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In this episode, we have a “super food draft” in which Mike and Jordan pick their favorite “super foods” for their own “team.” We also discuss collagen, colostrum, the Middle East, and more.


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0:00:00.2 Mike Vacanti: Hello, Jordan.


0:00:03.3 Jordan Syatt: What’s up, Michael?


0:00:08.7 Mike Vacanti: Dude, stretching.


0:00:13.9 Jordan Syatt: Oh, geez. You want to talk about stretching again?


0:00:16.2 Mike Vacanti: No, I don’t want to talk about stretching again. How are you?


0:00:20.8 Jordan Syatt: Dude, I’m good. I’m good.


0:00:22.9 Mike Vacanti: There’s something about weekly Q&As in the mentorship where momentum builds and I feel like they have gotten better and better week to week.


0:00:34.5 Jordan Syatt: Literally over the last five years. Every week they get better. Yeah, it’s very cool.


0:00:37.7 Mike Vacanti: I mean, it’s true that they get better the more that we do them. Yes, and the questions level up obviously, and discussion topics on the pod probably fuel some discussion topics there but also just doing them more frequently in the group leads to being in a real groove.


0:00:54.9 Jordan Syatt: Hmm. Yeah, as opposed to once every other week now moving to weekly. Yeah.


0:00:56.0 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:01:00.7 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Agreed. Yeah, yeah, a more community feel.


0:01:02.6 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:01:03.0 Jordan Syatt: It’s really good. I like how so many of the questions are obviously we get business questions too but I like how so many questions are client-focused questions whereas I feel like a lot of other business programs and gurus and masterminds it’s all just like how to make more sales, how to make more sales, how to make more sales, dah, dah, dah. And it’s like in hours it’s, Hey, I have a client who’s struggling with this. What recommendations do you have? Does anyone else in the group have something going on like this? It’s so focused on the client and so focused on how to be a better communicator and a better coach which we always say is what helps you build a better business. But every time we get so many of those questions I’m like this is a truly amazing group.


0:01:45.7 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, 100%.


0:01:46.2 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:01:49.6 Mike Vacanti: How are you? What’s happening.


0:01:54.0 Jordan Syatt: Dude? Not much, man. My wife is in her 13th or 14th week now of pregnancy, so.


0:01:57.7 Mike Vacanti: Let’s go. I didn’t realize you had talked publicly about that. That’s amazing.


0:02:00.0 Jordan Syatt: I announced it. I spoke about it on a YouTube video.


0:02:03.8 Mike Vacanti: Cool.


0:02:04.4 Jordan Syatt: Like at the very end of a YouTube video. So yeah, she’s good. She’s…


0:02:04.8 Mike Vacanti: How is she feeling.


0:02:08.6 Jordan Syatt: She was super nauseous the first trimester and now that has just started to end. So she’s getting more energy back. She’s…


0:02:19.9 Mike Vacanti: Nice.


0:02:21.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, she’s feeling much better now. She was just working out so yeah, all is good. All is good.


0:02:27.8 Mike Vacanti: That’s amazing.


0:02:29.0 Jordan Syatt: My one and a half year old is just turning into a real menace, which is she really acts a lot like me, which is very crazy to see. So. Yeah.


0:02:40.1 Mike Vacanti: Gives you a small taste of what your parents had.


0:02:43.7 Jordan Syatt: My own medicine. Yeah. My mom laughs about it. My mom laughs a lot about it. She’s like yeah, she’s doing the exact same stuff that you did. Just wait.


0:02:49.7 Mike Vacanti: Just wait.


0:02:52.3 Jordan Syatt: What’s up with you man? How’s everything with you?


0:02:55.2 Mike Vacanti: Snow. A lot of the same.


0:02:57.1 Jordan Syatt: You watching anything good? Any good shows or movies?


0:03:00.6 Mike Vacanti: No, I’m not watching anything good. 1883 is solid. It came.


0:03:05.2 Jordan Syatt: Is that the Yellowstone thing?


0:03:11.6 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, it’s one of the Yellowstone prequels. It came very highly recommended and so I might’ve come in with too high of expectations but it’s good. It’s enjoyable.


0:03:17.4 Jordan Syatt: Is that the one that I already saw?


0:03:18.2 Mike Vacanti: I don’t know there’s… I haven’t seen 1923. There’s two of them.


0:03:26.7 Jordan Syatt: Is that the one that starts with her getting shot with an arrow? Yeah, I saw that one. Yeah, it was good. I liked Yellowstone way better. Yellowstone was way better but it was a good intro and it was cool to see what it was like before.


0:03:42.3 Mike Vacanti: And supposedly more historically accurate and yeah, man, different times, not even 150 years and just the insane level of difficulty and discomfort and death that they had to experience on a day-to-day basis compared to what we experience is insane. It’s almost unbelievable.


0:04:03.9 Jordan Syatt: Did you watch the whole thing already.


0:04:08.0 Mike Vacanti: I’m on episode six?


0:04:08.1 Jordan Syatt: Got it. Got it, got it. Yeah, dude it’s… I mean, it is pretty nuts if you think about how relatively recent that arrow was. I think it’s so easy for people to be like oh, that was a couple hundred years ago. It’s so long. It’s really not that long. A hundred years is not a long time, but such drastic changes in life. It’s insane.


0:04:31.2 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, man. Absolutely.


0:04:35.9 Jordan Syatt: It’s crazy. I didn’t realize that Native Americans would sometimes dip their arrows in poop so that it would cause an issue.


0:04:37.3 Mike Vacanti: Oh, that’s interesting. I don’t think I’m to that part yet.


0:04:44.0 Jordan Syatt: Oh, got it. Oops.


0:04:44.4 Mike Vacanti: That’s okay.


0:04:47.9 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, not a real spoiler, but.


0:04:50.2 Mike Vacanti: Are you sure you didn’t watch 1923?


0:04:51.7 Jordan Syatt: No. I’m sure maybe you’re just not at that part yet; but yeah, they would literally get…


0:04:54.8 Mike Vacanti: Okay, they’re on a trek from Texas to Oregon and they’re going through rivers and they have all these, I don’t know, if they’re German or Dutch people with them who don’t know how to do anything.


0:05:05.1 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:05:05.4 Mike Vacanti: Okay. Alright.


0:05:05.7 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yep. And it’s like that really cute blonde girl who’s the main actress right? Yeah. Yep. And they just kill people. People just get killed all the time and everyone walks around with a gun and yeah, there are issues and it’s like all right we’re just going to kill you now. The law is it’s crazy. It’s really wild.


0:05:28.8 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, different times, that’s for sure. Let’s rip some Q&A. I got a good feeling about your questions right now. I have a very strong positive feeling.


0:05:45.7 Jordan Syatt: All right. I know we’ve spoken a lot about home gyms. Someone asked me a very specific pointed question. Carrie Ann VT said if you had $1000 and minimal space, what would you buy for the home gym?


0:05:52.0 Mike Vacanti: Bowflex adjustable dumbbells, a pull-up bar, an adjustable bench, depending on if you get the 52s or the 90s of the Bowflex, it’s either 450 versus 650, I want to say. What would I get after that? I feel like a couple of bands are high ROI depending on your level of experience, if you can’t do a body weight pull up or chin up having a couple of bands so you can do them assisted would make a lot of sense. Yeah, so that’s under 1000. I would definitely have those things in addition to possibly a couple of other things to get us up to the $1000 mark. How about you?


0:06:38.9 Jordan Syatt: Yeah I would do either Bowflex or PowerBlocks. I would probably only go up to the 50 or 55. I wouldn’t go to the 90s ’cause the 90s are so big that sometimes they’re just awkward to hold and most people I just don’t think need that much. There’s so much they can do with just the 50s but especially just starting out. So I would just get 50 pounds.


0:07:00.2 Mike Vacanti: Yeah, if you’re a beginner, for sure.


0:07:01.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah 50 pounds. And then I would get a pull up bar. I’d also get a TRX. TRX or some type of suspension trainer in addition to that. An adjustable bench, a physio ball, I think that’s probably my starting point. Maybe a kettlebell or two maybe somewhere between a 16 to a 24 kilogram kettlebell would be nice to have.


0:07:29.7 Mike Vacanti: I was thinking that too.


0:07:30.5 Jordan Syatt: I think that’s it. I think that’d probably take you to right about a grand.


0:07:31.5 Mike Vacanti: We’re at rapid fire questions today. Today’s a rapid fire episode.


0:07:36.6 Jordan Syatt: I know you’re not on social media, so you’re not seeing a lot of stuff. Have you…


0:07:40.0 Mike Vacanti: I scroll weird Twitter a little bit.


0:07:42.9 Jordan Syatt: Have you seen people taking colostrum?


0:07:47.0 Mike Vacanti: I don’t know what that is.


0:07:48.4 Jordan Syatt: Dude, this is very odd. So colostrum and I’m going to say it wrong. Let me just make sure I’m saying it properly so no one freaks out on me. You’re going to sort of freak out when you hear this. Okay. I’m just going to read the definition from Google. Colostrum is the milk produced during the first few days after birth and contains high levels of Immunoglobulins, antimicrobial peptides and growth factors. Colostrum is important for supporting the growth development and immunologic defense of neonates.


0:08:25.8 Jordan Syatt: So for babies, so literally colostrum is the milk that the woman will produce really early on to the point where sometimes what mothers will do is even before the baby is born they can harvest their own colostrum before the baby is born so they can have a backstore of it and freeze it beforehand but it’s a very special unique type of milk. It doesn’t even look the same necessarily and I didn’t know what it was until we had our daughter, but it’s a very unique early on milk that she’ll produce once the baby is born and all of a sudden in the last, I don’t know, maybe two months, I’m getting a lot of questions from people about what do you think about taking colostrum?


0:09:09.5 Jordan Syatt: And at first when I start getting them I’m like that’s a weird fucking question. And I was just like I don’t even get the paid attention ’cause I’m just thinking why would an adult be drinking colostrum where would they even get colostrum, dah, dah, dah? Where are they buying this? And I’m starting to get so many questions that now I’m Googling it and the first thing that I type is I type what is colostrum? And the first thing that comes up is this company that is the number one people are talking about ads. It’s called ARMRA, A-R-M-R-A colostrum, and I’m not promoting it, like the opposite of promoting it but it’s literally I think they take colostrum I think from cows or something. I’m not sure, don’t quote me on that, but they take colostrum from something.


0:09:52.4 Jordan Syatt: I’m looking at their website right now. It’s very sales-based but it’s literally getting people to fucking try and take colostrum, which is just for their health and whatnot and they have all these celebrities I think I don’t know forget which celebrities they said I’m not going to falsely say something, but they have all these celebrities who are pushing it and trying to get people to take it and it’s just, it’s insane right now I’m getting constant questions about it.


0:10:20.9 Mike Vacanti: I mean let me try and devil’s advocate right? So newborn baby needs nutrition and sustenance, mother naturally produces this milk-like substance and then whoever wants to hack the system and take this because they think it’s going to make them as an adult what are the benefits they’re promoting?


0:10:49.9 Jordan Syatt: Alright, so we start with the highest quality colostrum. We source our colostrum from family owned dairy farms at the USA. So they’re getting it from cows.


0:10:57.8 Mike Vacanti: Well, I mean, people drink cows milk.


0:10:58.6 Jordan Syatt: Correct? Correct. But now it’s what the fuck? This just seems like another yeah, they’re calling it a superfood which is a huge red flag. They’re saying that it’s better for, it says it gives you a 22% increase in longevity, which is pretty crazy, if they’re claiming that.


0:11:16.5 Mike Vacanti: That’s a big claim.


0:11:17.1 Jordan Syatt: That’s a huge claim against inflammation in immune cells and 17% in gut cells, 32% stronger and more rapid antibacterial immune defense than other colostrums, less than two hour onset for antibacterial immune protection, seven times faster regeneration of the gut barrier, even under inflammatory conditions. I mean, they have some really wild claims on this thing which is… Yeah, and people are eating this up, they must be spending, I can’t even imagine how much money on ads ’cause they’re popping up everywhere and they’re paying some really well-known celebrities to push it but I’m just getting this all over in all of my Q&As. It’s like every single time I’m getting probably at least 25 to 50 questions about this every time I do a Q&A.


0:12:08.5 Mike Vacanti: Wow. It’s trending hard. I don’t know. I mean, obviously I didn’t know what it was when you mentioned it, and so I can’t give any solid advice here. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about it.


0:12:20.3 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yep.


0:12:26.1 Mike Vacanti: Seems like a weird new hack. I’ll tell you what, if they’re running ads all over the place and they have that much money to be pumping into ads the margins on it must be insane. So a lot of BS supplements where they’re selling at like 10, 20, 50 x over cost of goods sold like crap. Not worth it, but I don’t know anything about it. I feel slightly better that it’s from cows and not from human females.


0:12:47.0 Jordan Syatt: Humans.


0:12:48.3 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:12:53.0 Jordan Syatt: Our colostrum is sourced straight from the hospital. Right. The neonatal unit.


0:13:00.0 Mike Vacanti: The highest quality.


0:13:00.1 Jordan Syatt: Alright, I have some questions. I have a question that I have. What, if any, do you think are the supplements everyone should be taking? What do you think are the best supplements that everyone should be taking?


0:13:24.7 Mike Vacanti: Some kind of protein powder is just an easy way to get enough protein consistently, conveniently with reasonably good taste, especially for someone who struggles to get enough protein. If you don’t eat any fatty fish, taking fish oil makes sense. I haven’t for a number of years just because I’ll eat salmon once a week. Vitamin D, if you are not getting it from the sun combined with Vitamin K2 which research has shown reduces the atherosclerotic effects that Vitamin D supplementation over time in and of itself can lead to. I think that’s about it. We’ve talked about super dosing, Vitamin C when you’re on the verge of getting sick. I’m not a fan of consistently taking greens powders. I think it’s a waste of money. Eat a…


0:14:20.8 Jordan Syatt: Do you take creatine?


0:14:21.4 Mike Vacanti: Nutritious diet instead. I do take creatine. I think it’s overrated in the current landscape.


0:14:32.7 Jordan Syatt: Yes. Agreed.


0:14:33.6 Mike Vacanti: I don’t love when we get overly confident about the safety of something based on the current body of research and the two examples that come to mind for me are actually creatine, which I’m not worried about creatine. I’m taking it myself consistently. There might be some kind of protective effects, cardio and brain related. The strength upside is there. I don’t take 25 grams a week. I’m probably taking 12 to 15 grams a week because I’m not calculating how much I’m getting from food as well so I’m just erring on the safer side. I’m also not training that intensely, but the other, so do I recommend creatine?


0:15:21.3 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. If you’re an intermediate trainee and you want to gain strength sure. I am not as gung-ho about it as the average person is right now who’s gung-ho about it? Because we always hear it’s the most research supplement. There’s so much research going back 40 years. It’s like 40 years is not, we talked about 1883 and how much things have changed. 40 years isn’t that much time. Even these we have research going back to the ’50s and ’60s around GLP-1s. It’s like, okay, that doesn’t mean they’re not completely safe. We might have some studies that go back to the ’50s and ’60s, but there are still a lot of unknowns, and so it’s a long way of saying, yes, I take creatine, even though I think it’s slightly overrated.


0:16:11.8 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. I think that’s a lot of people think that overrated means it’s bad. It doesn’t mean it’s bad. Just like in the current climate people place too much value on it.


0:16:20.9 Mike Vacanti: Correct.


0:16:21.1 Jordan Syatt: And make some pretty ridiculous claims about it. I get pissed when people are like yeah, this is what you need to be taking for brain health. It’s like you should get off social media and read a fucking book for your brain health, is what you should be doing.


0:16:37.4 Mike Vacanti: And actually working out and getting blood flow to the brain and doing zone two and zone five cardio. Those things are better for your brain health, not smoking cigarettes. All those things are better for your brain health than taking any kind of supplement.


0:16:54.1 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, exactly.


0:16:55.7 Mike Vacanti: Do you have anything that you would add to that list or want to discuss?


0:17:05.6 Jordan Syatt: Not really. I mean.


0:17:05.6 Mike Vacanti: What else is popular?


0:17:09.0 Jordan Syatt: What else is popular? I mean, colostrum is a big one right now. Oh, collagen is a big one. There’s so much controversy over collagen. A lot of people love it. A lot of people hate it.


0:17:23.9 Mike Vacanti: I still have 12 grams of type II undenatured collagen in my pre-workout costs like 80 cents or something for that amount of it. Maybe less maybe 65 cents. And just for joints and feeling good. Not for any skin, hair, nail. I don’t think the research shows that there’s much of any benefit there but probably a little bit or a placebo which I’m okay with for how my joints feel.


0:17:50.8 Jordan Syatt: Did you see Alan Aragon’s bit on that? On collagen?


0:17:51.5 Mike Vacanti: I did. You sent it to me and I read it and I forgot that I read it, but yes.


0:18:00.7 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, so he does seem to think that there is a pretty, at least enough of a potential benefit for hair, skin, nails where it’s like, if that’s a concern, it might be worthwhile.


0:18:10.9 Mike Vacanti: Maybe I didn’t read it then. I feel like it was… Wasn’t this six months ago.


0:18:11.9 Jordan Syatt: I don’t know. I’m not good with timelines. But he got a fair amount of kickback from it where people were like, I can’t believe you’re saying this. And he was like, I’m just looking at the data. And he was like…


0:18:22.3 Mike Vacanti: Interesting.


0:18:23.1 Jordan Syatt: Looks like there might be enough, but it’s I have no idea. I haven’t looked into the research. I trust Alan and he’s always had super high integrity with that stuff.


0:18:33.9 Mike Vacanti: What did he say about joint health?


0:18:40.9 Jordan Syatt: I don’t even know if that was brought up in that post. I’m not sure. I’m not sure but from my memory he was saying that there actually does seem to be some pretty clear benefits for hair, skin, nails. And if nothing else, there’s enough anecdote for people who have been saying it’s, and I mean you’ve got ridiculous hair, skin, I don’t know about your nails, but you’ve got super good hair and skin, so.


0:19:00.0 Mike Vacanti: Thank you. I’ve only been taking collagen for 18 months, and…


0:19:02.9 Jordan Syatt: So it’s pretty rapid results.




0:19:07.9 Mike Vacanti: Discount code in the…


0:19:10.2 Jordan Syatt: MikeyV.


0:19:11.4 Mike Vacanti: Below.




0:19:14.5 Mike Vacanti: “Clearing up conflicting collagen claims. What positive results have been demonstrated from collagen supplementation on non-muscle tissues? The most active areas of collagen supplementation research are on joints and skin. A growing number of studies has spawned several systematic reviews and meta-analyses, reporting collagen supplementation effectiveness for approving orthopedic and dermatological outcomes. A recent narrative review by Campos et al sums up the current state of the evidence. The literature shows that collagen supplementation can be beneficial in the treatment of skin changes, including wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity, hydration, firmness and brightness, decreasing pores and solar elastosis, and increased collagen synthesis, density and skin content. The use of collagen in the treatment of orthopedic alterations increases bone strength, density, and mineral mass. Decreases extracellular matrix degradation, inhibits inflammatory cytokines, improves joint stability, functional capacity and stiffness/mobility, and muscle recovery. Reduces pain and mitigates markers of joint cartilage degradation.” So it sounds like benefits around both joints and skin.


0:20:31.3 Jordan Syatt: It does seem to say that the greatest benefit, so it says quoting Campos et al, “the greatest beneficial effects of collagen peptides occur in populations with collagen degradation or at a greater risk of developing this type of condition such as bone and cartilage loss resulting from aging were even strenuous, physical activity, joint impact, excess weight, hormonal changes, trauma burns, aggressive cancer therapy, and skin and dental implants.” So that’s just one of the studies that he’s quoting. But it does look like there are potentially like considerable benefits, joint and hair, skin, nail related to it.


0:21:11.2 Mike Vacanti: Cool. Always be open to changing your mind. What else you got?


0:21:17.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Alright. This one is not what you wanna discuss. We might throw this one out. Someone goes, she goes, you need to have a heart for the Gazans as well as the hostages. You seem to be one sided, which is sad, which is just so number one… Like, if you’ve listened to anything I’ve said, I am 100% for the Gazans as well as the Israelis. I’m against Hamas, which is the terrorist organization that, which by the way, like this is the easiest way, to quell these people. If you really care about Palestinian civilians, then you have to ask why is Hamas hiding in a 300 mile tunnel network underneath the city and not letting their civilians be with them?


0:21:57.8 Jordan Syatt: They have a tunnel network that is bigger than the New York City subway system, and they are not allowing their own civilians to take shelter with them. They have running water, they have electricity, they have food, they have everything underneath. Why aren’t they allowing the citizens under? They have more than enough room. They have more than enough infrastructure. They have videos of everything going on down there, but they don’t let their civilians down there. It’s like, if you really want the Palestinians to be safe, get Hamas out. So I hate knowing that innocent Palestinians are dying. Palestinian life matters just as much as an Israeli life.


0:22:35.0 Jordan Syatt: Period, end of story. And the way to save them is to get Hamas out of power. What do you think about that, Mike?




0:22:45.5 Mike Vacanti: That seems very logical and reasonable to me, and, seems yeah, I’m not following.


0:22:53.4 Jordan Syatt: Have I ever spoken ill of Palestinians? Have I been like…


0:22:55.0 Mike Vacanti: What do I think of your take, I thought you were asking me what I think is the situation.


0:23:00.9 Jordan Syatt: No. No. In general. But like…


0:23:01.0 Mike Vacanti: That’s consistent with everything we’ve ever talked about off the podcast. Yeah.


0:23:04.3 Jordan Syatt: Have I like ever been like Palestinian like, I don’t care about Palestinian lives?


0:23:08.4 Mike Vacanti: No.


0:23:08.6 Jordan Syatt: Where someone would get that is just outrageous.


0:23:11.0 Mike Vacanti: No.


0:23:11.3 Jordan Syatt: It just means they don’t listen.


0:23:12.3 Mike Vacanti: Correct. And I was actually gonna ask you, are you making a lot of content about it? About the conflict?


0:23:18.3 Jordan Syatt: It’s funny. So I’ve done a number of podcasts that I haven’t published be, so I had done much more, but recently I’ve gotten in some debates with people and I just, I’ve been debating people nonstop about this. But every time I ask them if they wanna do a podcast with me, and they’re like, and a couple times they’ve said, yes, we’ve come on, we’ve done a podcast. And after the podcast they say, can you not publish that? I wasn’t aware of like, literally, I’ll show you a screenshot, I’ll show… I took a screenshot of this guy who, I did a podcast with him the other day, and then he asked me not to publish it. Oh, here we go. So now people can see like, I’m not making this up. You’re gonna have to turn it around. Can you read that or no?


0:24:01.9 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. “Do you mind if you could not post the podcast, bro? I was not informed and I really just wanted to understand. Thanks. And you can send me any good links or info I could read.”


0:24:11.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. So I’ve done a number of podcasts with people who, like, they think that they know what they’re talking about and then we’ll get on and we’ll actually have a real debate. And then by the end of it, they’re like, yeah, like, I did not realize what was actually happening. Which is why, like, this is what I’ve… I’ve studied this my whole life. I’ve like, my whole life, this is what I’ve studied, like this is, so people are, finding out about this conflict in the last few months on TikTok and Instagram and think that they’re experts on it. And so I have not been making much published content, but now when I debate people, I’m like, just so you know, if you wanna do a podcast, I’m gonna publish it. Like there, you can’t ask me not to publish it afterwards. And so then like recently, people have not been wanting to do the debates ’cause I’ll send them the screenshots. Like, people have asked me not to publish it. So if you want to, that’s fine, but you’re gonna have to stand by what you say publicly. And so now lately people haven’t been doing it.


0:25:02.6 Mike Vacanti: Any Instagram content? Like are you talking about it on your stories?


0:25:06.6 Jordan Syatt: No.


0:25:07.4 Mike Vacanti: Okay. I’m just wondering…


0:25:08.9 Jordan Syatt: No, not much recently. Not much recently. Part of me wants to, but, there’s just, it’s, there’s so much going on. Like, I might bring my brother who’s in Israel on the podcast, so he’s for, since October 7th, like the, a lot of people don’t realize this. There are over like 250,000 Israeli refugees now because obviously the people who were in Southern Israel who were attacked, their homes were burned down. And all the missiles, missiles are still flying in from Gaza. Like Hamas is still firing missiles. This whole people don’t realize that like all the time missiles are flying in. So they were like, all these people who live in southern Israel are now refugees and they’re living in tents in different parts of Israel. And then also in northern Israel in the border of Lebanon, Hezbollah has been firing rockets into Northern Israel.


0:26:01.5 Jordan Syatt: So now hundreds of thousands of Israelis in Northern Israel have had to flee their homes. And now, so they’re scattered throughout, whether it’s Central Israel or in near the Dead Sea, like, closer to Jordan, they’re like literally like 250,000 Israeli refugees are living in hotels and in tents in the ground. And my brother, he’s a teacher, and so he’s living at a hotel at the Dead Sea teaching young kids, like young, like, elementary school children who, like, he’s just teaching for free. And so he’s with them every day, five days a week, teaching them just, and he’s been the outrageous, like they’ve all lost family members. They’ve all lost friends, like all these young kids. And so I want to bring him on the podcast so that he can share like from his perspective, what’s going on. So it’s pretty nuts. I want to share more, but it’s also just like, there’s, there’s just so much shit going on. It’s nonstop, but people have, people who have no background or knowledge in this are learning, seeing brief snippets online and think that they’re actually educated on it. And it’s just, it’s wild. What?


0:27:07.2 Mike Vacanti: Just thinking about that hockey documentary from the early ’90s, I was telling you about.




0:27:12.3 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:27:12.3 Mike Vacanti: And like, there’s so much sadness and suffering and like, not specifically related to the Middle East, but, deceit and evil and like terrible things in the world that for all of human history we didn’t know about. Right?


0:27:36.3 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:27:36.4 Mike Vacanti: And only in the last 10 years, I mean, a little bit in the last hundred, sure. But really the advent of cell phone screen and your face wake up, you’re on. Like, do we have access to all of this information? And I don’t know, I feel like an old man, like pondering better times when we didn’t have the, obviously there’s pros and cons to technology, but I don’t think as humans we’re built to be able to consume as much negative information as the average person consumes. And I don’t think we know the long-term effects that’s gonna have on us as individuals over the course of our lives.


0:28:14.3 Jordan Syatt: Completely agree.


0:28:15.5 Mike Vacanti: And outrage and negativity does well in terms of engagement. And so people and feeds have become unbelievably addictive and it’s even gonna become more addictive as technology gets better. Like, I dunno.


0:28:30.5 Jordan Syatt: Dude, I completely agree. And now there are these new goggles that you can just wear, that you can always have them over your face at all. Your screen is now constantly in front of your face. It’s like as if it wasn’t already. Now they have goggles and you see people walking around cities wearing this stuff like… It’s crazy.


0:28:47.6 Mike Vacanti: Walking on the subway.


0:28:48.5 Jordan Syatt: It’s absolutely nuts. Yeah. We’re not supposed to know about every single thing that happens. Every devastation, every, yeah. It’s terrible.


0:29:00.9 Mike Vacanti: It doesn’t discount how awful the things happening are, but it’s almost like having information that you can’t act upon. It’s debatable how useful that is. So if you’re going to specialize in a subject and you’re going to dedicate hours and hours of your life to having a positive impact in that area, yes, knowing about it is a good thing, but just knowing about every single conflict and like, I don’t know, and then, oh, you have a duty to be informed. But if it’s making you worse and it’s making you worse for people around you, and you’re not really doing anything with that information, because we have finite time on earth, so we can’t positively contribute to every negative situation. Just, I don’t know. I’m working out my thoughts alive here.


0:29:46.6 Jordan Syatt: Dude. I completely agree.


0:29:49.6 Mike Vacanti: Live on the personal trainer podcast. How to become a personal trainer.


0:29:55.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. Yeah. We’re not supposed to. We’re not supposed to be… It’s like, yeah. I mean, I also think about, people think times are worse now than ever. It’s like, read a medieval history book. Like, dear Lord, you think times are bad now, it doesn’t mean that people aren’t suffering tremendously now, but in terms of the percentage of people who are suffering and like what they’re suffering for, there are way more people living really wonderful peaceful lives today than there were.


0:30:25.2 Mike Vacanti: Ever in human history.


0:30:26.4 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, exactly.


0:30:27.9 Mike Vacanti: One of the benefits of decentralized communication, meaning millions of “independent journalists,” rather than three talking heads giving you all the information is that it’s easier for truth to bubble up to the top.


0:30:44.1 Jordan Syatt: Correct. Yeah.


0:30:45.3 Mike Vacanti: Right. So when you don’t just have your, puppet telling the news on three different stations and then, or your newspaper and your radio, and like, those are the only places there’s gate kept information. Rather we can communicate peer to peer much more easily. It’s easier to not be deceived, which is a good thing, but I don’t know if the benefits outweigh the costs.


0:31:08.6 Jordan Syatt: It’s also starting to change because so much of these people on Instagram and YouTube, these like who I’d call independent journalists, and this is for all over, this isn’t just like one specific group. This is for all over. But they started out building their name because they were independent and because they were providing unbiased information. And then as their channels grew, then they needed to make money. So they started taking sponsorships and then they’re also going, you have to remember the currency is views.


0:31:39.5 Jordan Syatt: That’s the currency. And so now they, well, they built their channel based off of their truth and their independence and all that. Now it’s like, okay, well now I have sponsorships now I have to hit these quotas in order to get, continue, to get paid by these sponsorships. So then often, what I’m seeing now is a lot of these independent journalists are now click baiting and doing things that the mainstream media outlets have historically done just so that they can get more views, losing a lot of the nuance, making it more one sided, make more fearmongering just so that they can get more of their currency, which is views and followers so that they can make more money.


0:32:17.5 Jordan Syatt: So it’s like even these independent ones are now starting to fall into the same trap that the mainstream journalists have fallen into for years and years and years. So it’s a big problem. It’s a really big problem.


0:32:29.4 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. And the lone individual against the technological capabilities of these giant companies in making you spend as much, and I say making, because they’re really pulling you in to have you spend as much time on their apps and on your phone as possible. Like, I just don’t think it’s a battle that the individuals win in the long run. Some will obviously, but it’s becoming harder and harder.


0:32:56.3 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:32:57.2 Mike Vacanti: What else we got?


0:33:00.9 Jordan Syatt: Okay, I have one. Mike’s gonna be shocked that I bring this one up. So @Meeeeeeechelle, it’s M-E-E-E-E-E-E chelle, @Meeeeeeechelle asked, “can Pilates be enough for strength?” And well, Mike and I don’t necessarily agree on the flexibility-strength, discussion, pilates, while pilates absolutely can increase your strength, I don’t think it’s enough from a strength perspective. I don’t think that the strength that it builds is enough for all of your strength demands and all of your strength requirements. I think it builds very specific types of strength and it can absolutely improve strength, period. But in terms of enough, no, it’s not even close. You still have to do more, I would say traditional, conventional strength training with progressive overload to get enough strength. But I also think in reverse that if you’re doing traditional conventional strength training that you’re lacking, if you’re not doing some of the other type of strength work as well that you might get with something like a pilates.


0:34:22.9 Mike Vacanti: I think we’re finding common ground. I think Jordan just threw out, I don’t know if it’s a life raft or a white flag or what you call this analogy, but, so you would say that, or here, would you agree with this? Or would you replace pilates with stretching? And that would make sense as well. You can get stronger by stretching, but the strength you’re gonna gain is not enough.


0:34:53.0 Jordan Syatt: Correct. Yep. A hundred percent.


0:34:56.5 Mike Vacanti: Sure. Well, we’ve found our middle ground.


0:35:00.2 Jordan Syatt: Yes. I love that.


0:35:00.3 Mike Vacanti: I agree that not the way most people stretch, but if you’re doing a front split and you’re driving both feet in and you’re isometrically contracting that front hamstring and that back quad, and you’re holding it and you’re pushing as hard as you can, I’m not denying that you’re building some strength, but not enough strength.


0:35:18.1 Jordan Syatt: But it’s not enough.


0:35:19.3 Mike Vacanti: But it’s not enough. And 99% of people aren’t stretching like that, let me tell you.


0:35:24.3 Jordan Syatt: Correct. Yeah. No, correct.


0:35:26.8 Mike Vacanti: I’ve seen people warm up in gyms across the world and stretch, and that’s not what they’re doing. Bless their heart. But you know, it’s not a, myself included. Look, I’m in that 99, that’s for sure.


0:35:39.5 Jordan Syatt: You’re doing a lot of cat-cows though. Cat-cows. You love those.


0:35:42.7 Mike Vacanti: I’m doing mobility. I’m increasing my flexibility and my mobility. Yeah.


0:35:47.3 Jordan Syatt: “Thoughts on foam rolling. Is it worth the pain?”


0:35:50.3 Mike Vacanti: You wanna talk about this?


0:35:51.8 Jordan Syatt: So I think that foam rolling is very, very, very overrated.


0:35:57.6 Mike Vacanti: Still. Because do, are people still into it?


0:36:01.2 Jordan Syatt: There are some people, even if people aren’t into it, I still think it’s overrated. But there are some people who are into it. I mean, relative to 2012. No. Like that was like a maybe, when was the peak? 2012. 2014 in that range.


0:36:16.4 Mike Vacanti: Probably.


0:36:16.6 Jordan Syatt: That was like the peak foam rolling days.


0:36:17.7 Mike Vacanti: Sure. Yep.


0:36:19.1 Jordan Syatt: People would like foam roll for like 30 minutes before their workout. It’s just like, yeah. No, and by people, I mean me.




0:36:27.0 Mike Vacanti: Yep.


0:36:27.6 Jordan Syatt: Foam rolling. My peroneals and fucking, yeah. No, I think it’s overrated because I think that in terms of actually making changes to your body, it doesn’t really do much from like a long lasting perspective. It can have short term improvements in mobility that you can then carry into your session. But I would rather you do something that would actually be worthwhile. Whether it’s a dynamic or a static or something that actually has more long-term benefits than that. I would say foam rolling would probably be better as like a, you’re at home, you’re bored, you’re watching TV, you wanna do something and you wanna feel better, great. Go for it. But as, if you are like super busy and you don’t have much time and every second counts, foam rolling is not where you should be spending your time. Foam rolling, I would say is more of like a, oh, you’ve got some extra time on your hands. Yeah, go for it. But it’s not like anywhere near your, the top priority.


0:37:31.0 Mike Vacanti: I agree with all of that. And if what you want to do is manipulate soft tissue, it’s also not the best tool to do that. It’s very blunt, it’s very, you can’t be very precise with the area you’re trying to target using something like a tennis ball, lacrosse ball, a softball is gonna allow you for most body parts to be more specific with what you’re trying to do. What’s interesting to me is that this person said, it hurts… So, is it worth all of the pain or hurt so much? Is it worth it? That’s what interests me the most because maybe it’s a specific body part or muscle group that she’s having an issue with, but for most people you shouldn’t be in intense pain, foam rolling.


0:37:31.0 Mike Vacanti: Maybe she’s just going right on the IT band and just fucking, putting all of her weight on it. [laughter]


0:38:32.6 Mike Vacanti: Like letting it loose. Yeah. That, so that is…


0:38:34.7 Jordan Syatt: Which you shouldn’t be doing. [laughter]


0:38:36.8 Mike Vacanti: And that is one area where it is gonna hurt. So that makes sense.


0:38:39.9 Jordan Syatt: I, and our questions over whether or not it’s even worth it to do that, but yeah.


0:38:48.0 Mike Vacanti: Correct. The thing I, like, I have a foam roller right over there. I use it, I don’t know, once or twice a week. And I do t-spine extensions over it, as one of the ways that I like to arch like my upper back. I like it for that. Outside of that, the one area that Jordan mentioned, which is if like you foam rolling during your pre-workout warmup, in addition to other things you’re doing in your warmup to get slightly more mobility that is temporary, but allows you to train in a bigger range, great. You can continue to do that. And training in that bigger range control than intelligently is gonna allow you to over time increase your range of motion. But yeah, not the end all be all that people thought it once was.


0:39:38.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, exactly.


0:39:40.7 Mike Vacanti: Dude, I got one.


0:39:40.8 Jordan Syatt: Let’s hear it.


0:39:41.4 Mike Vacanti: This isn’t a question at all, it’s just a statement. The term superfood is underrated.


0:39:50.0 Jordan Syatt: Wow. I wasn’t expecting that.


0:39:50.7 Mike Vacanti: We need to bring back superfood along with clean eating.


0:39:55.4 Jordan Syatt: Alright.


0:39:55.5 Mike Vacanti: And not in the spammy way, right. Not like, what’s that milk called? Colostrum. Yep. Not colostrum, but the traditional OG superfoods.


0:40:05.3 Jordan Syatt: Like blueberries?


0:40:06.2 Mike Vacanti: Like blueberries, salmon, avocados. The true superfoods. Not a scientific term, but loosely scientific.


0:40:15.2 Jordan Syatt: So what’s like…


0:40:16.6 Mike Vacanti: A marketing term to influence people into eating clean once again? What’s the definition? Is that what you’re gonna say?


0:40:24.9 Jordan Syatt: No, no. What are your top, so we have blueberries, salmon, what are your top superfoods?


0:40:31.5 Mike Vacanti: Let’s have a draft.


0:40:32.3 Jordan Syatt: Oh wow. I like that. That makes, think it makes me think of the Chappelle’s Show. The draft.




0:40:36.8 Mike Vacanti: That’s not the draft that I was talking about, Jordan [laughter] for anyone who has seen it.


0:40:41.8 Jordan Syatt: It’s one of the most classic skits of all time. But anyway, okay. Yeah. So I’ll do a superfood draft.


0:40:50.6 Mike Vacanti: It is a very funny episode.


0:40:52.2 Jordan Syatt: You go first.


0:40:53.6 Mike Vacanti: Wow. I’m going blueberry.


0:40:58.9 Jordan Syatt: Man.


0:41:00.2 Mike Vacanti: Don’t Google list of superfoods. That’s so unfair. [laughter] That’s so unfair. I’m gonna do it too.


0:41:08.5 Jordan Syatt: No, I, no, you can’t do it. I literally saw it for less than a second. I saw it for a third of a second.


0:41:12.1 Mike Vacanti: Well, you, we can both look at it then we know what we’re drafting from.


0:41:15.5 Jordan Syatt: Okay. Alright. Cool. It’s just I said, list of superfoods and we’ve got a big thing, right? I didn’t click an article. So you picked blueberries.


0:41:23.0 Mike Vacanti: Oh, man. I took blueberries.


0:41:24.8 Jordan Syatt: What’s wrong with that? It’s an amazing pick.


0:41:26.8 Mike Vacanti: It’s good, but I don’t think it was the one seed. Now that I have this list in front of me, but go ahead.


0:41:31.7 Jordan Syatt: Oh, geez. Alright, now I have a lot of pressure.


0:41:33.2 Mike Vacanti: I don’t think you’re gonna take my pick.


0:41:34.4 Jordan Syatt: Oh, man. Okay. I’m gonna go with, alright, so if anyone just Google searches, list of superfoods, you’ll see a big list that comes right up. It’s not even in an article. You’ll see what we’re looking at. I’m gonna say avocado.


0:41:51.4 Mike Vacanti: Whole egg.


0:41:52.1 Jordan Syatt: Oh, is that the one that you were worried about?


0:41:52.2 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:41:54.6 Jordan Syatt: Oh, really? Oh, wow. No, I was not gonna pick that. Okay. I’m gonna go, salmon.


0:42:02.2 Mike Vacanti: We can take things off of this list too, obviously.


0:42:03.2 Jordan Syatt: Oh, we can? Okay.


0:42:04.8 Mike Vacanti: Yeah. Are we trying to construct the ultimate team? So it needs to be balanced?


0:42:12.9 Jordan Syatt: Yeah.


0:42:13.3 Mike Vacanti: Meaning you wouldn’t take two quarterbacks. You would.


0:42:13.9 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. We want the most well balanced.


0:42:18.9 Mike Vacanti: Okay. In that case I’m going with sweet potato.


0:42:21.6 Jordan Syatt: Man. Is that the only starchy carb there? I think you litter. Oh, okay.


0:42:25.4 Mike Vacanti: You can take something off the list.


0:42:26.6 Jordan Syatt: No, you know what, I’m gonna stick to the list and I’m gonna go with berries.


0:42:32.6 Mike Vacanti: Which one?


0:42:32.7 Jordan Syatt: It just says berries.


0:42:33.0 Mike Vacanti: I know, but that’s…


0:42:33.7 Jordan Syatt: At the top. The top of the middle.


0:42:34.1 Mike Vacanti: I see it.


0:42:36.8 Jordan Syatt: That’s like raspberries, blackberries. You got blueberries. I’ll just take raspberries and blackberries.


0:42:41.1 Mike Vacanti: I’m afraid that I can only give you one of those.


0:42:46.8 Jordan Syatt: All right, I’ll take blackberries, ’cause they taste better.


0:42:47.9 Mike Vacanti: Gosh. You did it, ’cause you know I like them. [laughter] That’s strategic. Jordan’s a strong GM.




0:42:58.1 Mike Vacanti: I’m going with mackerel.


0:43:00.5 Jordan Syatt: Really? You just searched fatty fish? Alright, I’m going with, alright. You know what I’m going with garlic.


0:43:07.5 Mike Vacanti: Wow. Care to explain that pick?


0:43:08.5 Jordan Syatt: Yeah, dude. You can put garlic in anything that you make and there’s just so many health benefits that come with garlic that it’s just like, you can add it to anything that you want so you can add it to your salmon. You can, obviously I wouldn’t put it in my berries, but I could add it to any of the meals that I’m going to eat and it’s just, it’s super good for you.


0:43:26.6 Mike Vacanti: I’m going olive oil.


0:43:28.2 Jordan Syatt: And it makes it all taste way better too.


0:43:31.9 Mike Vacanti: True.


0:43:33.1 Jordan Syatt: Alright, that’s really, you did that ’cause you knew that was gonna be one of my picks. Alright, I’m gonna go with margarine. Kidding, it’s not a superfood. [laughter] Alright, I’m gonna go with, oh, you know what the number one most overrated thing on this whole list is by the way that I would not call a superfood.


0:43:54.0 Mike Vacanti: What?


0:43:54.1 Jordan Syatt: Green tea. That’s just like, some bullshit. [laughter] Alright. Oh, wow. Alright. I’m gonna go with legumes.


0:44:02.4 Mike Vacanti: I’m going almonds, not on the list, but…


0:44:05.7 Jordan Syatt: It is on the list. It’s right above legumes.


0:44:09.1 Mike Vacanti: Oh, we’re, we have different lists.


0:44:11.4 Jordan Syatt: Oh, interesting. Did you search list of superfood?


0:44:14.5 Mike Vacanti: Yeah.


0:44:14.6 Jordan Syatt: Oh, interesting. Yeah, it’s on my list.


0:44:16.0 Mike Vacanti: Weird.


0:44:17.3 Jordan Syatt: Alright, you got almonds. Alright, I’m gonna go with tomatoes.


0:44:26.0 Mike Vacanti: Wow, you like tomatoes?


0:44:28.0 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. I love tomatoes. Want that lycopene.


0:44:31.1 Mike Vacanti: I’m going bison.


0:44:32.2 Jordan Syatt: Wow, you’re just adding foods to the list. [laughter] That’s just a super lean protein option for you. Like, it’s so lean and so high protein. I’m taking it.


0:44:40.5 Mike Vacanti: That and I’m actually not even positive on this. Yeah. And the creatine. I’d just rather go bison than cow if it’s superfood forever.


0:44:53.0 Jordan Syatt: Alright, I’m taking Greek yogurt.


0:44:55.3 Mike Vacanti: Ice cream.


0:44:55.8 Jordan Syatt: That’s… [laughter] We’re no longer in the superfood draft if you’re taking ice cream.




0:45:06.2 Mike Vacanti: No, we are. Because I stumbled across a corner of the internet that considers ice cream a superfood. All these, Ray Peat was the guy’s name and there’s these people in this corner of Twitter that call themselves Peat-ers and they eat carrot salad and ice cream and do these unconventional things.


0:45:23.9 Jordan Syatt: For everyone listening. Mike is explaining that for you. Not for me. He made me eat an entire pint of Haagen-Dazs the other day.


0:45:29.6 Mike Vacanti: Hey. I didn’t make you. [laughter] We’re gonna talk about digestion. Let’s go [laughter] Let’s dive in.




0:45:39.6 Mike Vacanti: Jordan’s lactose and many people are to lactose intolerant to varying degrees. Jordan doesn’t handle ice cream well, digestively historically never has. And so it wasn’t a great idea to try ice cream to improve digestion, but it worked for me and equals one, specifically subbing out all other types of dessert, food, cookies, candy, whatever, which I haven’t had in weeks. Chewy bars. We had an episode titled, it was titled Chewy Bars and Marcus Aurelius or something like…


0:46:10.2 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. No more.


0:46:10.7 Mike Vacanti: Got rid of all that stuff. The only dessert food I’m having is, Haagen-Dazs. And I don’t know, I’ve had maybe four pints in three weeks or something to that effect. And my digestion is dialed. And I don’t know that it’s specifically the, I can’t back this up with any science, but I do think there’s a relaxation component. I don’t think it’s just about what you’re eating. I think there’s something about sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system activity based on everything in your life, how stressed you are, how much sleep you’re getting, etcetera. And ice cream is a calming food. And I don’t even wanna say for me and put a caveat on it, I think that for most people it is.


0:46:52.9 Jordan Syatt: But what is it about Haagen-Dazs versus the other stuff?


0:46:56.9 Mike Vacanti: Honestly, I just have always liked the taste and so I eat it for that reason.


0:47:01.7 Jordan Syatt: Oh. Got it. Okay.


0:47:03.8 Mike Vacanti: But I did the non-science answer is this weird corner of Twitter said that it’s good because it has fewer ingredients than other ice creams. [laughter] And I was already eating it and it fit my confirmation bias. I was like, oh, well good. I’ll just continue with that.


0:47:17.3 Jordan Syatt: Got it. Okay. Yeah. And then I ended up having a whole pint. ‘Cause Mike was like, you gotta do this. You got it, you gotta do it. So then I ate a whole fucking pint of it and then I was just like, all right, fuck it. I’m gonna eat shit the whole rest of the day. [laughter]


0:47:31.6 Mike Vacanti: Bro, that, that story is… [laughter] I was on the phone with Jordan, it’s like, where do you find this stuff? I’m like, well, yeah, a Walgreens or a CVS will have it. You go in there, you were looking at the flavors, like what flavor should I get? You picked out your flavor, got a spoon, went out in the car and you ate it. And.


0:47:47.1 Jordan Syatt: I think it was vanilla bean.


0:47:49.1 Mike Vacanti: And you told me how full you were afterwards. [laughter] I’m so full. That was a lot. I’m like, yeah, it’s a whole pint of ice cream. But like, and then 20 minutes later or 15 minutes later, [laughter] I called you back or you called me back for some reason and you’re chomping something down. [laughter] I’m like, what are you eating popcorn? [laughter] I was like, why are you eating popcorn? You told me you were stuffed from that ice cream. [laughter] I had to go in and get my wife a whatever. And I saw a popcorn so I just grabbed it. [laughter] I was like, yeah, but you’re stuffed from the ice cream. I just threw in the towel on nutrition for the day.




0:48:27.1 Jordan Syatt: I was like, ah, fuck it. I’m just calling it. Yeah, I threw it in. Ugh.


0:48:31.7 Mike Vacanti: That was very funny.


0:48:34.2 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. So I’m not a whole pint of ice cream in a day guy.


0:48:37.9 Mike Vacanti: It’s where individual variance is big on food choices and digestibility.


0:48:42.2 Jordan Syatt: Alright, so you’re choosing ice cream. Alright, I’ll, should we just do one more choice and then that’ll be it?


0:48:49.1 Mike Vacanti: Yes.


0:48:49.8 Jordan Syatt: Alright. You know what, in the spirit of desserts, I’ll take a, let’s see, I’ll just take milk chocolate. It says dark chocolate, but I hate dark chocolate, so I’m just gonna go milk chocolate.


0:49:04.6 Mike Vacanti: Nice. I don’t think I’ve drafted a vegetable yet, so.


0:49:10.0 Jordan Syatt: Alright, Paul Saladino. [laughter]


0:49:15.9 Mike Vacanti: I already, wow. I could really, what if I picked honey right now? This is the last pick. I would wanna take care.


0:49:24.8 Jordan Syatt: Well, I mean.


0:49:25.7 Mike Vacanti: I would wanna take carrots, but I already took sweet potato, so I’ll have to go with some other vegetable. I don’t really that. I guess broccoli, not super happy about the pick. I’d like some, but I have olive oil, which helps; honey, white rice, carrots. I would all to be on my team, but the game is ending right now, so.


0:49:48.7 Jordan Syatt: Yeah. That was good.


0:49:50.1 Mike Vacanti: Good episode. Thank you for listening. Weekly Tuesday mornings Jordan’s crushing three posts a week @personaltrainerpodcast on Instagram. Hope you enjoyed this episode. Have a wonderful week. See you soon.


0:50:03.4 Jordan Syatt: See you.

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