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This episode might be the most strange and completely random podcast you ever listen to. Marcus Aurelius, Chewy Bars, and eating a whole freaking bird are all discussed. Seriously. There is essentially zero business talk, FYI.


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0:00:11.5 Mike Vacanti: Hello, Jordan.


0:00:12.5 Jordan Syatt: What’s up, Michael?


0:00:13.9 Mike Vacanti: There is a chance that we need to pause the podcast mid episode because my furnace is leaking. I go out of town tomorrow and I have a HVAC guy on the way.


0:00:24.1 Jordan Syatt: So you’re saying there’s a chance.




0:00:30.7 Jordan Syatt: Where… Wait. Where are you going?


0:00:31.5 Mike Vacanti: Florida.


0:00:32.2 Jordan Syatt: Family?


0:00:33.0 Mike Vacanti: Yep.


0:00:33.6 Jordan Syatt: Let’s go. You excited?


0:00:36.0 Mike Vacanti: Oh yeah.


0:00:37.2 Jordan Syatt: You love Florida.


0:00:37.2 Mike Vacanti: Great state.


0:00:38.0 Jordan Syatt: I think the weather is great there right now.


0:00:40.3 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. It’s not zero Fahrenheit. So…


0:00:43.7 Jordan Syatt: Dude, it’s cold here. It’s… Oh. Never mind. It’s 25. It was 14 yesterday.


0:00:50.6 Mike Vacanti: It’s 25 in Dallas? Yeah. Nice.


0:00:53.9 Jordan Syatt: See that, people on YouTube just saw that.




0:01:01.6 Mike Vacanti: I have a right hook. Not even a right hook.


0:01:04.3 Jordan Syatt: Wow.


0:01:05.1 Mike Vacanti: I have a request. It’s not a right hook. I have a loving request from our listeners.


0:01:10.1 Jordan Syatt: Okay. I didn’t know this was gonna happen, by the way. So I don’t… I’m not endorsing… I’m not pre-endorsing this. I might post-endorse it, though.


0:01:16.0 Mike Vacanti: I don’t even care if you’re endorsing it. It’s endorsed.




0:01:20.0 Mike Vacanti: Our dearest Jordan here…


0:01:21.7 Jordan Syatt: Oh, gosh. I know… All right. I don’t endorse this.


0:01:22.5 Mike Vacanti: Does extremely well with…




0:01:26.2 Mike Vacanti: With external positive feedback. It just helps. It helps. And, because Jordan runs the How To Become A Personal Trainer Instagram, which you should follow if you’re not already, that’s actually part of the ask.


0:01:38.8 Jordan Syatt: And YouTube. And YouTube.


0:01:41.4 Mike Vacanti: And YouTube Shorts. But follow on Instagram. Subscribe on YouTube, @personaltrainerpodcast and then leave Jordan little comments, like the videos, like…




0:01:53.3 Mike Vacanti: Help him out because then you’re gonna get more content there. If you want… We’re on a little bit of a cold streak, which happens, we all go through cold streaks. But if we wanna see more content there. And by the way, I actually think…




0:02:07.2 Mike Vacanti: You do amazing… Not… You, the audience, amazing at engaging. Truly, I do. Even just a little bit extra, I think, will help Jordan to want to post more and then there’ll be three times a week content there. Jordan, I really think you can do three times a week. I really do.


0:02:23.8 Jordan Syatt: Mike texted me this morning, he goes… Hold on. Let me… [laughter] He texted me. [laughter] He says, “Bro, we’ve only had one post in the last 18 days. Not sure how we wanna play it going forward what we wanna do. Do you have any thoughts?”




0:02:45.5 Mike Vacanti: Motivational interviewing.


0:02:47.4 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. I gotta get on my posting game. I apologize. But, yeah, I’ve been bad with it. I’ve been bad with it. It’s the truth.


0:02:55.8 Mike Vacanti: That’s okay.


0:02:57.3 Jordan Syatt: No excuses.


0:02:57.7 Mike Vacanti: I’ve been bad with cardio.


0:03:00.0 Jordan Syatt: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Those are the days that I’m gonna start posting now, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, right when I wake up.


0:03:05.1 Mike Vacanti: I love that.


0:03:06.0 Jordan Syatt: You know what I mean?


0:03:06.2 Mike Vacanti: I love that. In that dream-like state, just ready to go, just ready to rip a reel, Instagram, YouTube. I love that.


0:03:14.4 Jordan Syatt: All right.


0:03:19.2 Mike Vacanti: How’s everything else?


0:03:19.3 Jordan Syatt: Everything else is good, man. It’s good. We got the fireplace on. It’s cold, but it’s cozy. Blessed to have a house, a roof over our heads. Got some hot tea. Doing my mobility training. It’s all good. Got the 45-degree hyperextension. Man, I’ve been stretching my QL on that thing and it’s been amazing. Absolutely amazing.


0:03:43.8 Mike Vacanti: A lateral side bend hold?


0:03:46.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


0:03:47.5 Mike Vacanti: Cool.


0:03:48.5 Jordan Syatt: And I do this thing ’cause the cable machine is a little bit in front of it, so I take the cable with… And, as I laterally bend, I take my top arm and I let it stretch my lat as well. So it’s just like a big stretch. Oh, man. Just feels so good. My back has never felt better, my whole life.


0:04:07.8 Mike Vacanti: Wow, that’s amazing.


0:04:08.7 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah. Movement, spinal segmentation. It’s the play.


0:04:16.1 Mike Vacanti: Do you move each individual vertebrae, one by one?


0:04:19.7 Jordan Syatt: One by one.


0:04:20.6 Mike Vacanti: Just control each one?


0:04:22.1 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Just mind control. I can move each individual vertebrae.




0:04:29.2 Jordan Syatt: Chest.




0:04:34.1 Jordan Syatt: What about you? How’s your spine?


0:04:35.8 Mike Vacanti: Spine’s seen better days, I’d say. My spine’s a six out of 10 right now.


0:04:38.7 Jordan Syatt: Oh, man. Using that iron neck?


0:04:42.2 Mike Vacanti: I haven’t been using the iron neck as much. I’ve been doing neck training on my push days, which feels really good.


0:04:47.7 Jordan Syatt: How’s your training overall?


0:04:49.2 Mike Vacanti: It’s good. Getting stronger, enjoying workouts. Need more… Need to ramp up the cardio. I’m gonna ramp up the cardio along with your posting. That’s what’s gonna happen here.


0:05:00.2 Jordan Syatt: Wow.


0:05:00.9 Mike Vacanti: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, right when I wake up.


0:05:03.7 Jordan Syatt: Really?


0:05:04.4 Mike Vacanti: No. But on my non-training days, 45, zone 2.


0:05:10.4 Jordan Syatt: 45 minutes?


0:05:10.4 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:05:11.7 Jordan Syatt: Are you doing that already or no?


0:05:14.1 Mike Vacanti: If I was doing that already, I would not say that my cardio is struggling. I would say that I’m dialed.


0:05:18.8 Jordan Syatt: What do you do, or what are you gonna do? Are you gonna watch TV show… I know we spoke about this last episode. Are you gonna watch something while you do it?


0:05:25.5 Mike Vacanti: No, I’m definitely not gonna watch something. Incline, treadmill walk. I’ll listen to something. I actually… I talk a lot about consuming on the phone…




0:05:39.1 Mike Vacanti: When I… The other day was trying to watch an episode of something during cardio, I realized one reason I don’t like doing that, and it’s because, inherently I feel worse with my vision fixated on something close to me for too long, for too high a percentage of the day. And so, if I’m in the gym walking on the treadmill, I’m looking out into the distance, I’m seeing 10, 20, 40 feet away, even if there’s a mirror in front of me that I’m seeing everything behind me, I’m not fixated on a single point, 18 inches from my face, like we all already do too much. And so it’s not even that I don’t like… There’s a three-year-old child by himself in a snowsuit…




0:06:26.7 Mike Vacanti: On the edge of the street, rolling around.




0:06:28.0 Mike Vacanti: So I’m just gonna keep my eye on this little bugger and make sure everything’s okay.




0:06:34.2 Mike Vacanti: I don’t see any adults. He’s very small. He’s playing though. I’m gonna keep my eye on him. Zone 2. Zone 2, zone 5. Keep the lifts going. Yeah, that’s the plan.


0:06:49.4 Jordan Syatt: Dude, you like Marcus Aurelius?


0:06:53.6 Mike Vacanti: I like Marcus Aurelius more than the average person and less than the average Ryan Holiday fan.


0:07:00.7 Jordan Syatt: Interesting. Why less than the average Ryan Holiday fan?


0:07:07.8 Mike Vacanti: Oh, there’s an adult. Good. We’re good.


0:07:10.5 Jordan Syatt: Is it the right adult? Is it a trafficker?


0:07:12.9 Mike Vacanti: No, it’s a nice-looking…


0:07:15.9 Jordan Syatt: That’s how the traffickers look. [laughter]


0:07:17.7 Mike Vacanti: It’s a nice-looking female in her 30s who’s bent over… Oh, she picked him up by… She’s holding his hand.


0:07:25.2 Jordan Syatt: Is he screaming?


0:07:26.7 Mike Vacanti: No, he’s very content. They’re very happy.


0:07:27.7 Jordan Syatt: Okay. All right.


0:07:32.3 Mike Vacanti: You’re on danger mode. You’re full paranoid, always.




0:07:35.2 Jordan Syatt: I don’t want you to get an Amber Alert in a second.


0:07:38.6 Mike Vacanti: No, no, no, no. They’re together. What was the question? It was about Marcus Aurelius?


0:07:43.2 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Why less than the average Ryan Holiday fan?


0:07:47.5 Mike Vacanti: Well, they just love him. They love stoicism. They love…


0:07:50.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah.


0:07:51.3 Mike Vacanti: His… And it’s great. I was more just saying, yeah, I like him, but I don’t love him.


0:07:57.4 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:08:00.8 Mike Vacanti: I like a little emotionality to life.


0:08:02.5 Jordan Syatt: It’s not completely stoic. You don’t wanna be completely emotionless. Well, is your phone on? You’re getting a phone call right now?


0:08:08.8 Mike Vacanti: It is because…


[overlapping conversation]


0:08:09.5 Jordan Syatt: Oh, that chance.


0:08:13.2 Mike Vacanti: Hello?


0:08:14.4 Jordan Syatt: Let’s keep this on the pod.


0:08:15.6 Justin: Hey, is this Mike?


0:08:16.2 Mike Vacanti: Yes, it is.




0:08:17.5 Justin: Hey, it’s Justin… How’s it going?


0:08:21.6 Mike Vacanti: I’m doing well, man. How are you?




0:08:24.7 Justin: I’m doing good. See, I’m calling, I just finished up at another house in… GPS says I’m about seven minutes away from your house. Is it okay if I head over?


0:08:34.2 Mike Vacanti: Absolutely. Thank you very much.


0:08:37.8 Justin: Yeah, for sure. We’ll see you shortly.


0:08:39.3 Mike Vacanti: All right, man. See you soon. Thank you.


0:08:41.3 Justin: Yep. Bye.


0:08:44.8 Mike Vacanti: David, let’s bleep out the city I live in.


0:08:47.2 Jordan Syatt: We don’t have to keep the whole thing, just the beginning. It’s funny.


0:08:50.4 Mike Vacanti: I don’t care. Keep whatever is good entertainment there. All right. We have seven minutes, and then we’re gonna need a 15-minute break.


0:08:57.2 Jordan Syatt: 15?


0:08:58.1 Mike Vacanti: I’d assumed he’ll be fast.


0:09:00.6 Jordan Syatt: Okay. Anyway, like I said, I’ve been watching this thing on the Roman Empire, while I do cardio.


0:09:06.4 Mike Vacanti: Oh, yes.


0:09:07.3 Jordan Syatt: And I’m watching… I didn’t realize that there were two seasons prior to the season I started. So I started on the last season and now I’m going back, and it doesn’t ruin anything ’cause it’s just examining different emperors throughout the Roman Empire and how it worked. But the first season is looking at Marcus Aurelius. And Marcus Aurelius is spoken about, his meditations, his writings. All I’ve heard about him are how smart he is and how incredible he is. And it still is very clear in this documentary series how incredible he was. But it seems he had a major, major oversight that I never knew about and did something completely based on emotion that might have been the least stoic thing that I could have ever imagined of doing. Do you know what it is or no?


0:10:02.0 Mike Vacanti: I don’t think I do. No.


0:10:03.8 Jordan Syatt: So, prior to Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperors were not chosen based on bloodline, they were chosen based on their ability to lead the Roman Empire, what the emperor thought. Marcus Aurelius was the first emperor to choose his son as the subsequent emperor despite his son being a complete and utter degenerate. Commodus was just… He was… His ego was through the roof. He had…


0:10:37.9 Mike Vacanti: Wait.


0:10:39.2 Jordan Syatt: What?


0:10:40.4 Mike Vacanti: So Gladiator is false?


0:10:43.7 Jordan Syatt: No, I’m pretty sure… Remember in Gladiator how…


0:10:48.2 Mike Vacanti: He didn’t choose Commodus, he chose Maximus to be his successor, and then…


0:10:53.0 Jordan Syatt: But then he was killed, right?


0:10:53.8 Mike Vacanti: And then they murdered him. Yep.


0:10:56.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. But Commodus thought that he was still gonna be emperor. I haven’t finished the series yet. I haven’t finished yet. But…


0:11:02.1 Mike Vacanti: Okay. I don’t know how much Gladiator’s based on actual history either.


0:11:06.4 Jordan Syatt: The way they’re framing it, at least initially, is that Marcus Aurelius is absolutely choosing his son Commodus to be the successor to the throne…


0:11:16.8 Mike Vacanti: Interesting.


0:11:17.0 Jordan Syatt: To the Empire. And all of the historians are saying, this was remarkably ignorant and stupid and should not… It was one of the biggest mistakes he could make because his… Commodus had been primmed and he… I don’t even know if I’m using that word right. He was the most privileged young kid, and he was just taking part in all this debauchery and stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid stuff. And this guy Marcus, who I’ve loved his writings, loved his work, he’s spoken about as the ultimate stoic, and makes a huge error in judgment, which there are so many messages you can take from this, just because someone is very smart doesn’t mean they don’t make mistakes, and just because someone makes mistakes doesn’t mean you can’t take their advice in other ways of life. I think that me looking at Marcus Aurelius’s meditations and writings has helped me a lot in my life, but I did think that it really… It humanized him for me. I think that’s really what it boils down to. It humanized Marcus Aurelius for me in a way that I’ve never… Obviously I knew he was a human, but I’ve only ever heard the most amazing things about him and how incredible he was and his writings. And, you get to learn like, “Oh shit. He did stupid stuff too.” It was actually… It’s a really… It’s a wonderful documentary series so far.


0:12:37.0 Mike Vacanti: That’s a a great takeaway. I like your, the lens through which you looked at that.


0:12:42.6 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:12:43.8 Mike Vacanti: In Gladiator… I love how I’m basing my… [chuckle] You’re watching a documentary and I’m like, “Hang on. But in this Ridley Scott film, this is what actually… “


0:12:48.5 Jordan Syatt: Well, it’s your favorite movie or your second favorite movie. It’s… Yeah.


0:12:53.0 Mike Vacanti: It’s a top five for sure. But his dying wish is, give the power to Maximus temporarily because Maximus is the epitome of a good man and will do the right thing. And his instructions to Maximus are to get rid of the whole structure of Caesar and to instead put the power back in the hands of the people via the Republic.


0:13:16.7 Jordan Syatt: I haven’t gotten there yet. He hasn’t died yet in the documentary series. I don’t know if that changes, but at least this part early on, he’s very much decided that Commodus will be taking over.


0:13:26.6 Mike Vacanti: Interesting. Well, fine, keep us updated as you keep knocking them out. Is Gladiator based on history? Gladiator takes place in AD 180 and is loosely based on historical figures. Doesn’t really answer it.




0:13:50.4 Mike Vacanti: But while the movie is accurate in some areas, it takes poetic license and… I don’t know. Oh, here we go. Seven ways Gladiator was historically accurate. This might be terrible content. We can cut this if needed.


0:14:01.4 Jordan Syatt: No. Everyone loves the movie Gladiator. If you haven’t seen Gladiator, you’re in for the best movie experience ever. It’s tremendous. You should watch it.


0:14:09.9 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. It’s one of… It flies in the face of a lot of, what we value in culture today. Do you remember when Commodus is talking to his dad and he’s like, “But I have characteristics too that he sees as good,” and one of them was ambition. But… It’s… Gladiator is an unbelievable movie.


0:14:37.7 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. It’s tremendous. It’s one of the greatest movies of all time.


0:14:42.6 Mike Vacanti: All right. Let’s pause, and then we’ll dive into questions when we come back.


0:14:47.1 Jordan Syatt: Cool.


0:14:47.9 Mike Vacanti: We’re back. We have until my HVAC guys get back here to knock this out.


0:14:54.9 Jordan Syatt: When do they get back?


0:14:55.8 Mike Vacanti: Well, they gotta go to the store and get some new pipes and then come back and we have until then.


0:15:00.7 Jordan Syatt: They’ve got the real Minnesota, real Minnesota accent. They got the “All right. All right, buddy. See you soon.”


0:15:06.9 Mike Vacanti: I love it.




0:15:08.2 Mike Vacanti: I love it, man.




0:15:10.9 Mike Vacanti: That combined with the nostalgia I’ve had for hockey over the last 10 days is really just… I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on.


0:15:19.1 Jordan Syatt: No one in your family really has that Minnesota accent.


0:15:21.9 Mike Vacanti: One of my sisters does.


0:15:23.5 Jordan Syatt: Oh, really?


0:15:24.3 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:15:24.9 Jordan Syatt: How did she get it?


0:15:25.9 Mike Vacanti: I don’t know.


0:15:26.7 Jordan Syatt: Interesting.


0:15:27.6 Mike Vacanti: I had it more before I moved to New York probably.


0:15:30.2 Jordan Syatt: Oh, really? Interesting.


0:15:32.0 Mike Vacanti: I love when dudes like us who are probably 2.5 out of 10 on handiness, interact with guys who are nine out 10 on handiness.




0:15:46.9 Mike Vacanti: It’s very… If anyone’s… If I’m ever getting my car looked at…




0:15:52.7 Mike Vacanti: I’m very much like, “Oh, yeah. It’s the… “


0:15:53.7 Jordan Syatt: The carburetor?


0:15:54.1 Mike Vacanti: “The carburetor.”




0:15:58.6 Mike Vacanti: Yes. Exactly. Exactly.


0:16:00.0 Jordan Syatt: Oh yeah. Oh, geez. That’s…


0:16:02.4 Mike Vacanti: And then I’m like… ‘Cause I spent two hours… I’m Googling what… Like, “There’s a pool of water, what’s happening?” I’m like, “Yeah, I opened it up. There was no water damage in there.”




0:16:13.5 Mike Vacanti: “I didn’t see any of the pipes cracked, but I checked back here. It’s leaking from there… ” It’s just like, all right.


0:16:20.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Did you ever… That just brought me back to Dane Cook. Did you ever listen to Dane Cook, the comedian, growing up?


0:16:27.0 Mike Vacanti: I have a little bit.


0:16:29.2 Jordan Syatt: He had this whole skit about that, that was just absolutely fucking hilarious about being like, you go to a mechanic and you just know they’re fucking you big time, where it’s like they’re, “Oh yeah… ” You bring it in for your stamp or whatever it is, your… Whatever you bring… Your inspection, and they’re like, “Oh, well, you got like a tiny little unicorn in there, it’s busting holes in the exhaust… ” “Really? Oh, there’s a unicorn. Oh yeah. You’ve gotta charge me for that.” Yeah. It’s just like…




0:16:56.3 Jordan Syatt: It’s just, no matter what they say, you’re like, “All right. Yeah. Might as well fix it. Yeah. Just keep fucking me big time. Thank you for just continuing to raise the price on that.”


0:17:06.2 Mike Vacanti: Classic.


0:17:06.3 Jordan Syatt: Anytime I speak with anyone like that, I have no… “Yeah, for sure. Yeah. Sounds good. All right. I’ll be in the office. Thank you.”




0:17:12.8 Jordan Syatt: “You need any water? Can I get you something? ‘Cause I don’t know what you’re doing.”


0:17:20.1 Mike Vacanti: This actually made sense. It’s very cold out. The concrete floor is cold and the pipes coming out of the… Or the tubing coming out of the furnace is very narrow. And so one of the tubes cracked, but it was run under the furnace, so I couldn’t get it out. And so I couldn’t see that it was cracked there, but that was a suspicion.


0:17:42.4 Jordan Syatt: So they’re not trying to fuck you big time.


0:17:44.5 Mike Vacanti: I hope not. They’re putting a new pipe in…


0:17:45.9 Jordan Syatt: Not yet.


0:17:46.4 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. We’ll see what the invoice…


0:17:47.4 Jordan Syatt: Wait until what they come back with. “Yeah. Well, this one costs an arm and a leg, you know?”


0:17:51.8 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.




0:17:55.5 Mike Vacanti: They had good reviews.


0:17:56.9 Jordan Syatt: “This ain’t your standard hockey tape, you know what I mean? It’s not the same.”


0:18:00.3 Mike Vacanti: Hey. No more… You’re not getting any more laughs with your Minnesota accent. It went from funny to slightly condescending there.


0:18:08.8 Jordan Syatt: Oh, stop it. Slightly condescending…


[overlapping conversation]


0:18:10.3 Mike Vacanti: Jordan dropped the…


0:18:11.8 Jordan Syatt: When people get offended whenever I do any accent online…




0:18:18.4 Mike Vacanti: Maybe I am. Maybe I am. Except the people who got offended about the accents online were not people…


0:18:24.6 Jordan Syatt: They got offended about other people. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


0:18:28.2 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. They were offended about other accents.


0:18:30.2 Jordan Syatt: It’s so funny. That was a racist one. Oh, really? That one was racist, but none of the other…




0:18:34.0 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Yeah. In the spirit of last week’s discussion around full day of eating videos and the benefit people get from watching them, let’s go back and forth and talk about food choices we like.


0:18:53.0 Jordan Syatt: Okay.


0:18:54.4 Mike Vacanti: Foods we like, foods you should eat.


0:18:56.7 Jordan Syatt: Oh, foods we should eat?


0:18:58.2 Mike Vacanti: Or even both. Any of the above combinations, meals, snacks, random thoughts. How about you start? Jordan, what have you been eating recently?


0:19:09.6 Jordan Syatt: Not good. [chuckle]


0:19:11.4 Mike Vacanti: Okay. Say that. ‘Cause sometimes we all go through those periods.


0:19:14.4 Jordan Syatt: I’ve been eating, I’m doing a dirty bulk, but without lifting. So… [laughter] Mike’s face. Jeez… [laughter] oh, God.


0:19:26.1 Mike Vacanti: I’ve had some dirty bulk days, but I am lifting.


0:19:28.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. I lift two times a week right now, but I’m doing intense mobility four to five times a week. So…


0:19:38.5 Mike Vacanti: What have you been eating though? What kind of food is on your dirty bulk?


0:19:41.3 Jordan Syatt: So many carbs. I’ve just been eating a lot of carbs. It’s been great. A lot of carbs, minimal protein. So it’s not even a good bulk. It’s not even a good dirty bulk. Just mainly carbs.


0:19:53.0 Mike Vacanti: Well, give me food examples, please.


0:19:56.0 Jordan Syatt: Bagels. Today I had two bagels so far. And…


0:20:00.9 Mike Vacanti: That’s it? That’s all you’ve eaten so far?


0:20:02.6 Jordan Syatt: No, no. I had two bagels. I had a banana and some peanut butter. And, that’s all I’ve had to eat today so far. But it’s only… It’s what, it’s 8:50. No, 8:50, Jeez. 2:53.


0:20:17.8 Mike Vacanti: What do you put on the bagels? Anything?


0:20:19.4 Jordan Syatt: No, I had them plain. [chuckle] My wife was like, “Do you want me to toast those?” I was like, “No, I’ll just… “


0:20:24.0 Mike Vacanti: You just ate them…


0:20:25.4 Jordan Syatt: Eat them like that. [laughter]


0:20:27.0 Mike Vacanti: Out of the fridge or do you keep them room temp?


0:20:28.3 Jordan Syatt: Room temp. They’re room temp.


0:20:29.9 Mike Vacanti: What kind of bagel?


0:20:31.3 Jordan Syatt: Dave’s. I think they’re Dave’s or David. They’re like higher protein, higher fiber.


0:20:35.8 Mike Vacanti: What flavor?


0:20:36.4 Jordan Syatt: They had the multi-grain one and then also the blueberry one. Blueberry one’s super good.


0:20:44.9 Mike Vacanti: 11 protein for a 260-calorie bagel. So, pretty normal amount of protein.


0:20:51.1 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:20:53.4 Mike Vacanti: Cool. Hey, I love that. Sometimes…


0:20:55.7 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. I’m just changing it up a little bit. Trying to shock the system. You know what I mean? [chuckle]


0:21:01.5 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. I like it.


0:21:03.8 Jordan Syatt: I’ve just been chilling. I’m like…


0:21:07.0 Mike Vacanti: I have also not been eating incredible, but I would never start my day with two bagels and no protein. Just… It’s just not something that I would do. But I have been falling off at night, a handful of times recently.


0:21:22.3 Jordan Syatt: Today was the first day in literally months that I haven’t started it off with the fiber bomb that I’ve been having, like the Bran Buds, Greek yogurt and all that stuff. Today was the first day. So it is a little bit of an outlier, but how have you been falling off at night?


0:21:37.8 Mike Vacanti: These stupid little 100-calorie chocolate Chewy Bars. It’s like a granola bar with chocolate chips on it.


0:21:43.6 Jordan Syatt: Chewy. Those are like the bars we had when we were kids.


0:21:47.2 Mike Vacanti: But a different variation of it. I don’t know. I didn’t buy them. But…


0:21:50.2 Jordan Syatt: Oh, okay. How many have you been having?


0:21:54.0 Mike Vacanti: Too many.


0:21:55.6 Jordan Syatt: Like over five?


0:21:56.5 Mike Vacanti: No, never… I don’t think I’ve ever had over five, but five.


0:22:03.0 Jordan Syatt: Okay.


0:22:03.1 Mike Vacanti: Two to five.


0:22:04.4 Jordan Syatt: Two to five?


0:22:04.9 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:22:05.3 Jordan Syatt: Are you going over your calories or?


0:22:07.6 Mike Vacanti: I don’t… I need… That’s… I gotta give myself some macros. That’s what I need here.


0:22:11.3 Jordan Syatt: Oh, wow. You don’t even track… Dude, have you tried Mike’s Macros?


0:22:15.2 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, I have. It’s amazing.




0:22:18.3 Mike Vacanti: It’s the best actually.




0:22:21.8 Mike Vacanti: The UI is incredible. The aesthetics are amazing.


0:22:23.8 Jordan Syatt: Yes.


0:22:26.2 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. I should track. I haven’t tracked for, maybe since Thanksgiving. Maybe a handful of days here and there. But I need a concrete goal. But with health goals, it’s like, eh, why track if I’m not trying to…




0:22:42.3 Mike Vacanti: Necessarily lose fat or build muscle? I find it hard without aesthetic or body comp goals to track.


0:22:49.7 Jordan Syatt: Dude, you’re preaching.


0:22:51.4 Mike Vacanti: When you’re in maintenance, there’s just less motivation or reason to, unless you struggle to stay in maintenance. But for every night where I’m going over and having the Chewy Bars, the next day I’m like, “All right, not gonna be a degenerate today. Keep it dialed.” Last night was good. I had a Quest Bar before bed.




0:23:11.6 Mike Vacanti: This is what we’re doing for today’s podcast. We’re having like what we’ve been eating.




0:23:17.3 Jordan Syatt: Just like a…


0:23:17.5 Mike Vacanti: We actually… My wife made this amazing, I don’t even know what you would call it, but it’s ground turkey, seasoned ground turkey, and then zucchini and sweet potatoes.


0:23:27.2 Jordan Syatt: Hmm. That sounds amazing.


0:23:28.0 Mike Vacanti: And that’s in this big dish that’s baked, and then shave a little bit of parmesan cheese on top. It’s very good with solid macros and micros.


0:23:36.1 Jordan Syatt: Man.


0:23:37.6 Mike Vacanti: There’s a power dinner.


0:23:38.6 Jordan Syatt: Sounds great.


0:23:39.3 Mike Vacanti: You’ve been tracking your food?


0:23:40.1 Jordan Syatt: Have I been tracking my food? Absolutely not, dude. No. It’s… You were talking about how, when you don’t really have aesthetic goals, then it’s just, whatever. And I’m so in that, where… And it’s… I enjoy it because, when I do something, I get really into it. I’m either gonna be super into it or not at all. And so if I was doing aesthetic-based goals, I would just be, “All right, gotta track all my macros. I gotta be… ” But then I’d become super fixated on my physique, and I would just be like all the time looking in the mirror and pinching my lower belly fat and I’d be like, just all the time, that’d be all I care about. And I hate that. It’s just like, even just talking about it, ugh, that’s literally all you care about, vanity to the extreme. It’s like, it’s not good for you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, all of that.


0:24:39.3 Mike Vacanti: Yep. Yep.


0:24:40.9 Jordan Syatt: And so, there obviously is a middle ground there. But for me, not having aesthetic goals while it does mean that I will carry around a little bit more body fat because I do become a little bit more of a degenerate, just eat nonsense on a more freaking basis, it’s also like, “Yeah, that’s worth it.” ‘Cause I don’t wanna go the other way.


0:25:00.9 Mike Vacanti: Interesting. I think about… I actually agree with you up until the very end. I don’t like that feeling of… And I would say that I am less obsessed in that way than you where I can track and be… But there’s still an element of it, for sure. When I focus on health, my mindset shifts away from tracking and hitting specific numbers and more towards food choices, because if you’re not eating degen foods, it’s very hard to… No one got fat from eating too many apples.


0:25:41.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, exactly.


0:25:42.8 Mike Vacanti: And so there’s… When the focus becomes more on health, the focus also becomes more on food quality rather than calories, protein, macros, even fiber… Yeah. Give me some more foods you’ve been eating.




0:26:04.3 Jordan Syatt: My fiber has been up. I’ve been going super carb heavy. But let’s see, what other foods have I been eating.


0:26:12.0 Mike Vacanti: Out of just enjoyment. You enjoy them the most?


0:26:14.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Carbs are by far my favorite.


0:26:16.1 Mike Vacanti: Do you think it’s for mental acuity and brain glycogen to be getting you through the day? Do you think it is just purely taste, “This is the type of food that would taste best to me right now, so I want to eat it”?


0:26:32.5 Jordan Syatt: It makes me feel the best too, in terms of protein sits heavy in my stomach. And I know you hate when I say this, but it’s true, when I have a lot of protein, it sits heavy. Which also is, by the way, why it will fill me up more, and it does, has benefits from the perspective of fat loss. But, it sits heavy. It doesn’t feel comfortable for me to have a bunch of protein. And fat…


0:27:00.4 Mike Vacanti: No, no, not a bunch. Not a bunch, but just a sufficient dose to stimulate MPS.




0:27:04.9 Mike Vacanti: You’re telling me like three ounces of salmon?


0:27:07.1 Jordan Syatt: No. No, no, no.


0:27:08.2 Mike Vacanti: Three cooked ounces has you feeling heavy in the gut from the salmon?


0:27:13.6 Jordan Syatt: No. No, no, no. But in general, protein, it sits heavier for me. And carbs. I can eat a larger amount and just feel great. I’m a carb guy, dude. Carbs make me feel super good.


0:27:28.6 Mike Vacanti: I still don’t quite understand. So it sounds like digestively, they make you feel super good, but…


0:27:32.9 Jordan Syatt: Yes. Yeah.


0:27:33.5 Mike Vacanti: But your fiber balm is actually like a protein balm as well, because…


0:27:37.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Of course, yeah.


0:27:39.2 Mike Vacanti: The Greek yogurt.


0:27:40.4 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. I get over 25 grams of protein in it when I’m doing that. And again, today was the first day that I haven’t done that. It’s not like I’m… I still hit my protein everyday. But carbs make me feel better than protein. I prefer how I feel from carbs than protein. I still get my protein in, but I still enjoy carbs better.


0:28:01.8 Mike Vacanti: How do they make you feel?


0:28:03.1 Jordan Syatt: They make me feel light and energetic. They make me feel like I am… I can move well. And they make me feel like I don’t… There’s nothing holding me back. I just… The carbs are just this spiritual monster that just really invigorate me and they make me feel light on my feet.


0:28:25.2 Mike Vacanti: I’m gonna disavow this. If anything, nutritionally is a spiritual monster, has to be fasting.


0:28:31.5 Jordan Syatt: No. Carbs. [chuckle]


0:28:32.6 Mike Vacanti: Gluttony is a spiritual monster. What?


0:28:36.1 Jordan Syatt: I’m not saying that I have to overeat them. I’m just saying carbs really fulfill me.


0:28:43.8 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. I feel like… In what episode are we on? 158? What you’re doing right now is something I’ve done probably most of the episodes where I’m clowning around.




0:28:51.2 Mike Vacanti: I’m like, “Never go full science like just being an idiot.” I feel like this is the first time that you’ve ever done it, and I’m genuinely like… You’re like…


0:29:00.9 Jordan Syatt: You’re taken aback. [laughter]


0:29:01.1 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Well, I’m just confused. I’m lost. You’re like, “Carbs are spiritual and they fulfill me, my soul.” Like, “What?”




0:29:11.6 Mike Vacanti: You’re just clowning around. You’re a little loopy. I like it though. I like it. Give me some more foods you’ve been eating. Any candies?


0:29:17.2 Jordan Syatt: No. I’m not a candy guy. I don’t really…


0:29:18.8 Mike Vacanti: What’s your alcohol intake been like?


0:29:21.3 Jordan Syatt: Nothing. I haven’t been drinking at all.


0:29:21.8 Mike Vacanti: Zero? Zero?


0:29:23.0 Jordan Syatt: Zero. I’ve wanted to, the past two or three nights, and I’ve done, like, “Well, just give it 15… ” ‘Cause I’ve been doing the Inner Circle substitutions. I’m like, “Oh, it’d be really nice to have some whiskey.” And while I’m just sitting down doing this, I’m like, “Oh, just do five more exercises and then if you want it, you can have it.” And then by that time I’m like, “Nah, I just don’t want it anymore.” I’ve almost drank the past few nights, but I haven’t really drank. Even on Shabbat every Friday night, you’re supposed to… You have a glass of wine, but I’ve just had one sip just to bring in Shabbat and then that’s it. That’s it. Yeah, I’m not drinking.


0:30:00.0 Mike Vacanti: Nice, man. Nice.


0:30:01.7 Jordan Syatt: Alcohol really dries my skin out. It really fucks with my skin.




0:30:09.7 Mike Vacanti: What?




0:30:14.9 Mike Vacanti: First, these idiots don’t know anything about car engines. They’re talking about carburetors. And then…




0:30:19.4 Mike Vacanti: “Alcohol really dries my skin out, so I haven’t been drinking much alcohol.”




0:30:25.4 Jordan Syatt: No, no. It does, it actually, my skin gets so dry and flaky when I drink, and when I don’t drink, it’s much better. So…


0:30:34.2 Mike Vacanti: Hey, if that’s the motivator that…


0:30:35.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. It’s when…


0:30:38.5 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Absolutely.


0:30:39.0 Jordan Syatt: What other foods? We’ve been ordering a lot. We’ve just been ordering. ‘Cause it’s been cold and we’ve just been at home, so we just order. And, my wife got Chick-fil-A, loves Chick-fil-A. A lot of Chick-fil-A and Chipotle.


0:30:53.7 Mike Vacanti: You’ve been eating Chipotle?


0:30:54.8 Jordan Syatt: Dude, I’ve been eating Chipotle. ‘Cause, just to make it easier, ’cause my wife’s been ordering it, so, “Yeah, whatever. I’ll have it too.”


0:31:00.4 Mike Vacanti: You were staunchly anti-Chipotle for many years when I was… When I had a brand deal with them, actually. I was promoting them heavy.




0:31:11.2 Mike Vacanti: They didn’t know about it, but I was promoting them. But, what changed?


0:31:15.1 Jordan Syatt: My wife wanted it. And so I was like, “All right.” It’s just… We’ll order from the same place and then I tolerate it. I still don’t really enjoy it, and it still fucks with my stomach.


0:31:23.8 Mike Vacanti: It does? You still digest it poorly?


0:31:24.3 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah, I still have some… Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s poor digestion. Do with that what you will. Yeah. I don’t like it. The taste is good, but only going down, and on the way out it’s terrible.


0:31:39.2 Mike Vacanti: What are you ordering? You might be ordering the wrong thing.


0:31:41.5 Jordan Syatt: No. Okay. I go in, I get a salad bowl. All right?


0:31:45.5 Mike Vacanti: Well, that’s your first problem. You claim to be a carb guy, but you don’t get their delicious white rice?


0:31:49.6 Jordan Syatt: I get the rice on top of the salad. I just get some extra greens in there.


0:31:53.6 Mike Vacanti: Okay.


0:31:54.1 Jordan Syatt: So I get white rice in the salad and then I get the veggies. Oh, and I get black beans.


0:32:02.8 Mike Vacanti: The fajita veggies?


0:32:02.9 Jordan Syatt: I get black beans, fajita veggies. Their fajita veggies are great. Black beans…


0:32:06.2 Mike Vacanti: Interesting. Do they have the onions and green peppers or do they have the red and orange peppers?


0:32:11.2 Jordan Syatt: Onions and green.


0:32:12.2 Mike Vacanti: Okay.


0:32:13.0 Jordan Syatt: And then I get double chicken. And then I get… I think it’s the salsa that screws me up, to be honest. I get the mild salsa. I get a lot of it. And I really think that’s, something’s up with their salsa. I don’t know.


0:32:28.7 Mike Vacanti: Try no salsa.


0:32:30.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, I should try with no salsa. And then just use salsa at home or something. But yeah, that’s what I get.


0:32:35.0 Mike Vacanti: Man. Jordan came out guns blazing about being anti-protein and the biggest carb guy ever, and then double chicken at Chipotle. So deep down in your soul, you still know what’s what?


0:32:47.1 Jordan Syatt: Dude, I still know what’s what. I’m not gonna just abandon the protein. I know what’s what, but carbs are really what makes me feel the best. I just… When I eat carbs… It’s the greatest. There’s nothing that can stop me when I eat… When I’m super high carb. There’s nothing.


0:33:05.9 Mike Vacanti: Hey, I’m with you. I love high carb for training. I just like sufficient protein plus high carb.


0:33:11.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


0:33:12.7 Mike Vacanti: And then when you get to individual to individual, then specific food choice matters more in terms of what you digest well, what leaves you feeling good, what… I think two bagels would probably make me sleepy. Over 100 grams of carbs in a sitting, relatively fast digesting? Maybe not, but that’s on the brink of like, need to lay down, for me.


0:33:37.4 Jordan Syatt: Dude, you saw how I came into the mentorship Q&A today with all that fire? I fuckin’…


0:33:42.5 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, you were ready to go.


0:33:43.1 Jordan Syatt: Crushed that Q&A today. That was the two bagels talking. Two bagels, man. That’s what did that. Everyone in the Q&A was like, “All right. That was a fire Q&A.” That was bagels.


0:33:54.5 Mike Vacanti: It was a good Q&A, I agree.


0:33:55.8 Jordan Syatt: Q&A by bagels.


0:33:56.8 Mike Vacanti: Okay. What else have you been eating? Any fruit?


0:34:00.5 Jordan Syatt: Oh, yeah, dude, fruit everyday. Apples, bananas. You’ve seen me eat bananas on numerous occasions recently. Mainly apples and bananas. Occasionally oranges. It’s not that time of year. We still get watermelon. My daughter loves watermelon, so I have that almost everyday. Oh, you know what I have a lot of? I can’t believe I forgot this. Blueberries and blackberries I have everyday in large quantities. Large quantities. And, yeah, dude, big, carbs, and a lot of salmon. We have salmon three to five times a week.


0:34:39.4 Mike Vacanti: Oh, wow.


0:34:40.9 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Big salmon family. And, oh, rotisserie chicken. I know you don’t like that. I was having… I ate a whole rotisserie chicken a couple of nights ago. I ate the whole rotisserie chicken. And the whole time, I was thinking, “How does Mike not like this? This is absolutely amazing.”


0:35:00.4 Jordan Syatt: I understand before when you said protein really sits in you. Now I understand why you feel that way.




0:35:05.3 Mike Vacanti: You weren’t talking about one scoop, 25 grams of protein in the morning in five ounces of cold water.




0:35:12.7 Mike Vacanti: Really sits in you. You’re like, “I ate a whole bird.” Like, yeah…




0:35:20.6 Mike Vacanti: Yes. That would weigh me down too, bro.




0:35:25.2 Mike Vacanti: Of course, you ever hear of “meat sweats”?




0:35:28.0 Jordan Syatt: I ate a whole bird. [laughter]


0:35:33.8 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, man. There’s really something not only from a digestion and… Or not only from a body comp and maximizing… There’s something to spacing your meals out in a way that works well for you, that I think is a lost art in the last 10 years of the hype of intermittent fasting, one meal a day, all of these carnivore influencers fast during the day and then eat like 35 ounces of steak at night. It just… I don’t know. For me, I feel a lot better with more even splits of calories throughout meals across the day, rather than eating a lot in one meal, particularly dinner.


0:36:22.6 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, yeah. That makes sense. I feel you.


0:36:24.8 Mike Vacanti: There’s a lesson in here, consistency over perfection. All right. Not every piece of content’s gonna be amazing. Get it out there. We’re uploading weekly. It doesn’t matter if we had to stop three times.




0:36:43.3 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, this is a real clunker, but hopefully you enjoyed it. Hopefully you got some laughs out of it. I almost… One of the hardest times I laughed in a while, and Mike was like, “Oh, you’re eating a whole bird.” Thank you. We appreciate you. Have a wonderful week. We’ll be back next week with a better, better podcast, more informational. But, that’s it. Have a wonderful week. We’ll talk to you soon.


0:37:06.9 Mike Vacanti: Next week’s pod might be the greatest pod of all time. Not to…


0:37:11.7 Jordan Syatt: Hype it up too much.


0:37:12.8 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, what’s it called? Over…


0:37:16.1 Jordan Syatt: Over-promise and under-deliver?


0:37:17.6 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. But it’s gonna be good.


0:37:18.4 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Could be. It might be, it might not be though, but it could be. So you don’t wanna miss it, that’s for sure.


0:37:25.3 Mike Vacanti: Thank you for listening. We appreciate you. @personaltrainerpodcast, Instagram, YouTube, engage, because Jordan is really gonna be on fire and then you’re gonna get really consistent content Sunday, Monday, Tuesday mornings, right when Jordan wakes up. If you’re ever thinking like, “What time does Jordan wake up? I’d like to know.” Maybe you wanna compete with him…




0:37:45.3 Mike Vacanti: And see if you can wake up before him. You’ll know when he wakes up because Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, we’ll be posting. He’ll be posting reels.


0:37:53.7 Jordan Syatt: From my bed.


0:37:55.3 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:37:55.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. That’s what I’ll do.


0:37:56.4 Mike Vacanti: Thank you for listening. We’ll see you next week. Goodbye.


0:38:00.0 Jordan Syatt: See you.

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