’s story. That was…


0:56:51.8 Jordan Syatt: Oh, I didn’t know that.


0:56:52.4 Mike Vacanti: My favorite Robert Greene book. Yeah.


0:56:54.0 Jordan Syatt: Oh, wow.


0:56:54.7 Mike Vacanti: We’ll do a books episode, but I got to get my sea legs under me because we only have one reader on the podcast as of right now.


0:57:02.8 Jordan Syatt: No, two readers.


0:57:04.5 Mike Vacanti: We’ll see. 2024. We’re back at you next week with a more planned episode. This is a little fun in between the holidays, late 2023. Thank you for listening. Jordan, do you have anything to say? Any parting words for the year?


0:57:21.4 Jordan Syatt: Do we have another episode to do about building your business?


0:57:24.4 Mike Vacanti: Absolutely. But I didn’t have it in me today.


0:57:28.3 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Just wanted to check. I was like wait, did we finish that series? I don’t think so. So we’ll do that. We’ll finish that series up.


0:57:34.1 Mike Vacanti: How to Build Your Business in 2024. Thank you for listening. If you feel so inclined, please leave a five-star review.


0:57:39.9 Jordan Syatt: Happy new year.


0:57:41.9 Mike Vacanti: We’ll see you next week. Weekly uploads.


0:57:42.8 Jordan Syatt: See you next year.


0:57:44.3 Mike Vacanti: Well, no, because…


0:57:45.0 Jordan Syatt: Weekly uploads.


0:57:45.6 Mike Vacanti: Well, sure.


0:57:47.7 Jordan Syatt: Oh, wait. No, they get this. It’ll be…


0:57:49.4 Mike Vacanti: That’s okay.


0:57:52.4 Jordan Syatt: You get the point. You get it.


0:57:52.6 Mike Vacanti: From us in 2023 to you in 2024. And we’ll be back next week. Have a great day. See you soon.


0:57:57.8 Jordan Syatt: See you.

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